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Sunday, 27th of June, 2004

Playlist 27.06.04 (10:01 pm)

He's baaaack! After three weeks and two Utility Fogs I'm back from travelling overseas, with a swag of new stuff. Arrived early this morning with little sleep from the 24hr flight, so forgive me if I'm a little tired ;)
So much new stuff that next week will still be featuring records bought overseas! Hurrah!

Cocteau Twins - Cherry-coloured funk [4AD]
Jim O'Rourke - Fuzzy Sum [Drag City]
Hymie's Basement - 21st Century Pop Song [Lex Records]
Shadow Huntaz - Fasho [SKAM]
Icarus - Arzach [Recordings of Substance]
Qua - On Clouds [Surgery]
Four Tet - 9'08" (Jef Gilson) {his tribute to Jef Gilson, a remix of "Fable of Gutemberg"} [Isma'a]
Four Tet - Both when I am alone and we both are [Ache Records]
Kim Hiorthøy - Soliga Dagens Slä°°iga Trosor [Smalltown Supersound]
Kettel - twinkle twinkle that is you [Kracfive]
Flim - Blenden [Houston Party]
Junior Boys - Last Exit (Fennesz remix) [Kin]
Octet - Blind Repetition (feat. Suzanne Thoma) [Discograph/Diamondtraxx]
The Remote Viewer - it occurred to me. and went away. [City Centre Offices]
Trafik feat. Rachel Lambert - Moments in Love [Iris Light/Karvavena]
Sia - Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss remix) [Go! Beat]
Lali Puna - Alienation (Alias remix) [Morr Music]
L'Altra - Slow As Cake [Aesthetics]
Lars Horntveth - Tics (Four Tet remix) [Smalltown Supersound]
Icarus - Nine Fresian [Not Applicable/Temporary Residence]
Fridge - Five Combs [Temporary Residence]
Gauche - The Road [self-released unmastered two-track promo of forthcoming album]
Venetian Snares - This Bitter Earth [Addict] {Nice sample in there from Arvo Pärt's Fratres by the way!}
Blaerg - Shower Scene [Mirex]
Venetian Snares - Bezeitny [Planet µ]
CDATAKILL - Strange Fruit [Low Res]
Enduser - Basement [Mirex]
Drop The Lime - Undercovers [333]
Kid 606 - Slammin' Ragga Bootleg Track [Tigerbeat 6/Very Friendly]
Donna Summer - Drieze Cassette [Mirex]

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Saturday, 26th of June, 2004

Playlist 20.06.04 (2:13 am)

OK, Kit Brash (as he likes to be known) did a sterling job of Utility Fog last week, and here finally is the playlist! He's formatted it in his own sweet way, so let's go:

