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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 29th of October, 2006

Playlist 29.10.06 (9:09 pm)

Good evening. Tonight we feature the latest of Wire Mag's bonus CDs, a double CD of music from the Anglo-Portuguese Atlantic Waves festival... Sydney-based violinist/vocalist Melissa Cox brings us her debut album as Black Sesame, and I've got some other stringy stuff from A Hawk and a Hacksaw, with the two most atypical tracks off their latest album ;)
Anticon's Dosh has a great new album out too, tracks from which will no doubt get played on the next few shows, and there's more of the usual mix of new & old, including a selection of tunes from Vert's colourful past. And finally, a bit of a sampling of Mary Anne Hobbes's brilliant Warrior Dubz comp on Planet µ plus a few other dubsteppy goodies.

Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo - warm leatherette [Bip-Hop]
Carlos Bica -Hank [Bor Land courtesy Wire Mag]
Filastine - Crescent occupation [Soot]
Black Sesame - Angel Songs [self-released]
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Salt Water / There is a River in Galisteo [Leaf]
Xiu Xiu - Wig master [5RC/Trifekta]
Dosh - Um, Circles and Squares [Anticon]
Clark - Night Knuckles [Warp]
Venetian Snares - Duffy [Planet µ]
Loefah feat. Sgt Pokes - Mud VIP [Planet µ]
Distance - Temptation [Tectonic]
Skream - I [Tempa]
Saroos - Dead Days [Alien Transistor]
Part timer - it only means [Moteer]
Heidi Elva - Nothing is what it seems [long-awaited demo from Sydney harpist/vocalist, with programming/mixing from Brian Campeau]
Avia Gardner - They're Drowning So We're Safe [intr_version]
Philip Jeck - June [courtesy Wire Mag]
Janek Schaefer - Between The Two [Room40]
Amanda Handel / GL Seiler - The Passing [Feral Media]
ollo - the if if [Groovescooter]
Vert - Velocity [Sonig]
Vert - Cherry Phosphate [Bovinyl]
Vert - Octatone Rag [Sonig]
Squarepusher - Welcome to Europe [Warp]
Venetian Snares - Beverly's Potatoe Orchestra [Planet µ]
Russ & Roc vs Mahala Raï Banda - Spoitoresa Revisited (Got The Parts mix) [Crammed]
Curse ov Dialect - Jokes On Me [Mush Records]
Shlomo feat. Dubbledge - Perfect [courtesy Wire Mag]
JME (Wiley beat) - Pence [Planet µ]
Bola - Ballast (Triangle) [Skam]
Funckarma - Bion Glent [Sublight]

Sunday, 22nd of October, 2006

Playlist 22.10.06 (10:09 pm)

A little bit of everything this week, from the Colours are Brighter compilation for the Save The Children Fund, to the etc... comp from Brighton's Wrong Music (but with an Aussie track from Xian). We've also got a pretty amazing collaboration between sunnO))) & Boris, the beautiful debut solo album from Adrian Klumpes (of Triosk), stunning cello & electronics collaboration from Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo, and also some collaborative ventures from infantjoy, a project of Paul Morley of Art of Noise and James Banbury (ex-Auteurs, also a cellist!)
All this and more...

Vert - Gretchen Askew [Sonig]
Four Tet featuring Princess Watermelon - Go Go Ninja Dinosaur [Rough Trade]
Curse ov Dialect - Forget [Mush Records]
Clark - The Autumnal Crush [Warp]
Milanese - So Malleable cold rmx [MG77]
Zulu & DJ C - Animal Attraction [Community Library]
Squarepusher - Planetarium [Warp]
Xian - a coward dies a thousand deaths but a brave man dies but once [Wrong Music]
Jóhann Jóhannsson - the sun's gone dim and the sky's turned black [4AD]
sunnO))) & Boris feat Jesse Sykes - The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep) [Southern Lord]
Ill Bravados - Kirakira [Feral Media]
Because of Ghosts - The Story of Alex Steinbach [Feral Media]
Tara Simmons - Everybody Loves You [self-released]
Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo - to the red flag [Bip-Hop]
infantjoy - without [service av]
Adrian Klumpes - Alone [Leaf]
Vert - October [Sonig]
Brian Campeau - reinventing myself [self-released]
Heidi Elva - lovers or strangers [long-awaited demo from Sydney harpist/vocalist, with programming/mixing from Brian Campeau]
Part timer - thinking, unthinking [Moteer]
Jonquil - Too Late [Try Harder]
Nico Muhly - Keep in touch [Bedroom Community]
ollo - that sound [Groovescooter]
infantjoy with tunng - arrival (here here) [service av]
Mark van Hoen - Put My Trust in You [Touch]
Lloyd Barrett - Swarm [Room 40]
Quench - Octane [n5md]
Gauche - Snowflake [self-released, distributed by Vitamin]
Skream - Tapped [Tempa]

