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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 28th of May, 2006

Playlist 28.05.06 (10:13 pm)

Eek! Another action-packed show! Having been away last week, I've accumulated stacks of new stuff to play. So, Animal Collective give us a Nirvana cover, and Sonic Youth give us a track from a few years back; we have a new remix from Matthew Herbert of a Manchester band called Keith, and nice electronic indie from (I think) Melbourne's Pitching Woo. Sydney's Holly Throsby has a new album coming out, and we sample the lead track off it; and the lovely Psapp from the UK have a new album out too. Tunng's new CD is finally out, and indie stores in the UK get a version with two extra tracks; I had to get that version of course, and I give you one of those bonus tracks tonight. There's also new Subtle, new Espers, and something new and raucous on Constellation from Feu Thérèse... and much more! Scary, hey?
A lot of this stuff will be reprised next week, along with more new stuff, so tune in (on air or online!)

Animal Collective - Polly [white label 7"] {awesome Nirvana cover!}
Sonic Youth - Helen Lundeberg [white label 7"]
Matmos feat. Kronos Quartet - Solo Buttons for Joe Meek [Matador]
Xiu Xiu - I Luv the Valley OH! [Kill Rock Stars via Tomlab]
keith - bled a rose (matthew herbert mix) [Lucky Number Music]
Pitching Woo - message from the chairman [Abercorn]
Holly Throsby - Making A Fire [Spunk]
Psapp - Hill of our Home [Domino]
Pablo Dali - Distraction [Meupe]
Telefon Tel Aviv feat Lindsay Anderson - Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Rapster Records]
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - lobby [Planet µ]
Tim Koch - k zat fout [Surgery Records promo, track not included on Faena]
d_rradio - pick me up [distraction records]
Tunng - Band Stand [Fulltime Hobby]
Inch-time - Turning Point [Static Caravan]
Jordy Lane - Line Up The Happiness [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney] {trying to convince the boi to get some sort of webpage happening...}
Brian Campeau - mtl [self-released]
Brian Campeau - montreal [self-released]
Final Fantasy - Song Song Song [Tomlab]
Mike Patton feat. Amon Tobin - Don't Even Trip [Ipecac]
Boxcutter - Brood [Planet µ]
Shitmat - Gary's Gruesome Garage (Gary's Gruesome Grime mix by µ-Ziq) [Planet µ]
Spectac - Repetonal [Go Away]
Solypsis - What Was Once Mine Is Now Yours (Datach'i Remix) [Can Buy Me Love Vol 2 (released by Solypsis?)]
Feu Thérèse - Mademoiselle Gentleman [Constellation]
Espers - Dead Queen [Drag City]
James Gordon Anderson - Prayer Wheel 2006 (mix 1) (excerpt) [self-released]
Subtle - swansong meat (feat. Andrew Broder) [Lex]
The Year Of - alone [Morr Music]

Sunday, 21st of May, 2006

Playlist 21.05.06 (9:44 pm)

This week Angela Stengel and Serena Armstrong take over as hosts while Peter is on tour.

Tooth - Harmony Brew [Soft Records]
Herbert - These Branded Waters [Accidental]
Tim Koch - Groove 90 [Merck]
Radiohead (Four tet remix) - Skttrbrain [EMI]
Machine Translations - Holiday in Spain [Way Over There]
Dirty Three - Ever Since [Anchor and Hope]
Jack Ladder - It's True [Spunk]
Holly Throsby - Some Nights Are Long [Spunk]
John Zorn's Masada String Trio - Tufiel [Tzadik]
FourPlay - Bollyrock [Smart Pussy]
King Biscuit Time - Kwangchow [No Style Records]
Belle & Sebastian - White Collar Boy [Matador]
Belladonnakillz - Neverever [Sublight Records]
Ciccone Youth - Into The Groovy [Geffen]
65daysofstatic - 65 Doesn't Understand You [Monotreme]
Aronas - Burn For Me [Strange Records]
Julian Curwin - Upon a Time [self-released, now out on Ipecac]
City, City, City - Poor Joy [Holding Pattern]
Schvendes - Carnival Thrash Machine [Bloodstar]
Venetian Snares - Hajnal [Planet µ]
Enduser - I'm Wondering If She's Dead [Sublight Records]
World's End Girlfriend - Singing Under the Rainbow [MIDI Creative Co]
Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy [Warp]
Ollo - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum [unreleased]
Kid Koala - Annie's Parlour [Ninja Tune]
Triosk - Two;twelve [Leaf]
Gauche - Butter [Invada Records]
Howard - Music in Slow Motion [self-released]
Prop remixed by Oren Ambarchi - Low Life (Life remix)
Pimmon - Stumbling [Meupe]
Brian Campeau - Just What You're Thinking [Impure Cabana]
Inch-Time - No Need To Sign Your Name [Static Caravan]
Amina - Skakka [Speak n Spell]
Low - Laser Beam [Kranky]
Tunng - Tale From Black [Static Caravan]

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Sunday, 14th of May, 2006

Playlist 14.05.06 (10:06 pm)

A bit of a string special on Utility Fog tonight, inspired by the gorgeous new Final Fantasy album... But first a few other new things - yay!
Daedelus' new album continues his obsession with cheesy (but great) string/film samples, crazy beats and overlaid samples. Great stuff! We have more from the fantastic new Matmos album, both sides of the new Khonnor 7'', and a new EP from Winnipeg's other breakcore demon, Fanny (including a remix by the somewhat more famous Winnipeg resident, Venetian Snares - on Winnipeg-based label Sublight...)