Message From Our Sponsor/Object-Subject - Jello Biafra & Keith LeBlanc - Terminal City Ricochet OST [Alternative Tentacles]
Freak Up Look Sharp � Nicotinic - .mp3 [mash-up: LFO vs Dizzee Rascal]
...In The Charts Again - DJ Scud - split 7" with Killout Trash [kool.POP]
11 years old and timely as ever:
The Gun & The Bible - Negativland - Free [Seeland]
Secrets 4 Sale - Kid 606 f. Mike Patton - Down With The Scene [Ipecac]
three recontextualisations of songs written by O'Shea Jackson; firstly the previous artist's cutting-up/processing/reconstruction of his verse from the titular NWA track:
Straight Outta Compton - Kid 606 - Attitude 3"CD compilation [Tigerbeat6]
then an unauthorised update of Kill At Will's Jackin' For Beats:
Jackin' (It Got Ugly) - Rhymefest - mixtape fodder � unreleased
and finally a schmindie cover of Eazy E's debut single: Boyz 'N The Hood - Dynamite Hack - Superfast [Universal]
I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls - Andy Partridge � TV show theme song
from the partridge perch jump-off, a batch of tracks about sex in some form; self-celebratory masturbations, longing masturbation, illegal but clean, in the back of a van but not Ballardian, and frankly Ballardian:
Making Plans For Vinyl - Go Home Productions - .mp3 [mash-up: Tweet vs XTC]
Warm Leatherette - The Normal - 7" [Mute]
Dude (Sticky Refix) - Beenie Man f. Ms Thing � remix on 12" [Virgin]
I Touch Myself - Scala & Kolacny Brothers � Dream On [Play It Again Sam]
Sex Crime - Derek & Clive � b-side of Squatter & The Ant 7" [Island]
a trio of Berlin-based Candian ex-pats not collaborating with each other, for a change:
Mushaboom (demo) - Feist - from 12" [Arts & Crafts]
Return Of The Sugar Plum Fairy - Gonzales - b-side to Take Me To Broadway 12" [Kitty-Yo]
How Will I Know You - Mocky f. Jamie Lidell � 12" [Four Music]
Losing My Affection - Future Bible Heroes - Eternal Youth [Instinct]
Everything (But The Wah!) For Dennis Wilson - Pete Wylie & Wah! The Mongrel - b-side to Long Tall Scally...And The Good Guys Don't Die CD5 [Siren]
special dedication for Peter:
Holiday In Spain - Machine Translations - Holiday In Spain [Way Over There]
Dollar Sign - Lady Stush - 12" [Social Circles]
Velouria - the Bad Plus - Give [Columbia]
speaking of which hey! did you know the first new Pixies track in 13 years came out this week?
Motherbanger - Chris Morris � from flexidisc in June 1992 issue of Select Magazine [EMAP]
ha ha but no really, the first new Pixies track in 13 years did come out this week!
Bam Thwok - Pixies - .aac [iTunes download]
Britain Is Shit - Selfish Cunt � 7" [Horseglue]
The Pitman And Her - Pitman - It Takes A Nation Of Tossers [Son]
speaking of Kim Deal and uncleared samples:
Disco Machine Gun - Lo-Fidelity Allstars - 12" [Skint]
Gasoline Dreams - Outkast - Stankonia [Arista]
Sciew Spoc - Gescom � from Gescom 12" [Skam]
the above mixed with the following two:
Because (acapella) - the Beatles - unreleased
Mistakes (In The Key Of Orange) - Ben Lee - b-side on Something Borrowed, Something Blue CD5 [Modular]
Gin & Juice - MC Hawking - .mp3 [unreleased]
Kill All DJs - Beats For Beginners � .mp3 [unreleased]
Requiem For Usher � Doppelbanger - .mp3 [mashup: Clint Mansell vs Usher vs Lil Jon vs The Kronos Quartet not, sadly, vs Ludacris]
Babylon (demo) - Pop Will Eat Itself � unreleased [but you can get it here]
Squidgeman - Spod - b-side on Let's Dance CD5 [Architecture]
King Kong -
Regular Fries - Accept The Signal [Junior Boys Own]
Free Now - Paul McCartney, Beatles, Super Furry Animals - Liverpool Sound Collage [Hydra]
Hot Computer (Cornelius remix) - Gerling - CD5 [FMR]
Fifteen Teenage Girls - James Kochalka Superstar - Monkey Vs. Robot [Tarquin]
Hoki Mono - Single Tear - .mp3 [unreleased]
Rude Bwoy Thug Life - Ce'cile � split 7" on the Cure riddim with Dr. Ring-Ding [Germaican]
Candlefire - Dawn Of The Replicants - 10" [East West]
In The End - Neil Gaiman & Robin "Adnan" Anders - Telling Tales [Dreamhaven]
three KLF-related covery type things:
Born Free - the KLF - soundtrack to the unfinished film The White Room [unreleased]
We Used To Be Friends (The Dandy Warhols Inhale Black Smoke) - Dandy Warhols - commissioned but unused remix [unreleased]
In The Ghetto - the Blizzard King - from 7" EP [Kalevala]
Greatest Hits - Laptop - Opening Credits [Trust Me]
In Da Pub - 50 Pence - .mp3 [from fictional album Get Rich Or Claim Benefit]
G. W. Willis � collage of U.S President and deceased schizophrenic - .mp3 [it's less than a minute long]
Come Together - Grievous Angel vs Primal Scream - .mp3 [bootleg remix]
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Tramp and Tom Waits with full orchestra) - Gavin Bryars - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet [Point Music]

Monday, 14th of June, 2004

Playlist 13.06.04 (12:56 am)

Here's what Shannon played on his special Peter-is-away edition of Utility Fog. I've added a few links that I could find easily, but if I add any others it'll probably have to be upon my return. I've left it in Shannon's format, with Artist - Track title - Album title - Label... Enjoy!

Main$tream - Truck Drivin Muzak - Truck Drivin Muzak - Pain Free Found
Sound Institute

Main$tream - The DJ Ruined Her Day - Truck Drivin Muzak - Pain Free Found
Sound Institute

Mute Freak - Dub for the Eye - v/a - Static Museum 2 - Sevcom
Fluxx remixed by Mute Freak - Thorax - v/a - Dis-locations - Zonar
Mute Freak remixed by Size - Ultra Hammer - v/a - Dis-locations - Zonar
Mute Freak - Go Connecta - v/a - Rebirth of Fool Vol 2 - Dual Plover
Mute Freak - Magma Finder - v/a - System Corrupt - System Corrupt
Size remixed by Mute Freak - Oh Yeah Nowhere - v/a - Dis-locations - Zonar
Venetian Snares - Clearance Bin - Clearance Bin 12'' - History of the Future
John Watermann - Going Into Space - These Are Workers - Night Shift
John Watermann - Listening to my Records - Dummyhead - Night Shift
Coil - Disco Hospital - Love's Secret Domain - Threshold House
Coil - Teenage Lightning - Love's Secret Domain - Threshold House
Chris Morris - Flexidisc
Bowery Electric - Slow Thrills - v/a - Monsters, Robots & Bugmen - Virgin
Clouds - Bubble Baby - Favourites - Grudge Records
Throwing Muses - Freeloader - Limbo - 4AD
AGF - Private Birds - Westernization Completed - Orthlorng Musork
John Watermann - You're Learning - The Denial of Cricket - Night Shift
Co Kla Coma - Glenn Miller Sells Soul, Ends WWII - Coklopop - Sevcom
Venetian Snares - Dance Like You're Selling Nails - Higgins Ultra Low Track
Glue Funk Hits - 1972-2006 - Planet µ
Puzahki - The Embodiment of 21st C Hip-Hop - Smoking When Pregnant - Alias

