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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 25th of January, 2009

Playlist 25.01.09 (10:17 pm)

Good evening. Deep in Sydney Festival time, day before Australia Day/Invasion Day... So, I shall take the unusual step of playing some music!

Andrew Bird - Masterswarm [Fat Possum]
Andrew Bird - Carrion Suite [Fat Possum]
The Books and José Gonzélez - Cello Song [Red Hot/4AD] {lovely Nick Drake cover!}
Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes [Domino]
Panda Bear - I'm Not [Paw Tracks/Mistletone]
Avey Tare - I'm Your Eagle Kisser [Rare Book Room]
Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel [Light in the Attic]
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - When I First Came To Town [Mute]
M. Gira - You See Through Me [Young God]
dälek - Atypical Stereotype [Ipecac]
Burning Star Core - Unfinished/Guitar Solo [Cenotaph]
Hood - She's Caught In Sunshine [555 Records]
Hood - it's not that much to lose [Simballrec]
Hood - I've forgotten how to live [Misplaced Music]
Boyracer - My Favourite Pastime [555 Records]
steward - the last wasps of summer (remixed by downpour [555 Records]
Cardopusher - Raver in the Edge [unreleased, off MySpazz]
QWERTY - Jungle tester [unreleased]
Flying Lotus - Grapesicles (Samiyam Remix) [Warp Records]
Antiserum/Ripple - Dungeon Waltz [Mode Recordings]
The Bug feat. Flowdan - Stampin' [Ninja Tune]
Silver Bone Tone - TH [unreleased]
Herbert - The Audience [Studio !K7]
The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Turning Pages [Accidental]
Aronas - Aronas [Solid Air]
3ofmillions - conscription [space dairy records]
Klumpes Ahmad - The Turn [hellosQuare]
Seekae - Forest Fire [self-released (Knitting Club Records)]
Pimmon - Silver Needle [Static Caravan]

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Sunday, 18th of January, 2009

Playlist 18.01.09 (10:19 pm)

Two albums came out yesterday in Oz that are both easy early contenders for album of the year - Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion and Andrew Bird's Noble Beast. The limited edition of the Andrew Bird is highly recommended as the packaging is beautiful and it comes with a whole second album of instrumentals, called Useless Creatures.
A variety of other old and slightly new tracks tonight for your delectation. Fairly shoegazey and ambient on the whole.

Animal Collective - My Girls [Domino]
Andrew Bird - You Woke Me Up! [Fat Possum]
Extra Life - I'll Burn [Shatter Your Leaves]
Nat Baldwin - Bethlehem Hell Express [Shatter Your Leaves]
Machinefabriek - koploop (3" CD featuring Anne Bakker - violin, and Greg Haines - cello) [no label/self-released]
part timer - 88 tapes [KESHHHHHH]
random number - cassette 8 [KESHHHHHH]
Telafonica - Nothing Ventured [4-4-2 Music]
jessica bailiff - warren (home version) [morc]
soccer Committee / Machinefabriek - for i have none [digitalis/morc]
Robert Wyatt - The Verb [Cuneiform]
Coil - A Cold Cell in Bangkok (exclusive mix by Peter Christopherson) [Domino]
Fennesz - Glide [Touch]
Panoptique Electrical - All That Fall [sound&fury]
Mirrored Silver Sea - Flowers of Eden [sound&fury]
a slow RIP - the freeway temple [Endgame Records]
Can - Tango Whiskeyman (A Guy Called Gerald Mix) [Mute]
Himuro Yoshiteru - wet you [tngrm]
Animal Collective - Guys Eyes [Domino]
School of Seven Bells - Prince of Peace [Ghostly International/Speak N Spell]
Andrew Bird - Not a Robot, But a Ghost [Fat Possum]
Canon Blue - Odds and Ends [Rumraket/Sensory Projects]
Patrick Watson - Daydreamer [Secret City Records]
Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson - To Build A Home [Ninja Tune]
Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite [Ninja Tune]

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Sunday, 11th of January, 2009

Playlist 11.01.09 (10:13 pm)

Lots of exciting stuff for the beginning of the year... "A Split" is the split 12" from Extra Life and Nat Baldwin that we started with, segueing into more "post-classical" sounds courtesy of Parenthetical Girls' amazing Entanglements album. And I played a couple of other tunes by them from their earlier releases...
Amazing song from Devendra Banhart's Megapuss, and a couple of fantastic remix/collaboration/cover versions of SJ Esau from a briefly-downloadable album (try the link below if you're quick)...
Then we had an interview with the lovely Mr Richard Adams of The Declining Winter, a long collaborative improv from Sydney/Melbourne (respectively) artists Whale & Thorn, and some more wonders courtesy of Machinefabriek (one new to me, one genuinely new).
Also this week, some sneak previews at the fantastic collaboration Klumpes Ahmad, due soon on the latter half's hellosQuare label, and a few Sydney Festival artists at the end...

