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Your weekly fix of postfolkrocktronica, dronenoise, power ambient, post-everything improv... and more?
Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 30th of September, 2007

Playlist 30.09.07 (10:54 pm)

So, the list of new tunes for tonight's show is pretty prodigious... Where to start? I guess with the lovely new album from Sydney pop experimentalists Sun! We've got two new samplings from Marcus Scissor Lock's new 3" CDR label Curt, we've got a stunning new compilation called Asleep on Trains on Shoeb Ahmad's Canberra-based hellosQuare Recordings...
Beautiful new album from Songs of Green Pheasant (especially the closing track), Part Timer's corker of a new album. And later on, typically excellent new stuff from Burnt Friedman, and junglist nostalgia from Shitmat...

Sun - Help Yerself [Preservation]
Sun - Leave it on its own (immon remix) [Preservation]
Pieno - black pits (post processed by lawrence english) [Curt]
Morning Stalker - Cat Birthing Dream [hellosQuare]
Scissor Lock - excerpt from untitled 19-minute 3" CDR release [Curt]
Songs of Green Pheasant - Fires P.G.R. [Fat Cat]
Songs of Green Pheasant - A Sketch For Maenporth [Fat Cat]
Nico Muhly - Honest music [Bedroom Community]
Valgeir Sigurðsson - Focal Point [Bedroom Community]
Murcof - Cielo [Leaf]
Leafcutter John & Sébastien Roux - Enlacé [hellosQuare]
Part Timer - four timer (mix two) [flau]
Prefuse 73 - Aborted Hugs [Warp]
Prefuse 73 - Preparation Outro Version [Warp]
Part Timer - closing the opera house [flau]
Telafonica - Tape Noise (All India Radio Version) [4-4-2 music]
Strings of Consciousness - Asphodel [Central Control International via Wire Mag]
The Rational Academy - David Version [hellosQuare]
Laura - Radio Swan is Down (Part 1) - live at the HiFi Feb 07 [A New Entity]
Angels of Light - Not Here/Not Now [Young God]
Animal Collective - Safer [Domino]
Burnt Friedman - Machine In The Ghost (featuring Barbara Panther) [Nonplace]
Luke Vibert - God [Planet µ]
Shitmat - That Track [Planet µ]
SBT - Long String Draw [demo]

Monday, 24th of September, 2007

A gig for youse all (1:31 am)

Bit of self-promotion here, folks, but also promoting some great Sydney & Melbourne artists:

It's Friday 28th September, 7:30pm to 11:30pm. Entry by donation, BYO, no smoking, all ages!
This gig was going to be at a warehouse space called 303, but the venue fell through. At the last minute a new gallery called Hellen Rose-Schauenberger Labratorium stepped in, and are letting us play there as part of their pre-opening stuffs. They're on cnr of Kippax and Waterloo Streets, Surry Hills.

The lineup:
Seaworthy doing their last show in Sydney for the year!
Raven - Peter Hollo from FourPlay/FBi's Utility Fog (that'll be me!) doing a rare solo set, cello + loop pedal + laptop processing.
Scissor Lock - Yr 11 student Marcus Whale doing guitar/vocals/loop pedals/FX pedals
Anonymeye - up from Melbourne, guitar + laptop processing
Seth Rees - up from Melbourne, guitar + processing + loops I think

We're looking at mostly ambient, atmospheric, experimental, semi-improvised stuff from all. Should be great, come along if you can!

Sunday, 23rd of September, 2007

Playlist 23.09.07 (10:11 pm)

Tonight: Stuff on Utility Fog! I hope you like stuff, 'coz that's what it's all about.
The wonderful Cameron Webb from Seaworthy came in to talk about what they've been up to and also about a little gig that's happening this Friday - info in the next post along.
Also newness from one of Sydney's foremost experimental musicians, Oren Ambarchi, beautiful ambient compositions from Italian guitarist/electronic musician Luca Formentini, new download-only tracks from Various Production, finally the long-awaited (since I saw them supporting Battles in NY in April) Black Flag-twisting album from Dirty Projectors, and, well, so on...

