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Monday, 29th of March, 2004

Playlist 28.03.04 (1:40 am)

Tonight's playlist coming to you courtesy of my laptop... Nice to be ensconced in the studio with this familiar extension of myself! Starting with a new track by legendary ambient techno pioneers The Orb ("Tower twenty three" - a new "Towers of dub"! Awesome), we wandered through a number of fab new releases (Enduser's From Zero, Fennesz' Venice etc), new discoveries and re-discoveries, with another entry into Otto von Schirach's new political breakcore kinda project and new folktronic type stuff from Mole Harness.

The Orb - Tower twenty three (spud & kreature mix) [Cooking Vinyl]
The Orb - Once More (Scourge of the Earth Long Mix) [MCA Records promo only 12"]
Enduser - Jung n'Base [Mirex]
World's End Girlfriend - Yes [Third Ear Recordings]
Fennesz - Rivers of sand [Touch]
Mole Harness {his own site should be up soon, will change the link when I find it} - Nothing's Forever [Float Records]
Wireless - "?" [from self-titled 4-track demo. That's the track's title! I've found out a little about Wireless: It's a side-project for one guy called Brendan Jones, who plays guitar in Sydney rock band GangAwry. Excellent!]
Kettel - Twijfel Doubt Hésitation [dub]
Kettel - Daily Free [Civik Records]
Kettel - And Unrequited As Well [dub]
Mouse on Mars - Rompatroullie [Sonig/Thrill Jockey]
Electric Company - It Is Not That Very True [Tigerbeat6]
Funkstörung w/ Nongenetic - Fat Camp Feva (Funckarma remix) [Studio !K7]
Shadow Huntaz - Figure of Speech [Skam]
DocNuke.com - Piranha Panties (feat. Mr Fister) [Beta Bodega]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man - Killer (Enduser Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
General SmatBwoy - uglyrudebwoyting in c minor [Aural Addiction Recordings]
Enduser - Kick Dem Down [Mirex]
DJ C - Billy Jungle [Mashit]
Undercover Agent & the Kriminal - World Mash Up [Suburban Base Recordings]
Remarc - Suicidal [Planet µ]
Donna Summer - David and Iggy on Dinah [Mirex]
edIT - 4am in 4 parts [Phthalo/Infinite Complexity]
Nicole Elmer - Beef Bouillon [Planet µ]
Hrvatski - Cracked Everyday Electronics Home Repair Course ("remix" of Voice Crack) [Ambush]
Fennesz - Château rouge [Touch]
World's End Girlfriend - Purple Orange Me [Cubic Music]

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Monday, 22nd of March, 2004

Playlist 21.03.04 (1:53 am)

Well tonight's playlist didn't manage to go up in realtime as... something... was wrong there. But I put it together in realtime anyway, so it's going up now, at 1.35am. We still luvs ya!
The usual sounds tonight - lovely folktronic stuff from all sorts, breakcore & ragga jungle past & present, and a crazy interlude in the middle of heavy metal meets jungle...

PJ Harvey - Plants and Rags [Indigo/Too Pure]
Hrvatski - Lullaby [Planet µ]
Tstewart - Jess [Six Records]
Sybarite - Secropia [4AD]
Herv - Demian [Compactrisc]
Airman Our Pal - Shel t her [Six Records]
The Books - That Right Ain't Shit [Tomlab]
Pluramon - self-remix [Mille Plateaux]
World's End Girlfriend - Birthday [Current Records - can't find link! They no longer exist...]
Osamu Sato - Long Tall Eyelash (µ-Ziq mix) [Music Mine]
Syndicate - Da Luv Sound [Bloody Fist]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man - Killer (Soundmurderer & SK-1 "Badman Rewind" Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
Remarc - Bad No Bloodclart (Vox) [Planet µ]
0=0 - Reflux [Mashedup]
"Player" - Angel of Theft [it's an awesome Slayer jungle bootleg on "Jef Am Records" (one-sided translucent red vinyl, 5-pointed star etched in the flipside), but check here - looks like it's actually put out by Ninja Tune! People are saying it's Amon Tobin but it really doesn't sound like his programming - he's played it in his DJ sets though, so who knows?]
Squarepusher - Steinbolt [Warp]
Maladroit - Puppet Masta [Core-Tex Records]
Airto Moreira - Chicken In The Mind (Amon Tobin remix) [MELT 2000]
EOSS (Electro Organic Sound System) - Wacko Macko Is Backo (DJ C's Babylon a Fall mix) [Mashit]
dev/null - symphonies of suckness [CockRockDisco]
Cex - an axe for the frozen sea within her [Tigerbeat 6]
Sonna | Sybarite - Make Shift [Temporary Residence]
Modern Gong Ritual - Random Act 1 [demo CD from Michael from Aqualash]
Dean Roberts - smash the palace and what nerves you've got [Kranky]
Archer Prewitt - Another Peace of Mind [Carrot Top Records]
The Sea and Cake - "i took the opportunity to antique my end table" (remix and title by Jim O'Rourke) [Thrill Jockey]
Trinkets - The Unbearable Lightness of Fleeing [Trinkets Music]
Greg Davis - Curling Pond Woods [Carpark]

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Tuesday, 16th of March, 2004

last-minute self-promotion (8:02 pm)

Well this little DJ isn't very good at promoting himself, but anyway, as part of FBi's collaboration with the Art Gallery of NSW's art.afterhours program, I shall be DJing down at the Art Gallery's Artbar tomorrow night (that's Wednesday the 17th of March) from 7-8:30pm... The website says: "Enjoy a drink and the Man-Ray-inspired evening menu from 5pm." You have to go simply to find out what the fuck a Man-Ray-inspired evening menu is!

