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Your weekly fix of postfolkrocktronica, dronenoise, power ambient, post-everything improv... and more?
Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Playlists are listed with artist name first, then track title and (remixer), then [record label]. Enjoy the links.

Sunday, 25th of March, 2007

Playlist 25.03.07 (10:20 pm)

Wheeeeow! Bit of a (bizarre) Velvet Underground cover to start the show... More loveliness from the new Dntel album (forthcoming still), beautiful ambient, experimental songs from Sydney artist Gail Priest and processed sounds from Melbourne's Kharkov start the show, and a dubstep set in the middle in anticipation of Southern Steppa's essential dubstep night this coming Thursday @ the Abercrombie featuring Mala from Digital Mystikz.

Ergo Phizmiz and his Orchestra - Sister Ray [Womb Records]
Dntel - Dreams (feat. Mystic Chords of Memory) [Sub Pop]
Gail Priest - duet for gertrude & glass [Metal Bitch Recordings]
Kharkov - folkal [brothersister records]
Hi God People - Egil Rotunda Mural [Spanish Magic]
Low - Dragonfly [Sub Pop]
Ben Frost - We Love You Michael Gira [Bedroom Community]
Ben Frost - ...Coda [Bedroom Community]
Hood - The Negatives (remix by Northstation) [Northstation self-release]
Bracken - Heathens (Downpour remix) [available only as a bonus CD with the 12" from Norman Records]
Digital Mystikz - Molten [Tectonic]
Loefah - Rufage [Digital Mystikz]
Distance - My Demons [Planet µ]
MDK - A Theme [WèMè Records]
MRK1 - Grit [Planet µ]
Skream - I (Loefah remix) [Tempa]
Scone - Maze [Moamoo]
Aleks & The Ramps - Pisces vs Aquarius (Faux Pas remix) [direct from Mr Faux Pas]
Hip-Ash - Something About You [self-released, soon downloadable from his Soundclick site]
Ergo Phizmiz - Gently Bently Beneath the Waby Waves [Womb Records]
Gail Priest - dreamwinch [Metal Bitch Recordings]
Kharkov - dub [brothersister records]
Deerhunter - Intro [Kranky]
Deerhunter - Cryptograms [Kranky]
Underlapper - Little (Seaworthy remix) [Feral Media]
Amiina - hemipode [Speak n Spell]
Pole - Winkelstreben [~scape]
ollo - Peanuts [Feral Media]

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Sunday, 18th of March, 2007

Playlist 18.03.07 (9:12 pm)

Good evening and welcome. Tonight, the amazing new album from Low, plus the usual mix of postrock and electronica, and some great late-'90s Aussie electronic music in the middle there...

Low - Always Fade [Sub Pop]
Radical Face - the strangest things [Morr Music]
Lymbyc Systym - Love Your Abuser [Mush]
Inlets - Roots on Sidewalks [Luv Sound] {free download!!! Do it now!}
Hauschka - zahnluecke [Fat Cat]
Grizzly Bear - Marla [Warp]
Giardini di Mirò - Cold Perfection [Homesleep]
Ninentynine - Receiving the Sounds of Science Fiction [Stomp]
Low - Down (Porter Ricks remix) [Caroline]
Swans - Red Sheet [Young God]
Ben Frost - Stomp [Bedroom Community]
John Chantler - Play.Play. [Room40]
Mark N - Show Us Your DermaTITiS (caps ARE important) [DanceNet]
Gen Ku - Heist [Ozone]
The Herd - Locked Down in Lugarno [Creative Vibes]
dj deadpan + cuntry fresh - goin' down with my homies [Dual Plover?]
Dsico - I R*cked Britney (Moonwalk Style) [Spasticated Records]
Bint - Nasty Girl [Dual Plover?] {anybody got a link for this person?}
Kossak - Bassturbation [Record Label Records]
Distance - My Demons [Planet µ]
Mark One - Blow [Planet µ]
Clark - Springtime Epiphany [Warp]
Curd Duca - touch [Mille Plateaux]
Gail Priest - satellite love station [Metal Bitch Recordings]
Low - Belarus [Sub Pop]
The Ladies - Vacation, Asphyxia, Vacation [Temporary Residence]
Scissors for Sparrow - Top of the Hill, Bottom of the Valley... Uhh! [self-released Oh... hello! CDR]
King Creosote - Pissed Off, Pissed On [Fence Collective]

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Sunday, 11th of March, 2007

Playlist 11.03.07 (9:28 pm)

Ahhh. Lovely new Dntel to start the show tonight. Later, and interview with Melbourne double bassist Rosie Westbrook...