Extra Life - Black Hoodie [Shatter Your Leaves]
Nat Baldwin - Lifted [Shatter Your Leaves]
Parenthetical Girls - Gut Symmetries [Tomlab]
Parenthetical Girls - Alright (Xiu Xiu Mix) [Slender Means Society]
Parenthetical Girls - Survived By Her Mother [Slender Means Society]
Parenthetical Girls - Unmentionables [Tomlab]
Megapuss - Surfing [Vapor Records]
Bracken - Leigh Woods Abutment (based on Depth Perception Lack by SJ Esau) [self-released by SJ Esau] {free download almost expired!}
The Declining Winter - i don't really want to be alone [Rusted Rail]
...First part of the interview with Richard Adams from The Declining Winter and Hood...
The Declining Winter - we used to read books [Rusted Rail]
...Second part of the Richard Adams interview...
The Declining Winter - yorkcitythree (The Remote Viewer remix) [self-released]
The Declining Winter - yorkcitythree (Part Timer remix) [self-released]
...Final part of the Richard Adams interview...
Hood - Over the land, over the sea. [Domino]
Whale & Thorn - Glitter Thumbs [self-released improvsation]
Klumpes Ahmad - Prologue [hellosQuare]
James Figurine - Air à Danser [free download from Dntelmusic.com] {Penguin Cafe Orchestra cover!}
Machinefabriek - Droog water (from Huis 3", feat contributions from Peter Broderick, Aaron Martin, Chantal Acda & Jetske de Boer) [no label/self-released]
Adrian Klumpes & Machinefabriek - in stillness his shadow moved [sound&fury]
Machinefabriek - Bathyale #2 [Staalplaat]
Klumpes Ahmad - Her birds and her pincushion [hellosQuare]
Sole, Lacuna & SJ Esau - Ruth's Perspective (based on Lacuna's cover of unreleased SJ Esau track "Perspective Parade" [self-released by SJ Esau] {free download almost expired!}
Silver Bone Tone - Control Room [demo] {album coming soon!}
Starkey - Pressure [Planet µ]
Filastine - fitnah (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny) [Soot/Über Lingua]
Maga Bo - Fire feat. Xuman, Edouard Manga (kora) & Moudou Mbaye (tama) [Soot]
St. Vincent - Now, Now [Beggars Banquet]

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Sunday, 4th of January, 2009

Playlist 04.01.09 (10:09 pm)

First show of 2009! Second part of the 2008 best-of, most tracks crossreferenceable (now that's a word!) with this mega-post of 2008 awesomeness!

Immune - Misplaced (David Fenech remix) [Eglantine Records] {free(!) download here.}
Immune - Recorded home (Bracken remix) [Eglantine Records] {free(!) download here.}
Shoeb Ahmad - Tangled (remixed by Bracken) [hellosQuare]
brael - Blue Field [mobeer]
Burning Star Core - Mezzo Forte [Hospital Productions]
Machinefabriek, Anne Bakker & Leo Fabriek - Fabriek Bakker Fabriek [not on label (available from Machinefabriek)]
Hauschka - Rode Null [Fat Cat]
Animal Collective - Street Flash [Domino]
Why? - A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under [Anticon]
Shearwater - Home Life [Matador]
3ofmillions - inconvenient thankyou [space dairy records]
Underlapper - Fallen Face Moon (Part Timer's rat permix remix) [actually due out in early 2009, but I've been playing the remixes through late 2008]
Starkey - No Struggle [Ruff]
Cardopusher - Toothsmasher [spectraliquid]
Cardopusher - Gaan A Bed [Murder Channel]
Jazzsteppa - Two [Hotflush]
iTAL tEK - Versus [Planet µ]
Terminal Sound System - In Your Planet [Extreme]
Flying Lotus - Secrets (Soundmurderer Refix) [Warp]
Vert - Things at Speed feat. Mina Agossi and Matthew Shipp & Guillermo E. Brown [Sonig]
Adam Butler - Jellyrollmortonfeldmantwo (extract) [Sonig]
Fennesz - The Colour of Three [Touch]
Fennesz - Hunting High and Low {cover of a-ha} [Fractured Recordings]
Jóhann Jóhannson - Souvenir {cover of OMD} [Fractured Recordings]
Pimmon - Silver Needle [Static Caravan]
Mirrored Silver Sea - Canyon Filled w/ Stars [sound&fury]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Distant Thought Piano [sound&fury]

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