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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 26th of November, 2006

Playlist 26.11.06 (9:04 pm)

Yo. Action-packed show once again. Ain't it always so? You may like it that way, but spare a thought for your poor presenter hey ;)
So annnyway, some new Tunng-related goodies, including a brilliant track from a double-CD compilation introducing new label disco_r.dance. It's an awesome comp. I'm away next week but will be showcasing this compilation upon my return on the 10th of December. We have a new track from Greg Davis — his entry into Ache Records' "Divorce" series of 7"s — and lovely new stuff from Essex-based postrock band Reigns.
Some great new dubstep tunes, and a trip to the Middle East and Eastern Europe in the middle, including a wonderful track from a new album by Paris-based Rachid Taha, followed by a bit of archival Third Eye Foundation remixing the back-catalogue of legendary French label Ici D'Ailleurs...

Husky Rescue - Diamonds in the Sky (Tunng remix) [Catskills Records]
aMute - The floating boat [intr_version]
Greg Davis - Fennel & Tangerine [Ache Records]
Jonquil - Tracing [Try Harder]
Reigns - Chambers [Jonson Family]
howard - bronte by storm [self-released]
Bradbury - Hot Dog on a Dog [Dual Plover]
Moving Ninja - Murky [Tectonic]
Pinch - Punisher (Loefah's SE25 remix) [Planet µ]
Hatcha & Benga - Progression [Planet µ]
Hijak - Nightmarez [Tectonic]
Filastine - Autology [Soot]
Rachid Taha - Ecoute Moi Camarade [Wrasse Records/Filter Music]
Beirut - The Gulag Orkestar [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Nouvelle Vague vs Mahala Raï Banda - Morceau d'Amour [Crammed]
Third Eye Foundation remixing Bed - Nightcape and Yann Tiersen - Sur le Fil [Ici D'Ailleurs]
Matt Elliott - The Mess We Made [Domino]
Manyfingers - A Remark [Acuarela]
Manyfingers - Our Worn Shadow [Acuarela]
part timer - theme from part timer [currently listenable on his MySpace]
Adrian Klumpes - Cornered [Leaf]
part timer - it only means [Moteer]
Mazzadius & Scissor Lock - Monday [self-released promo]
Maps - don't fear [Last Space Recordings]
Melodium - i'm not already dead [Autres Directions In Music]
tunng - little king (featuring summit) [disco_r.dance]
Tunng - It's Because We've Got Hair (Department of Eagles remix) [Fulltime Hobby]
Vert - Words [Sonig]
Squarepusher - Planetarium [Warp]
Gauche - Snowflake [self-released, distributed by Vitamin]

Sunday, 19th of November, 2006

Playlist 19.11.06 (9:08 pm)

Well g'day. Quite a bunch of great new tunes for you tonight! New music is of course one of the best reasons why FBi is such a great radio station, and as such, if you love hearing great new stuff on Utility Fog you owe it to yourself and us to join up as a supporter during our November-long Block Party!
Beauty of a new album from aMute out this week; plus we have a track from the re-released Hollindagain album by Animal Collective, fabulous folky postrock/indie from My Latest Novel, fantastically evil metal/grindcore/breakcore from Aaron Spectre's Drumcorps, alt-hop from Vedette, bright glitch-pop from Christopher Willits... and, of course, more!

aMute - Why do I run seasons so fast [intr_version]
Animal Collective - I See You Pan [Paw Tracks/Fuse]
Beirut - Scenic World [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Joanna Newsom - Cosmia [Drag City]
part timer - thinking, unthinking [Moteer]
Aaron Martin - Kentucky [Preservation]
My Latest Novel - Ghost in the Gutter [Bella Union]
My Latest Novel - Pretty in a Panic [Bella Union]
Jakob - malachite [Midium]
Cdatakill - Tornado Siren [Ad Noiseam]
Drumcorps - Grist [Ad Noiseam/Cock Rock Disco]
Enduser - Positioned (featuring Nongenetic of Shadow Huntaz) [Ad Noiseam]
Vedette - An orange timepiece [Stilll]
aMute - hit my country [intr_version]
Tim Koch - Glowlands [4-4-2]
howard - piano then grind [self-released]
ollo - trouble is [Groovescooter]
Christopher Willits - Colors Shifting [Ghostly International]
Miller + Fiam - I Need a Riverboat [Expanding Records]
J.P. Shilo - La Sirena [Smells Like]
Third Eye Foundation - The sound of violence [Domino]
Speed Frame - Fish Tanker [demo, craziness from Sydney]
Thom Yorke - A Rat's Nest [XL Recordings] {I tacked on a bit of the beginning part reversed, so we could hear the lovely piano line that's played backwards at the start of the track}
Dosh - O Mexico [Anticon]
Curse ov Dialect - Bury Me Slowly [Mush Records]
Vert - It Is So [Sonig]
Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo - warm leatherette [Bip-Hop]
Saroos - During This Course (feat. Alias) [Alien Transistor]
Anticon - We Ain't Fessin [Anticon]
Skream - Tapped (feat. JME) [Tempa]