Sunday, 15th of October, 2006

Playlist 15.10.06 (10:06 pm)

Tonight brought more new gems from round the world... Starting with Vert's new album, which is a corker — his first to feature vocals, it's a kind of twisted electronic vaudeville or something. Then we have the excellent new Curse ov Dialect album, some extraordinary contemporary classical muisic from Nico Muhly, and Sydney's Heidi Elva, doing lovely indie-pop on harp and vocals.
Lots more tunes too, a number of which are taken from Feral Media's compilation CD to go with the current issue of Mess + Noise (Sept/Oct 06). And I went overtime tonight as we sorted things out...

Vert - This One [Sonig]
Curse ov Dialect - Baby How? [Mush Records]
Curse ov Dialect - bury me slowly [Mush Records]
Nico Muhly - Honest music [Bedroom Community]
Heidi Elva - Nothing is what it seems [long-awaited demo from Sydney harpist/vocalist, with programming/mixing from Brian Campeau]
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Tu non mi perderai mai [Touch]
Because of Ghosts - No Stars In Tokyo [Feral Media]
Ensemble feat. Mileece - Summerstorm [Fat Cat]
Underlapper - Little Tapioca [Feral Media/Mess + Noise]
ollo - that sound [Groovescooter]
ollo - trouble is [Groovescooter]
Quench - Slick [n5md]
Clark - Matthew Unburdened [Warp]
Squarepusher - Plotinus [Warp]
Clark - Mother McKnight [Warp]
Squarepusher - Massif (Stay Strong) [Warp]
Gauche - Hieroglyph Heart [self-released, distributed by Vitamin]
Gotye - The Only Way [self-released]
Comatone - Untitled 7 (M+N edit) [Feral Media/Mess + Noise]
Milanese - So Malleable cold rmx [white label]
Tom Burbank - Blabber Mouth [Planet µ]
DJ C feat. Capleton - Conscience A Heng Dem (Junkcore mix) [Mashit]
DJ C feat. Capleton - Conscience A Heng Dem (Aaron Spectre remix) [Mashit]
Milanese - Cognac [Planet µ]
Subtle - nomanisisland [Lex Records]
Curse ov Dialect - broken feathers [Mush Records]
Cyne - Automaton (Four Tet remix) [City Centre Offices]
Department of Eagles - Sailing By Night (Daedelus remix) [Melodic]
Department of Eagles - Sailing By Night [Melodic]
Scissor Lock - Entropy [self-released, demo]
Because of Ghosts - Let Words Help Pictures [Feral Media]
Amanda Handel / GL Seiler - ¡Guapo! [Feral Media]
Oren Ambarchi - Moving Violation [Touch]
Radarmaker - Sashegyi [self-released]
Vert - Yrs [Sonig]
Peter Bjorn and John - The Chills [Wichita]
Department of Eagles - Deadly Disclosure/Balmy Night [played direct from their http://www.myspace.com/deptofeagles - go listen!]
Part timer - really say [downloadable from his MySpace page] {his album is finally out on Moteer!}

Sunday, 8th of October, 2006

Playlist 08.10.06 (10:14 pm)

Starting tonight with the opening track from ollo's new album — every time I listen to the album I repeat this track about 3 times before I can go forward. Beautiful.
Among the new offerings for tonight are Subtle's newie For Hero, For Fool, and (Chris) Clark's amazing Body Riddle; I only picked them up a few days ago and they're both very dense and will take some time to properly sink in, so expect plenty more from them in coming weeks!
We also had some great Middle Eastern violin meets drum'n'bass from Filastine, who I missed out on seeing play live tonight in Sydney. *sigh* Sunday night gigs, I dunno!