Khonnor - Heat Convex Dreaming [Type]
Daedelus - At My Heels [Mush/Ninja Tune]
Matmos - Tract For Valerie Solanas [Matador]
Final Fantasy - This Lamb Sells Condos [Tomlab]
Carla Kihlstedt - 50 Miles [Tzadik]
My Friend The Chocolate Cake - 100 Flowers In Bloom [Mushroom]
The Notwist - One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand [Domino Records]
13 & God - Superman on Ice [Alien Transistor/Anticon]
Alarm Will Sound - Cock/Ver 10 [Cantaloupe Music] {Aphex Twin cover}
Matmos - Semen Song For James Bidgood [Matador]
Sia - Paranoid Android [Rapster Records]
Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name [Heavenly]
Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billy Joe [EMI International]
Final Fantasy - This is the Dream of Win & Regine [Tomlab]
Final Fantasy - Song Song Song [Tomlab]
Khonnor - Burning Palace [Type]
Department of Eagles - Day School/Rooster [Isota]
Brian Campeau - montreal (CD2 version feat. Melanie Horsnell) [self-released, dist. Vitamin]
Brian Campeau - montreal (CD1 version) [self-released, dist. Vitamin]
Mia Doi Todd - Muscle, Bone & Blood (Chessie remix) [Plug Research]
Mia Doi Todd - Muscle, Bone & Blood (Ammoncontact remix) [Plug Research]
Inch-time - Cloud Hidden [Static Caravan]
Psapp - Tricycle [Domino]
Melodium - please, destroy the piano [Disasters By Choice]
Tim Koch - Blue and Grey [Merck]
Daedelus - Never None The Wiser [Mush/Ninja Tune]
Jordy Lane - Relax, Robot [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney]
Gauche - Hieroglyph Heart [from their forthcoming second album, not out till July/August...]
Fanny - we change the music, Venetian Snares remix [Sublight]
Fanny - safeway brand breakcore [Sublight]
DJ Floorclearer - Strangle The Giant Elephant [Death$ucker Records]
Belladonnakillz - Abort! Abort! Abort! [Sublight]
Scissors for Sparrow - Magnetic Potato [self-released dizzy donor CDR]
Faux Pas - Water Into Wine [self-released]
Tim Koch - Distantamount [Merck]

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Sunday, 7th of May, 2006

Playlist 07.05.06 (10:21 pm)

Tragically for Australian music and for his friends and family, Grant McLennan died last night, so I started the show with a classic tune by the man. Newness from Department of Eagles, including a demented remix by Why?... remixes also of Mia Doi Todd, new beauty from Final Fantasy, more genius from Tunng, etc etc... wowzers.

The Go-Betweens - A Bed Debt Follows You [Rough Trade]
Department of Eagles - Winter Coat [Isota]
Brian Campeau - like a girl (cd2 version) [self-released, licensed shortly to Vitamin]
Tunng - Woodcat [Fulltime Hobby]
Peter Gabriel - Moribund the Burgermeister [Virgin]
Radiohead - Paperbag Writer [Parlophone]
Ollo - The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) [forthcoming on Groovescooter]
Final Fantasy - If I Were A Carp [Tomlab]
Mia Doi Todd - Muscle, Bone & Blood (Ammoncontact remix) [Plug Research]
Matmos feat. Kronos Quartet - Solo Buttons for Joe Meek [Matador]
World's End Boyfriend - Rotten Pig Parade [Romz]
Tim Koch - Attery Bop [Merck]
Khonnor - Heat Convex Dreaming [Type]
vitaminsforyou - Écologie + Histoire Pt 2 [intr_version]
Mapstation - horns version [~scape]
Inch-time - As Far As The Eye Can See [Static Caravan]
Venetian Snares - Senki Dala & Öngyilkos Vasárnap (Bong-Ra remix) [Planet µ]
Bong-Ra - Duivelsche Sodomie en Extase [Sublight]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. Cutty Ranks - Boom Version [Razor X/Rephlex]
Aaron Spectre - Look Out Fi Liar [Death$ucker Records]
Belladonnakillz - neverever [Sublight]
Why? - Gemini (Birthday Song) [Anticon]
Department of Eagles - Sailing By Night (Why?'s Xmas Mix) [Isota]
Brian Campeau - ce baiser (cd2 version) [self-released, licensed shortly to Vitamin]
Mia Doi Todd - Deep at Sea (Dntel remix) [Plug Research]
Gauche - Sigh [from their self-released debut EP sigh]
Psapp - Tricycle [Domino]
Mal Webb - Councillor Ed [self-released]
Dave Miller - Excelsior Interlude (Victor Bermon remake) [Meupe]
The Bird - Slippa [Valve]
Tim Koch - X to M [Merck]
Mr. Projectile - Love Here (vocals by Amy Jennings, Funckarma remix) [originally released on Semisexual, here played from the brothers Funcken's refurbished one remix comp on n5md]
skipsapiens - abstracciones in reversa [Mutek]

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