Dntel - Dumb Luck [Sub Pop]
Radical Face - along the road [Morr Music]
Winterpark - One Night Alone [Creative Vibes]
Deerhunter - Providence [Kranky]
Lisa Gerrard/Dead Can Dance - Cantara [4AD]
Filastine - Autology (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney) [Soot]
Bibio - Cherry Go Round [Mush]
Clark - Ted (Bibio remix) [Warp]
Lymbyc Systym - Fall Bicycle [Mush]
Rosie Westbrook - amoeba [self-released]
...interview with Rosie Westbrook. Next three tracks mixed with/under interview:
Rosie Westbrook - laguna [self-released]
Cam Butler - Austro-Pacific [Pharmacy]
Rosie Westbrook - flow [self-released]
Rosie Westbrook - big as the ocean [self-released]
Springintgut - Cousteau [City Centre Offices]
Amon Tobin - Ever Falling [Ninja Tune]
Cocorosie - Promise [Touch and Go/Quaterstick via Wire Mag] {track was wrongly titled "Rainbowarriors" on the CD}
Clark - Bruise Animations [Warp]
Bass Clef - Thank You For Starting Fires [Blank Tapes]
MDK - A Theme [WèMè Records]
ollo - that sound [Groovescooter]
Part Timer - Theme from Part Timer [This is Part Timer sampling some FourPlay material and incorporating into a track of his own]
d_rradio - so happy it hurts [Static Caravan]
Dave Miller - She Makes (Chris Cobilis remix) [Meupe]
Momus - I Refuse To Die [American Patchwork]
the boats - i never had you down as a liar [Moteer]
Dntel feat. Rachel Haden & Brian McMahan - Why I'm So Unhappy [Plug Research]
Bracken - Of Athroll Slains [Anticon]
Hi God People - Tiger tooth bangles of Nomo [Nervous Jerk]
Deerhunter - Cryptograms [Kranky]
International Karate - It's Alright To Show You Care [Sensory Projects]

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Sunday, 4th of March, 2007

Playlist 04.03.07 (9:09 pm)

The new Deerhunter album hasn't been far from my stereo since I got hold of it earlier this week. Another highlight is the electronic-tinged indie-folk-pop of Radical Face, and the gorgeous chamber folk songwriting of Inlets.

Deerhunter - Octet [Kranky]
International Karate - Old Sounds / New Haircuts [Sensory Projects]
Rosie Westbrook - mountain [self-released]
Cam Butler - Southern Ocean [Pharmacy]
Ellis Island Sound - Swords Reversed I / Angel's Way [Peacefrog]
Lisa Gerrard/Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim [4AD]
d_rradio - just because [Static Caravan]
The Ladies - Trapped in the Hobbit [Temporary Residence]
Amon Tobin - The Killer's Vanilla [Ninja Tune]
Bracken - Evil Teeth [Anticon]
Keith Mason - Dam Strait [lo fi killers, re-released Spanish Magic]
J.P. Shilo - The Sea has Done a Number on Me [Smells Like]
Radical Face - the strangest things [Morr Music]
Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert [Kranky]
King Creosote - Pissed Off, Pissed On [Fence Collective]
Cocorosie - Promise [Touch and Go/Quaterstick via Wire Mag] {track was wrongly titled "Rainbowarriors" on the CD}
Springintgut - Precastor [City Centre Offices]
MDK - A Theme [WèMè Records]
Skream - Lose Control [Tempa]
Toecutter - 2nite (Hagbanger remix) [promo sampler]
Secret Mommy - String Lake [Ache]
tunng - little king (featuring summit) [disco_r.dance]
Hi God People - Thunder on the way to Funan [Nervous Jerk]
Shoeb Ahmad - track 4 from Vinyl Sketches 3" CD [Sound & Fury]
Leonardo's Robot - Siren [4-4-2 Music]
Inlets - Pictures of Trees [Luv Sound] {free download!!! Do it now!}
Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk remix) [Warp] {mp3 courtesy Pitchfork}
The Longest Day - armoury [self-released]
Reigns - The Lost Black Mass Footage [Jonson Family]
International Karate - Geography [Sensory Projects]

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