You heard it here. Too late to come, maybe, but what the heck. Drop in, ok?

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Sunday, 14th of March, 2004

Playlist 14.03.04 (10:07 pm)

[I've left this here because it's fun to see what I had when I was putting the playlist up...]
Welcome to the live Utility Fog playlist for another week. I think I'm all settled, so we'll start with a whole lot of lovely old idm stuff and then see where we go from there, hey? New Squarepusher this week, lots of old stuff and some newer breakcore, we've got it all.

Stereolab - Refractions in the Plastic Pulse (Autechre's Feebate mix) [Duophonic/EastWest Japan]
Autechre - Draun Quarter [Warp]
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol II CD2 Tk6 [Warp] {This album uses a complicated procedure to link images to track numbers; way back in 1994, the nascent idm-list on hyperreal created the SAW II FAQ, which helpfully names track 2:6 as "siding nails", for what it's worth}
Jesus Jones - Zeroes & Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction (1) Mix) [Food Records]
Global Communication vs Chapterhouse - Alpha Phase from Blood Music: Pentamerous Metamorphosis [Dedicated]
Squarepusher - Tundra [Rephlex]
Squarepusher - Menelec [Warp]
Si Begg - Third Wave V.2 [Spymania Allstars]
Squarepusher - District Line II [Warp]
Emotional Joystick - Patch32 [Zod Records]
µ-Ziq - Hasty Boom Alert [Hut]
Squarepusher - Rat/P's and Q's [Warp]
µ-Ziq - Midwinter Log [Hut] {Sorry about the gapping and skipping, folks! The wonders of technology...}
Squarepusher - Square Window [Warp]
Red Snapper - Get Some Sleep Tiger (Plaid remix) [Planet µ via Hut]
Squarepusher - Iambic 9 Poetry [Warp]
Plaid - Angry Dolphin [Clear Records]
AFX - Laughable Butane Bob [Warp]
Nonplace Urban Field - Plane Spotting [Incoming!]
Pluramon - tel.bell (remix by Atom™) [Mille Plateaux]
General Magic - Tyrell [Mego]
Pure - ivan [Mego]
World's End Girlfriend - air reason [Current Records - can't find link! They no longer exist...]
Pimmon - Under Hiding Browsing [Staalplaat]
Tuk - German Holidays [(K-RAK-K)3 by way of Wire Magazine]
Lali Puna - Small Things [Morr Music]

Sunday, 7th of March, 2004

Playlist 07.03.04 (10:09 pm)

OK, so as I type, Utility Fog is beaming across the airwaves at ya. In a few weeks max, FBi will be starting live streaming, so you can listen on the net while reading the playlists as they go up live! Will keep you posted on that.
Started with some lovely folky stuff and made our way into postrock and indie-electronica from there. Later on, some kick-ass new breakcore and ragga jungle stuff...

Nick Conolly - Don't Fret [Big Rig Records]
L'Altra - String Theory [Aesthetics]
Collette Carter - The Information and the Last Nite [tbtmo]
Ms. John Soda - elusive (remix) [Morr Music]
Collette Carter - this far from me [Skylab Operations]
Clue to Kalo - within reach of my own arms [Mush/Leaf]
Founder - Charles Dickens [Heavy]
FourPlay String Quartet - Trust (Clue to Kalo remix) [unreleased]
Trinkets - highway to memory [Trinkets Music]
Wireless - "?" [from self-titled 4-track demo. That's the track's title! I know nothing about these guys, but fark! this track rocks. Any info/links gratefully accepted - just leave a comment!]
Sluta Leta - Flash [Mego]
World's End Girlfriend - listening you [Current Records - can't find link yet]
Pedro - Folded Arms [Melodic Records]
Boothby (with vocals from the lovely Kelly Slusher) - the very start [Skylab Operations]
Eight Frozen Modules - riddim, deejay [Phthalo/Infinite Complexity]
DJ C feat. Wayne Lonesome - Come Back Wicked (Mashit Mix) [forthcoming on Shockout]
edIT - 4am in 4 parts [Phthalo/Infinite Complexity]
EOSS (Electro Organic Sound System) - Wacko Macko Is Backo (DJ C's Babylon a Fall mix) [Mashit]
Enduser - Babylon Dub [Was a download from his site; you can probably find it somewhere still, but check other mp3s also from c8]
Moosaka - Masters of Technology (EOSS' Overgrown Technology mix) [Mashit]
jEf - videoplus [Phthalo/Infinite Complexity] {The artist link is no use, but I can't find any more about this person - fun track though!}
Eight Frozen Modules - Lemon Chiffon [Tigerbeat 6] {A bootleg remix of the Streets' "Don't Mug Yourself" - here's a free download!}
Dwayne Sodahberk - Rippin [Tigerbeat 6]
Nitrada - We Don't Know Why But We Do It [2.nd rec]
Greg Davis - Good Morning, Amanda [Blue Bell Records]
Dwayne Sodahberk - T70 MK III B [Tigerbeat 6]
Cane - Fall [Arcola]
Zorn - Marianengraben (Styrofoam Remix) [Lux Nigra]
Dwayne Sodahberk - The Agreeing Song [Tigerbeat 6]
ethereal 77 (early drum'n'bass by Ulrich Schnauss!) - spring [Good Looking]
Entropic - Hardware (Raven experiences Hardware malFUNKtion) [Vitamin] {Yes, I'm Raven - but I do this very rarely! So forgive me please?)
Lars Horntveth - Tics [Smalltown Supersound, via The Wire] {this is off his new album, Pooka! I'll track this down pronto...!}

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