Múm - the amateur show [Fat Cat]
Valgeir Sigurðsson - Focal Point [Bedroom Community]
Fourcolor - 02 [12k]
Luca Formentini - Frame [Extreme]
Fennesz - Verona [Room40]
Luca Formentini - Thou [Extreme]
Oren Ambarchi - Inamorta [Touch]
Taylor Deupree - Fear of Flying [Room40]
Seaworthy - Live From Melbourne excerpt [12k]
Odd Nosdam - Freakout 3 [Anticon]
Anonymeye - BNE-MEL [self-released, recorded for Room40's Airport Symphonies]
Fog - On the Gallows [Lex Records]
Akron/Family - Pony's O.G. [Young God]
Animal Collective - #1 [Domino]
Panda Bear - I'm Not [Paw Tracks]
Angels of Light - We Are Him [Young God]
Various Production - Took [XL Recordings] {exclusive download from Boomkat}
Various Production - Chief [XL Recordings] {exclusive download from Boomkat}
Cluekid - Odyssey [Bullfrog Beats]
fliPPo - Techno Ghosts [mp3 demo]
Monk Fly - Dub of Understanding [Frequency Lab]
Luke Vibert - Comphex [Planet µ]
SBT (aka Silver Bone Tone) - Don't Break It [demo]
Battles - Race:In [Warp]
Dirty Projectors - Thirsty and Miserable [Dead Oceans]
Battles - Leyendecker [Warp]

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Sunday, 16th of September, 2007

Playlist 16.09.07 (10:14 pm)

The sounds of filtered airports starts the show. We have producer Valgeir Sigurðsson's debut album of his own (with some help from friends), Patrick Watson's extraordinary sounds and songwriting, dubstep from Melbourne's fliPPo and more...

Stephan Mathieu - LUX-SCN [Room40]
ollo - trouble is [Groovescooter]
Valgeir Sigurðsson - A Symmetry [Bedroom Community]
Nico Muhly - It goes without saying [Bedroom Community]
Bark Psychosis - A Street Scene [Circa]
Patrick Watson - Daydreamer [Secret City Records]
Fog - Ditherer [Lex Records]
Angels of Light - Not Here/Not Now [Young God]
Swans - Love of Life [Young God]
Ben Frost - We Love You Michael Gira / ...Coda [Bedroom Community]
Akron/Family - Ed Is A Portal [Young God]
Tunng - bricks [Fulltime Hobby]
Tunng - Peanuts [Great Pop Supplement]
Menomena - airaid [FILMguerrero/Barsuk]
Valgeir Sigurðsson - Baby Architect (feat. J Walker) [Bedroom Community]
Bark Psychosis - Scum [3rd Stone]
Boymerang - Mind Control [Regal/Astralwerks]
Breakage - Shroud [Digital Soundboy]
Mala - Learn [dmz]
fliPPo - rain [mp3 demo]
Burial - Versus [Planet µ]
Silver Bone Tone - Where When [demo]

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Sunday, 9th of September, 2007

Playlist 09.09.07 (10:20 pm)

Lots of goodies tonight! Some oldies in celebration of four years and one week... Starting with the unbelievably great new album from Angels of Light, then new Animal Collective. And quite a few new Tunng items tonight — new album plus vinyl goodies.

Angels of Light - My Brother's Man [Young God]
Animal Collective - Cuckoo Cuckoo [Domino]
Tunng - soup [Fulltime Hobby]
Underlapper - Burnt Abernethy [self-released]
Mole Harness - as language carves the world [Stray Dog Army]
Anonymeye - Suburban Shopping Centre Carpark [self-released]
Damiak - Extended Slide [N5MD]
Pedro - Fear & Resilience [Melodic Records]
Kings of Convenience - The Weight of My Words (Four Tet remix) [Mawlaw t/a Source UK]
Dntel - Don't Get Your Hopes Up [Rocket Racer]
Tunng - bricks (Dntel remix) [Fulltime Hobby]
Múm - A Little Bit, Sometimes [Fat Cat]
Pinback - Subbing For Eden [Touch and Go/Longtime Listener]
The Ladies - Vacation, Asphyxia, Vacation [Temporary Residence]
Fog - We Will Have Vanished [Lex Records]
Caribou - Melody Day (Four Tet remix) [City Slang]
aheadphonehome - x [lofly]
Trigger Happy - Desmond [unreleased]
Roam The Hello Clouds - Phases [~scape]
Silver Bone Tone - Float [demo]
Breakage - Clarendon [Digital Soundboy]
Bola - Rainslaight [Skam]
Ital Tek - White Mark [Planet µ]
Karoshi - Raiding the Night [self-released]
King Seven - Hidden [Camshot]
Tunng - Peanuts [Great Pop Supplement]
Múm - Guilty Rocks [Fat Cat]
need more sources - sheds in the snow [Moteer]
Underlapper - Child bearing flies (Scissors For Sparrow remix) [Feral Media]
Qua - Stranger Comforts Have Slipped By (Pt 1 & Pt 2) [Surgery]

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