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Sunday, 12th of November, 2006

Playlist 12.11.06 (9:15 pm)

Lots of great new and newish stuff to get through tonight, starting with a new Beirut EP, and Joanna Newsom's extraordinary new album... Some flashbacks from Severed Heads (more in coming weeks), and some new Sydney electronic sounds from Speed Frame, followed by some retrospective Third Eye Foundation on the occasion of an essential three-CD collection of his albums with bonus tracks.
Chris Adams of the mighty Hood has a new side-project, Bracken, and we bring you the new 12" on Anticon along with a very limited remix by Chris in his Downpour guise...
Later on, some glorious darkness from Cdatakill, more of Enduser's "Bollywood breaks", an excellent new b-side from Thom Yorke, twisted dubstep from Hatcha & Benga, less twisted dubstep from Kode9 remixing Burial, Monolake's Robert Henke attenuating the already hypnotic sound of Buddha machines in gorgeous ambience... and, would you believe, more! Only on Utility Fog, every week on Sydney's FBi.

If you're a UFog listener and enjoy the sounds, please consider clicking the link and becoming a supporter of the station - we need as many financial supporters as we can!

Beirut - After the Curtain [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Beirut - Elephant Gun [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Aleks & The Ramps - Graveyard Etiquette [self-released, Ramps Assemble Records]
Joanna Newsom - Monkey & Bear [Drag City]
Final Fantasy - Peach, Plum, Pear [Escape Goat Records]
Animal Collective - Tikwid [Spunk]
Curse ov Dialect - broken feathers [Mush Records]
Severed Heads - First Steps [Nettwerk/Sevcom]
Severed Heads - The Ant Can See Legs [LTM/Sevcom]
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened [LTM/Sevcom]
Bradbury - Cheap Wagnerian Dynamics [Dual Plover]
Bradbury - Big Man on Campus [Dual Plover]
Speed Frame - Osaka Space Station [demo, craziness from Sydney]
Third Eye Foundation - Semtex (edit) [Domino]
Third Eye Foundation - Fear of a wack planet [Domino]
Third Eye Foundation - What is it with you [Domino]
Bracken - Heathens (Downpour remix) [available only as a bonus CD with the 12" from Norman Records]
Bracken - Heathens [Anticon]
Thom Yorke - ILUVYA [XL Recordings]
Burial - Distant Lights (Kode9 rmx) [Hyperdub]
Cdatakill - Two Hammers [Ad Noiseam]
Enduser - Switch [Ad Noiseam]
Hatcha & Benga - 10 Tons Heavy [Planet µ]
Robert Henke - Layer 009 [Imbalance Computer Music]
J.P. Shilo - Earth sinking into water [Smells Like]
Fennesz - Tree [Touch]
Cam Butler - Austro-Pacific [promo]
howard - amazing [self-released]
Anonymeye - Off-Peak, Off-Colour [Cyclic Defrost/Noise emergent comp]

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Sunday, 5th of November, 2006

Playlist 05.06.06 (9:03 pm)

Following a hugely successful Block Party for FBi, in which an unprecedented number of supporters signed up yet again, here's tonight's episode of that ongoing tragicomedy known as Utility Fog. Highlights for tonight: I've finally gotten hold of the new Bradbury album, which is fantastic; Animal Collective on Saturday night were amazing, and they brought with them an Australian tour EP (to be released to the rest of the world early next year)... and plenty more!

Benga - Music Box [Planet µ]
Skream - I [Tempa]
Bradbury - Tablets [Dual Plover]
Animal Collective - Tikwid [Spunk]
Jonquil - Too Late [Try Harder]
Vert - Yrs [Sonig]
Dosh - MPLS Rock and Roll [Anticon]
Adrian Klumpes - Unrest [Leaf]
Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo - munifried [Bip-Hop]
Part timer - be [Moteer]
Empress - By The Lamproom [Misplaced Music]
Black Sesame - Angel Songs [self-released]
Various Production - Today [XL Recordings]
Underlapper - Little Tapioca [Feral Media/Mess + Noise]
Setopianics - untitled demo [Power Shovel Audio courtesy Wire Mag]
Yo La Tengo - The Story of Yo La Tango [Matador/Remote Control]
Jakob - oran mor [Midium]
Because of Ghosts - So Quick [Feral Media]
Saroos - One [Alien Transistor]
Burial - Versus [Planet µ]
Milanese - Peggy Flynn rmx [MG77]
Bradbury - Rhode Island Slut* [Dual Plover] *a type of chicken
Clark - Frau Wav [Warp]
howard - bronte by storm [self-released]
Squarepusher - Orient Orange [Warp]

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