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Sunday, 22nd of February, 2009

Playlist 22.02.09 (10:10 pm)

Tonight we started with some gut-busting noise from John Wiese collaborating with the cracked, distorted & looped violin of C Spencer Yeh aka Burning Star Core (who I'm planning on doing a special on next week). This was followed by a different kind of improv from Sydney trio Forenzics, and Newcastle's Castings rounded things off nicely with a track from their 2007 album punk rock is bunk squawk.
Also on the new front is a very limited album from Birmingham producer Absent, with some beautiful electronica.
Later on, some pretty amazing remixes of grindcore band Genghis Tron, and a new remix of Momus from ex-pat Melbournite acb.

John Wiese & C Spencer Yeh - New York [Helicopter]
Forenzics - Sumbariner [self-released]
Castings - i'm in my war face [Spanish Magic, also available from Chocolate Monk]
Radiant City - He Fell After His First Flight [Wireless Records]
Austin Benjamin Trio - Xenosphere (Andrew Pekler remix) [hellosQuare]
Austin Benjamin Trio - The Doublethinkers (The Remote Viewer remix) [hellosQuare]
Absent - In the Morning Sun [Airvent Recordings]
Robert Henke - [first_contact] [Imbalance Computer Music]
T++ - Therefore (Version 5) [was a free download]
Absent - Pebble Mill At Two [Airvent Recordings]
Milieu - Cropduster [Milieu Music]
Hot Chip - One Pure Thought (remixed by Geese) [EMI]
Kronos Quartet - Dark Was The Night [4AD/Red Hot]
Blonde Redhead & The Devastations - [4AD/Red Hot]
color cassette - Black nest waters [Autres Directions in Music]
Son Lux - Throw [Anticon] {free download - direct link}
Genghis Tron - City Whipped (Subtle Remix) [Anticon]
Genghis Tron - I Won't Come Back Alive (Ulver Remix) [Relapse]
dälek - Gutter Tactics [Ipecac]
Bong-Ra - Sissy Spacek [Ruff]
Starkey - No Struggle [Ruff]
Eskmo - Agnus Dei [Ancestor Media]
Submerged - Consciousness [Ohm Resistance]
Momus - Jahwise Hammer of the Babylon King (Dubwise Hamster remix by acb) [demo - original released on American Patchwork/Darla]
Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox [Warp Records]
forced perspective - vanishing point [self-released] {download their whole debut 3-track ep for free at their website - or order the cd free too, cripes!}
New Order - Vanishing Point [Factory Records]

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Sunday, 15th of February, 2009

Playlist 15.02.09 (10:08 pm)

Some nice new Aussie stuff again this week! Melbourne's Radiant City bring the post rock in 10-minute form at the start, followed by forced perspective's almost drill'n'bassy sounds.
Later, an exclusive from Part Timer, who picked up a violin somewhere in Melbourne recently and has incorporated it into some new tunes such as the one below.
Aussie label Hidden Shoal Recordings brings us a German artist called Jumpel, with some beautiful ambientish electronic-ish stuff.
Meanwhile, an old Starkey tune I only just picked up, plus a remix of The Elysian Quartet that I had squirreled away from a while back, and pulled out because of two of the members' new project Geese, who appear tonight remixing a wonderful collaboration between Hot Chip and one of their heroes (and mine!), Robert Wyatt.
And on the Starkey tip, Eskmo's "Agnus Dei" has been rockin' my sub-woofer all week, amazing stuff.
Also tonight, a Red Hot special, with a couple of tracks from their latest AIDS fundraiser compilation Dark Was The Night (that you basically must go and purchase this minute, if you haven't got it already), and their very first, Red Hot + Blue, which brings back vivid memories for me of being 16... And the Tom Waits track is an absolute gem.
And hellosQuare bring us the fantastic jazz piano trio Austin Benjamin Trio, with an EP of four remixes including the stunning sound design of Andrew Pekler's version.