The New Pollutants - Online Celebrity - Hygiene Atoms
Emotional Joystick - Majik Johnson - Bellicose Pacific - [Zod Records]
Lt Col. Spastic Howitzer - Second Convulsion - v/a - Viva Section - Section
Time Being - Mental End - v/a - Viva Section - Section Media
Andrews - 2 Bit Bit - v/a - Static Museum 2 - Sevcom
Mind/Body/Split - Black Sea Swamp - if its not on its not on - Split Records
Wake Up And Listen - Thoughts Flash - v/a - Static Museum 2 - Sevcom
Meem - Standing In The Rain - v/a - Re-Fashioned - Groove Scooter
Disco Stu - An Australian in Majorca - An Englishman in Ibiza - Clan Analogue
League of Infinite Justice - Paths of Glory - Ambitions of Empire - Alias

David Cross - I've Taken A Popular Contemporary Pop Song And Changed The
Lyrics To Comment On The Proliferation Of Starbucks In My Neighbourhood! -
It's Not Funny - Sub Pop
League of Infinite Justice - Ambitions of Empire - Ambitions of Empire -

PsychoFreud/Demolition Man - Fire 2003 - psychofreud.com
Meat Beat Manifesto - Retrograde Dub - In Dub
PsychoFreud - Immigration Law - psychofreud.com
Broadcast - Lights Out - Work & Non Work - Warp

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Sunday, 6th of June, 2004

Playlist 06.06.04 (1:43 pm)

Tonight's my last night in the land of Oz before heading overseas for three weeks! So the next two shows will be run by some special guests - Shannon O'Neill next week and Kit Brash the following. Then I make my triumphant return on the 27th of June, bearing gifts from foreign climes no doubt!

But this week we have a very special, um, special - on us laptop-folk duo The Books! As many Utility Fog listeners will be well aware, these guys are absolutely awesome, and they're genial and amusing conversationalists. Tune in from 10pm, and the interview should start within the first half-hour.

Gary Clail - Magic Penny [Perfecto Records]
Vladislav Delay - Kainuu [Huume]
beatsystem - alabama [em:t]
Octet - Blind Repetition (feat. Suzanne Thoma) [Discograph/Diamondtraxx]
Zammuto - untitled tk 1+ from Disc 1 of Solutiore of Stareau [self-released]
...then the first part of the interview with The Books...
The Books - three day night [The Books' website]
The Books - contempt [Tomlab]
...then the second part of the interview with The Books...
The Books - motherless bastard [Tomlab]
...then the third part of the The Books interview...
Zammuto - Full Martyr Status [internet download, ages ago...]
Raven - I carpet bombed the old school (but a glitch got in the werks) [DumpHuck, originally written for the idm remix helix]
Zammuto - fairly aggressive salsa [remix of the original version of the above track, for idm remix helix]
...then the final part of the Books interview...
The Books - there is no there [Tomlab]
The Books - don't even sing about it [Tomlab]
Asa-Chang & Junray - Parlor [Leaf]
Icarus - Stealth [label???]
Funckarma - Holdgaze [dub]
Hrvatski remixes God Is My Co-Pilot - We Signify [Dark Beloved Cloud]
Slaughter Mob - Dub Weapon [Rephlex]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man - Killer (Soundmurderer & SK-1 "Badman Rewind" Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
Soundmurderer & SK-1 - Search and Destroy [Rewind Records]
DJ C feat. Capleton - Conscience A Heng Dem (Aaron Spectre remix) [Mashit]
Drop The Lime - Cutty Throats [Tigerbeat 6]
edIT - Dex [Planet µ]
Joseph Nothing - Piazza of Tomorrow [Planet µ]
Gauche - The Road [self-released unmastered two-track promo of forthcoming album]
world's end girlfriend - two seasons [Cubic Music]
cLOUDDEAD - the velvet ant [Mush/Big Dada]
Sybarite - chewing gum & polaroids [Blue Bell Records]
Icarus - Birdz Max [Leaf]
Hood - All My Friends Are Dead [Misplaced Music]
Clue To Kalo - Ignore the Forest Floor (Demo) [Leaf]
Animal Collective - Leaf House [Fat Cat]

Friday, 4th of June, 2004

Who dat? (11:00 pm)

Sometimes, I listen to the radio, and I wonder... who is the person behind that voice I hear?
I mean, who the hell do they think they are?

Well... If you've wondered that, you might want to mosey on over to the FBi site and check out the new presenter profiles. You can even read the demented ramblings of yours truly. Scary eh?

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