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Sunday, 6th of February, 2005

Playlist 06.02.05 (7:30 pm)

You know it's a new year when it's actually FEBRUARY already. Feck!
Not much new in (relative to last week) tonight, but plenty of awesome stuff that's still fresh as a very fresh thing... Bunch of tracks to start with from The The, incredible project of Matt Johnson since 1980, from post-punk through to the current day. I'll play a few tracks from his first few albums, just for a picture of an amazingly creative artist working with samples and loops and weird effects yet creating some great pop music (in the most generalised interpretation of the word)...

The The - Red Cinders In The Sand [4AD]
The The - The Twilight Hour [Some Bizarre/Epic]
The The - Sweet Bird Of Truth (12" version) [Epic]
Hinterlandt - Making Plans For Nigel [Alias Frequencies]
Saya, Takashi Ueno & Koji Shibuya from Majikick with John Chantler - Mizumitaida [track 2 from 3'' CD on ::ROOM40:: - also downloadable from Fat Cat]
Keith Mason - Dam Strait [Lo-fi Killers]
Ben Thompson - track 5 from very limited 3'' CD (no title given) [ROOM40]
Aesop Rock - Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives [Def Jux via The Wire]
Sage Francis - Sea Lion (extended mix feat. Will Oldham, Alias & Saul Williams) [Epitaph]
Shadow Huntaz - cdc [Skam]
Belladonnakillz - Damn Domestik Dispute [dross:tik]
Amon Tobin - One Day In My Garden [Ninja Tune]
Tom Zé - Curiosidade (Amon Tobin remix) [Luaka Bop]
Amon Tobin - Kokubo Sosho Battle [Ninja Tune]
End - Go [Tigerbeat6]
Tigrics - Slalom [from Chromalion, downloadable from here]
Vesna - Setmsk [Sutemos - from the Intelligent Toys 2 comp, downloadable from the site]
cyrusrex - dementiAuprise [Negative 3]
Rashamon - Windo Loca [High Point Lowlife]
65daysofstatic - install a beak in the heart that clucks time in arabic [Monotreme]
Hood - l. fading hills (alternate version from extremely limited 4-track CD included with first 100 copies of the new album) [Domino]
Hood - My Last August [Happy Go Lucky]
State River Widening - Touched [Vertical Form]
Hrvatski - plancton [Sillyboy]
Tracker - the Flurry (pt 1) [Top Shelf Comics]
Triosk - Chronosynclastic Infundibula [Leaf]
Gonzales - Paristocrats [No Format]
Bola - Effaninor [Skam]
Enduser - Line 47 remix: Vishnu's Eastern Block [Ad Noiseam]

2 Responses to “Playlist 06.02.05”

  1. Lucia Says:

    heard a lovely track you played at 11:45 on sunday night(6th/ feb), had some crazy percsussive sounds,I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the artist/ track and where I could get it from. thanks for a great eclectic show!

  2. Peter Says:

    This sounds like it would either have been one of the Amon Tobin tracks, or otherwise End's track "Go", from a CD called Percussions, no less... Do you remember what I was talking about when I pre- or backannounced it?

    Glad you enjoyed the show :)

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