Radiant City - Man Versus Mathematician [Wireless Records]
forced perspective - exit strategy [self-released] {download their whole debut 3-track ep for free at their website - or order the cd free too, cripes!}
Starkey - Dementia [Lo Dubs]
Robert Henke - [first_contact] [Imbalance Computer Music]
LA Lakers - Cough Genesis Ramparts for Gulf Eurythmics [courtesy Wire Mag]
color cassette - Little yellow light [Autres Directions in Music]
Castanets - You Are The Blood [Asthmatic Kitty]
Sufjan Stevens - You Are The Blood [4AD/Red Hot]
Tom Waits - It's All Right With Me [Capitol/Red Hot]
Dirty Projectors + David Byrne - Knotty Pine [4AD/Red Hot]
David Byrne - Don't Fence Me In [Capitol/Red Hot]
Andrew Bird - Anonanimal [Fat Possum]
Hot Chip feat. Robert Wyatt - We're Looking for a Lot of Love (remixed by Geese) [EMI]
The Elysian Quartet - Gabriel Prokofiev String Quartet No 2 (remixed by Starkey) [Nonclassical]
Eskmo - Agnus Dei [Ancestor Media]
Austin Benjamin Trio - Xenosphere (Andrew Pekler remix) [hellosQuare]
Austin Benjamin Trio - The Magnus Effect [hellosQuare]
Klumpes Ahmad - My bedside and her paper flowers [hellosQuare]
Hank Roberts with Marc Ducret & Jim Black - First [Winter & Winter]
Klumpes Ahmad - The Turn [hellosQuare]
Hank Roberts with Marc Ducret & Jim Black - Gentle [Winter & Winter]
Joel Stern - Mead Goggle [sound travellers]
Scissor Lock - I Know Where Summer Goes [CURT]
Part Timer - newer [new track direct from John McCaffrey featuring his new violin! Who knows if it'll ever get released?]
Jumpel - Clay State [Hidden Shoal Recordings]
Too Many Forcefields - Bones [promo]

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Sunday, 8th of February, 2009

Playlist 08.02.09 (10:10 pm)

Quite a bit of new music tonight.
Too Many Forcefields make excellent post-rock-hip-hop or something, Wartime Sweethearts is an amazing electronic pop(?) solo project, and The Love Explosion are kinda indieshoegazehiphop. They're all playing at the Bald Faced Stag in Leichhardt on Friday and it should rock.
Also rockin' are Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes, new to me but expect more of the post-ROCK on ths show!
Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn makes oblique experimental oddness in Melbourne and is a member of Psuche, whose debut I can't wait to hear. Meanwhile, Oscar's own debut album is eclectic, very weird and very awesome.
Also awesomely odd are Vincent Over The Sink, whose album 22 Coloured Bull-Terriers I finally found this week, so we had a couple of their lo-fi abstract pop tracks too.

The new dälek album brings more noise-hop, and is getting better each time I listen to it.
Cam Deas had a track on an early CURT 3" CD, and his latest self-released CD features the many sides to his guitar playing. Later, a beautiful ambient track from Seaworthy on the latest CURT 3".
I discovered this week that the amazing jazz/cross-genre cellist Hank Roberts put out a new album last year called Green, and I picked it up at Birdland (who I've heard are shortly closing their Pitt St store and going online-only!) I played a track also from his 1993 album Little Motor People, and you can expect more from the new album next week.

We also had new ambient Funckarma, and the single off Tim Exile's amazing new album Listening Tree, which takes the former dancefloor drum'n'bass producer into full-blown song territory, without losing the brilliant electronic production (and a good few tracks are intricate drum'n'bass of a sort). More when it comes out, but grab the very limited one-sided 12" while you can!
Also another sneak preview of the amazing Dark Was The Night comp, and one short track from Robert Henke's new album, of which much more next week...

