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Sunday, 27th of April, 2008

Playlist 27.04.08 (11:08 pm)

A little bit of everything tonight! Starting with Stars Like Fleas, whose "new" album I finally got hold of... Then Grizzly Bear's contribution to David Shrigley's Worried Noodles, of which more next week - came out last year but I only just picked up on it!
And then we had a fair mix of stuff from Dagmar Krause-related bands and solo acts, from her Weimar-Cabaret interpretations (nobody equals her in my opinion) to Slapp Happy and the brilliant Art Bears.
Then a similar, if briefer, treatment of one of my favourite singer/violinists, Carla Kihlstedt.
Later, the b-side of 65daysofstatic's new single, and a few tracks from the rather fabulous new compilation Magnetism, That Electricity on Highpoint Lowlife.

As usual, plus more.
Come along on Thursday night to Feral Media's POWWOW gig featuring The Longest Day and aheadphonehome at the Sound Lounge. Should rock. Here's the Facebook event :) And the last.fm listing.

Stars Like Fleas - You Are My Memoir [Talitres]
Grizzly Bear - Blackcurrent Jam [Tomlab]
Grizzly Bear - He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) [Warp]
Dagmar Krause - Surabaya Johnny [A&M]
Art Bears - Freedom [ReR Megacorp]
Slapp Happy - Casablanca Moon [ReR Megacorp]
John Oswald - summer/freedom (reworking of Art Bears with "Theme From A Summer Place") [ReR Megacorp]
Chris Cutler - Three Bear Rooms (made from Art Bears drum tracks...) [ReR Megacorp]
This Heat - 24 Track Loop [ReR Megacorp]
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Flinch [Web of Mimicry]
Carla Kihlstedt - Rooting For The Shy Librarian [Tzadik]
2 Foot Yard - Chapter IV [Yard Work]
2 Foot Yard - Crisis [Yard Work]
Mochipet feat. Kutti MC & Evelinn Trouble - Paranoia Day [Daly City Records]
Santogold - Creator [Downtown]
65daysofstatic - Goodbye, 2007 [Monotreme]
65daysofstatic - Antique Hyper Mall [Monotreme]
Son Lux - Stand [Anticon]
The Village Orchestra - The King Of All Tears [Highpoint Lowlife]
Guy Gelem - Drawing Dates [Split Femur Recordings]
Mandelbrot Set - Astronomy and Allied Sciences [1] [Highpoint Lowlife]
bleeding heart narrative - this is the world before this is [tartaruga]
bleeding heart narrative - discovering abandoned houses [tartaruga]
Ass - Back To The Old Ways [Headspin Recordings]
The Longest Day - The Voices Fell Silent [Feral Media]
aheadphonehome - x [lofly]
The Longest Day - Negative Zero [Feral Media]
The Longest Day - Slumber [independent, now available through Feral Media]
Foals - Balloons (Keiran Hebden Version) [Transgressive]
Lauren Horton - postcard guy [Heavy? promo]

Sunday, 20th of April, 2008

Playlist 20.04.08 (11:12 pm)

Tonight we start with a new track from the wonderful Carla Kihlstedt, and the first new studio recording in many years from John Zorn's Bar Kokhba Sextet, Jewish chamber jazz if you like...
Then we move on to two Utility Fog favourites contributing to Stereogum's Björk tribute. A couple of sneak preview tunes from the highly-anticipated new album from The Notwist (which I've grown to really like despite initial misgivings), and a fabulous new album on Anticon from Son Lux.
Also in there, a couple of tracks from the new Moteer sampler, an 18 track download album available from Boomkat for a mere £1.99.
Later on, Sydney/Canberra duo The Longest Day have a new album of spacerock out on Feral Media, and Sydney's wonderful Preservation bring us Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer's incredible reimaginings of the American folk tradition.

2 Foot Yard - Octopus [Yard Work]
John Zorn's Bar Kokhba Sextet - Sother [Tzadik]
Final Fantasy & Ed Droste - Possibly Maybe [Stereogum] {free download from here!}
The Notwist - Where In This World [Domino Records]
Son Lux - Break [Anticon]
bleeding heart narrative - black glass [tartaruga]
the boats - Raindrops Version [Moteer]
Aaron Martin & Part Timer - Nureyev (Soft Shoe Mix) [Moteer]
Aaron Martin - Autism [My Formica Table] {download for free here!}
Maju - meguro [Extreme]
Four Tet - Ringer [Domino]
The Longest Day - You Are Now Free To Float Around The Cabin [Feral Media]
The Longest Day - Armoury [self-released, distributed by Feral Media]
The Longest Day - Slow Motion Word [Feral Media]
Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer - Go Dig My Grave (Railroad Boy) [Preservation]
Cul de Sac - I Remember Nothing More [Strange Attractors Audio House]
bleeding heart narrative - braids and a necklace [tartaruga]
end.user - sublime (ft. sol thomas) [ohm resistance]
Evol Intent - Gunpowder Plot [Evol Intent]
Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling [Skull Disco]
Elemental - Raw Material [Hotflush]
Silver Bone Tone - Kelp [demo] {buy from last.fm! If not this track then plenty of other stuff from him}
then dof - untitled tk 5 [Mobeer]
Spartak - ostpolitik (Part Timer's ost is ost mix) [hellosQuare]
Son Lux - Wither [Anticon]
Why? - A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under [Anticon/Tomlab]
The Notwist - On Planet Off [Domino Records]
Radian - Jet [Thrill Jockey]
Autistic Daughters - liquid and starch [Kranky]