ollo - trouble is [Groovescooter]
Subtle - middleclass kill [Lex Records]
Yo La Tengo - Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind[Matador/Remote Control]
Xiu Xiu - Bishop, CA [5RC/Trifekta]
Phelan/Sheppard - Water Clock [Leaf] {aka State River Widening}
Dirtbox - People Street [Loose Cannon] {Mike Lindsay's pre-Tunng project}
Part timer - hear... to something [available now on Moteer, played from one of the many CDRs he sent me over the last year]
Jonquil - Woodstock [Try Harder]
Grizzly Bear - hidden track found on some copies of Yellow House [Warp]
Grizzly Bear - Reprise [Warp]
Steve Reich - Proverb (Alex Smoke remix) [Nonesuch]
djbc - Leila Dies, Lyrics Born (mashup of Philip Glass's "Leila Dies" and Lyrics Born's "Callin' Out") [no longer available from Glassbreaks]
Clark - Herr Bar [Warp]
Herv - Dissolve [Go Away Recordings]
Filastine - Crescent occupation [Soot]
Tom Burbank - Baghdad Mood [Planet µ]
Benga vs Skream - The Judgement [Tempa]
Pinch - Qawwali [Planet µ]
Animal Collective vs Koçani Orkestar - Oi Bori Sujie [Crammed Discs]
Philip Samartzis & Lawrence English - Faster Than Cold [Room 40]
Lloyd Barrett - Exhale [Room 40]
Skist - Hidden Routines [Polarity Records]
Gauche - Snowflake [self-released, distributed by Vitamin]
Post - Heather [Preservation]
Final Fantasy - Song Song Song [Tomlab]
Beirut - Postcards From Italy [Ba Da Bing]
Cibelle vs Koçani Orkestar - Maxutu [Crammed Discs]
Cibelle - Train Station [Crammed Discs]
Roedelius - Lunz Live [Gronland]
ollo - sweet sorrow [Groovescooter]

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Sunday, 1st of October, 2006

Playlist 01.10.06 (10:05 pm)

Lots - HEAPS - of new stuff to get through tonight, a veritable cornucopia. We start with a new Steve Reich remix for 2006, and hopefully I'll get to a second one later on, both from a new 12". Two remixes from Tunng feature, both great, and from one of the remixees, Department of Eagles, we also have a couple of stunningly gorgeous new tunes from their MySpace page.
We have new classical-sampling electronica from Herv, as well as The Last Sound also on Herv's new Go Away Recordings. Some great new sounds from Planet µ; the long-awaited new Ensemble album is out; and it's great to have ollo's new album in hand (out soon!).
Meanwhile I'm catching up with the new Yo La Tengo (some excellent stuff there) and Xiu Xiu (amazing last track from their new album)... Plus there's actually much more, so check out the playlist below!

Steve Reich - Drumming (Four Tet remix) [Nonesuch]
djbc - How Many Whores? (mashup of Philip Glass and Foday Muso Susa's "Warda's Whorehouse" and The Fugees' "How many Mics?") [from Glassbreaks, no longer available but you must track this down!]
Tunng vs Taraf de Haïdouks - Homecoming [Crammed Discs]
Herv - Konnektquartet [Go Away Recordings]
Herv - demian [Compact Risc]
The Last Sound - H:O [Go Away Recordings]
Mouse On Mars - Chartnok [Ipecac]
Milanese - Caramel Cognac [Planet µ] (yes, it's his take on Various Production's "Cognac"!)
Tom Burbank - Tha Chop [Planet µ]
ollo - the if if [Groovescooter]
Bradbury - nymphs + shepards [Dual Plover]
Part timer - really say [downloadable from his MySpace page] {look out for an album soon now on Moteer!}
Department of Eagles - Sailing by Night (Tunng remix) [Melodic]
Department of Eagles - Deadly Disclosure/Balmy Night [played direct from their http://www.myspace.com/deptofeagles - go listen!]
Grizzly Bear - Little Brother [Warp]
Yo La Tengo - Black Flowers [Matador/Remote Control]
Xiu Xiu - Wig master [5RC/Trifekta]
Holly Throsby - I Worry Very Well [Spunk]
Ensemble feat. Cat Power - Disown, delete [Fat Cat]
Mice Parade - My Funny Friend Scott [Bubblecore/Fat Cat]
Jonquil - You're Not My Mind [Try Harder]
Akron/Family - The Rider (Dolphin Song) [Young God]
Swans - The Beautiful Days [Young God]
Phelan/Sheppard - Broken in the Wrong Places [Leaf] {aka State River Widening}
Triosk - Lazyboat [Leaf]
Psapp - Apple Block [Domino]

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