Too Many Forcefields - Bones [promo]
Wartime Sweethearts - Take You Out For Tea [promo]
Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes - Dananah Dank Bedank [Secluded Records]
The Love Explosion - Balmain in the Membrane [promo]
Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn - 3d [Alberts basement]
Vincent Over The Sink - mektoub [self-released]
Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn - twilight girl [Alberts basement]
Vincent Over The Sink - mrs S & mrs H [self-released]
dälek - Gutter Tactics [Ipecac]
Submerged - Servant [Ohm Resistance]
dälek - Who Medgar Evers Was... [Ipecac]
Cam Deas - We Don't Know [self-released]
Pikelet - Accordion to the Accordion [Special Award Records]
Jonquil - Parasol [Acuarela]
Parenthetical Girls - Windmills of Your Mind [Tomlab]
Minotaur Shock - Two Magpies [Audio Dregs]
Parenthetical Girls - Young Eucharists [Tomlab]
Hank Roberts with Marc Ducret & Jim Black - Azul [Winter & Winter]
Hank Roberts with Django Bates and Arto Tunçboyaciyan - Little Motor People [JMT, now re-released on Winter & Winter]
Hear (Hannes Strobl, Toshimaru Nakemura, Tony Buck) - Track 2 [Room40]
Seaworthy - Mountain Fox And Sky [CURT]
Funckarma - Fanil Dredged [Symbolic Interaction]
Tim Exile - Family Galaxy [Planet µ/Warp]
The Magnetic Fields - I Die, You Die [Bengars Banquet] {stunning cover of Gary Numan from the Random 2CD comp, released in 1997}
Andrew Bird - The Giant of Illinois [4AD/Red Hot]
Telefon Tel Aviv - I Made A Tree On The Wold [bpitch control]
Silver Bone Tone - Swim With Me [available at last.fm]
Robert Henke - [quad_planar] [Imbalance Computer Music]

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Sunday, 1st of February, 2009

Playlist 01.02.09 (10:31 pm)

Tragically, Charlie Cooper from Telefon Tel Aviv passed away a week ago. Since their new album Immolate Yourself is out right about now (I suppose a sad coincidence), we started with a bit of a tribute via their wonderful history of music.
Following that, Cameron Webb (Seaworthy) and Marcus Whale (Scissor Lock) came in for a chat, and played a beautiful piece of improvised music on guitar and vox and lots of processing.

Quite a bit of new music tonight, so we had Jonquil's new EP, an unreleased remix of Seekae by FBi's own Luminarsi, yet more Machinefabriek (not new, but pretty unusual!), delightful folktronic-ish stuff from color cassette, amazing new Atom™ on raster-noton, wobbly-funky-almost-dubstep from HudMo, skittery indiefolktronica from sleeps in oysters, thingummybob from Minotaur Shock (the new album finally on CD courtesy of Audio Dregs), complex drumming and other instruments from Melbourne's great earthquake, jazzy drill'n'bass from Squarepusher, scary drum'n'bass from Submerged, and slightly less scary drum'n'bass from Terminal Sound System.

You love it. You know you do. How could you not?

Telefon Tel Aviv - You Are the Worst Thing in the World [bpitch control]
Telefon Tel Aviv - fahrenheit fair enough [Hefty]
Telefon Tel Aviv - Sound in a Dark Room (feat. Lindsay Anderson) [Hefty]
Telefon Tel Aviv - What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It [Hefty]
Telefon Tel Aviv feat Lindsay Anderson - Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Rapster Records]
...interview with Marcus Whale & Cameron Webb, whose split 3" on Marcus' Curt Recordings was launched tonight. Plus we were fortunate enough to have:
Seaworthy with Scissor Lock - live on Utility Fog[download free from the Live on Utility Fog page!]
...and further interview with Marcus Whale & Cameron Webb...
Seaworthy - 16 July 2008 [sound&fury]
Jonquil - The Weight of Lying on Your Back [Acuarela]
Seekae - Void (Luminarsi's Twinkly Remix) [unreleased]
Machinefabriek - Blij Blij Blij [Type]
Machinefabriek - Fiesten Lands de Dijk [Type]
de la Mancha - Release All Light (Machinefabriek Remix) [Crying Bob]
color cassette - tell-tale in two parts [Mobeer]
color cassette - Once upon a timid willow [Autres Directions in Music]
Atom™ - Wellen und Felder I-IV [raster-noton]
Atom™ - Funksignal [raster-noton]
Hudson Mohawke - Overnight [Warp]
sleeps in oysters - the tiny lives of flies [Seed Records]
Minotaur Shock - Chunky Boys [Audio Dregs]
great earthquake - patterns in nature part 1 [self-released]
Minotaur Shock - Two Magpies [Audio Dregs]
great earthquake - patterns in nature part 8 [self-released]
Squarepusher - Heliacal Torch [Warp]
Submerged - Consciousness [Ohm Resistance]
Terminal Sound System - Year Of The Pig [Extreme]

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