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Sunday, 13th of April, 2008

Playlist 13.04.08 (11:19 pm)

Surprising amount of new stuff came in this week, to the extent that a few things got pushed back to next week (couple of brilliant compilations - stay tuned kidz!)
So, starting with Sweden's Ass (from whom more next week too!), and on the other side of that 7", Sweden's Blood Music!
Also on the ever-wonderful Static Caravan is English harpist/singer/songwriter Sefa Steer.
Oh, and speaking of split 7"s, we have Tunng & Stars Like Fleas ingaugurating Hidden Hive's Kissing Kin series.
Also, the stunning Godspeed-like rapture of Bleeding Heart Narrative, Keiran Hebden doing math-rocky business with Oxford's Foals, two excellent tracks from Sydney's Silver Bone Tone, plus Melbourne's Anonymeye and Sheffield's Cam Deas bring us tasty processed acoustic guitar courtesy of a couple of fine Australian micro-labels.
Just how we like it here at Utility Fog Towers, where fine music meets fine, er, wait, I've lost track of the metaphor. It's just like I'm on-air, only written down.

Ass - It's In The Galley [Static Caravan]
Serafina Steer - Eggs [Static Caravan]
Tunng - The Raven Flies [Hidden Hive]
Blood Music - Don Quite [Static Caravan]
Inch-time - No Need To Sign Your Name [Static Caravan]
Bleeding Heart Narrative - bhn [Tartaruga]
Bleeding Heart Narrative - as if yearning was all and more than enough [Tartaruga]
Youthmovies - Archive It Everywhere [Drowned In Sound]
Foals - Cassius (Keiran Hebden Version) [Transgressive]
Four Tet - Swimmer [Domino]
Silver Bone Tone - He Killed Them All [demo]
then dof - untitled tk 1 [Mobeer]
then dof - -- [Mobeer]
The Declining Winter - yorkcitythree part timer's spring ascent remix [Misplaced Music]
origamibiro - cracked mirrors and stopped clocks (part timer's 7 years bad luck mix) [unreleased, and lovely to boot]
Anonymeye - Stop 122, Line 1/8 [hellosQuare]
Cam Deas - Untitled 1 [Curt]
stars like fleas - good enough alone [praemedia]
Stars Like Fleas - End Times (for Elis Regina) [Hidden Hive]
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band - Black Waters Blowed/Engine Broke Blues [Constellation]
end.user - sublime (ft. sol thomas) [ohm resistance]
Anicon Arden - visions [demo]
Silver Bone Tone - Iron Ore Else [demo]
ii - oho [Feral Media]

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Sunday, 6th of April, 2008

Playlist 06.04.08 (11:21 pm)

Evening guv. Robbie Avenaim interview about the What Is Music? Festival tonight, plus new goodies and old goodies!

The John Moran Corperation - Smallworld (excerpt) [self-released]
Youthmovies - After the Kicking K [Drowned In Sound]
Autistic Daughters - bird in the curtain [Kranky]
wOg - To Halal And Back [Chatterbox]
Oren Ambarchi - Inamorta [Touch]
Timothy Constable - inco9 (drumset and electronica version) [promo] {playing at Carriageworks on Thursday April 10th}
Post - Heather [Preservation]
Spartak - 7:31 [hellosQuare]
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band - twelve untitled tracks followed by 1,000,000 Died To Make This Sound [Constellation]
Stars Like Fleas - End Times (for Elis Regina) [Hidden Hive]
Atlas Sound - Sea Burial [download from Deerhunter blog]
Why? - The Fall of Mr Fifths [Anticon/Tomlab]
Nico Muhly - Mothertongue - Section 2 [Bedroom Community] {courtesy Wire Mag}
Nive Nielsen - Done And Gone (Part Timer) [unreleased]
Part Timer - Upbeat And Happy People Make Bad Company [hellosQuare]
Evol Intent - The Curtain Falls (feat. The Sound of Animals Fighting) [Evol Intent]
Barry Lynn - Metric Cypher [Planet µ]
Vex'd - 3rd Choice (Loefah remix) [Planet µ]
Evol Intent - Gunpowder Plot [Evol Intent]
Benga - Light Bulb [Tempa]
Kelpe - Shipwreck Glue [DC Recordings]
Silver Bone Tone - Hand [demo]
Cardopusher - Fighters Unite [Peace Off]
Suckafish P Jones - Jungle Drops (feat. Potato Masta) [self-released]

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