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Sunday, 29th of March, 2009

Playlist 29.03.09 (10:00 am)

The fabulous Shannon O'Neill and Adrian Bertram brought us Wake Up and Listen while Peter was off playing with Adrian Klumpes @ Shoeb Ahmad's wedding :)

Here's what they played, including heaps of Patrick Gibson (see this blog post):

boredoms/yann tomita - jungle taitei (laughter robot's hemp mix)
Gil Trythall - Nashville Moog
Jean Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman - Calypso Electronica
Ween - So Many People In The Neighbourhood
Shockabilly - Bluegrass Breakdown/People Are Strange
Daniel Johnston - Don't Play Cards with Satan
Vialka - Premiers Pas
Laurie Anderson - Sweaters
Laibach - Contrapunctus X, a 4 alla decima
Height/Dismay - The Tinning Test
Wayne Butane - Pay Before Pumping, Part 1
Steinski - Voice Mail (Sugar Hill Suite)
Kool Keith - Intro
Adrian Sherwood - Zoo Time
Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub
David Krakauer & Socalled with Klezmer Madness! - Bubbemeises
Oracle - Surrender
The Residents - My Nigerian Friend
Purple Duck - Myspace Woman
Punishment of Luxury - Jellyfish
Negativland - Richard Nixon died today
Croiners - Untitled Track No. 7
Think of One - J'etais jetee
Stereolab - Crest
Einsturzende Neubauten - Die Ebenen (Werden nicht vermischt)
Systematics - Into
Systematics - Die for my House
Patrick Gibson - When a Band of Men
Systematics - When I'm Older
Scattered Order - Mass Murder
Systematics - Bovine
A Cloakroom Assembly - Cloak Tom Click
Ya Ya Choral - My Friend the Chocolate Cake
Systematics - ..and People are Blowing their Minds
No Night Sweats - Night in a Glass
Ya Ya Choral - Waiting Time
Scattered Order - Bent Up
Systematics - Numbers in General
Patrick Gibson - Bland A
Systematics - Pulp Baby (Live)
Systematics - Vanessa Terratology (live)
Wake Up and Listen - Spectral Discombobulation

Sunday, 22nd of March, 2009

Playlist 22.03.09 (10:06 pm)

Note: Next week, Sunday the 29th of March, I will be away at a Very Important wedding, so the wonderful Shannon O'Neill and Adrian Bertram will be bringing Wake Up and Listen to your ears once again.

Bit of a round-the-world trip tonight - no overarching theme like last week, although Warp Records do get their fair share, with a chunk of tunes from Clark in the middle, whose new EP Growls Garden is just out now(ish).
After a brilliantly heavy Starkey remix of Venezuela's Pacheko (now based in Barcelona I believe), we had a track from Mobthrow's Mutant Dubstep EP (third in the series from Greek label Spectraliquid), and we had some nice dirty loops from Sleeper (who seems to these ears pretty strongly influenced by Odd Nosdam...)
We also had a little mini-special on Tipper, whose new album Wobble Factor is out in digital form and wobbles very nicely in the bottom end. One-time collaborator Deborah Anderson also contributed the vocals to Alex Reece's classic jungle tune "Feel The Sunshine", so a lovely trip down memory lane there.
Another trip down memory lane took us even further backwards, to 1991 with Single Gun Theory, due to some collaborating that member Pete Rivett-Carnac did with Tegan Northwood on her lovely shoegazey new record. And I couldn't help also playing Severed Heads, from 1989, with a wonderful wonderful song off the Rotund For Success album...
I'm always intrigued by what other cellists are getting up to (being one myself), and Tara Simmons has two very fine EPs under her belt already. The new album is along similar lines, with some nice electronic touches and great string arrangements under her indie-pop songs.
Later on, a few tunes from Krautrock legends Faust, whose new album is fantastic. Ina couple of weeks, expect a little more of a special on Faust old and new, although one couldn't hope to cover their whole career...

Pacheko - Bi-polar Bear (Starkey remix) [Lo Dubs]
Mobthrow - Jazz Monsta [Spectraliquid]
Sleeper - insult groove [Mush]
Odd Nosdam - We Bad Apples [Anticon]
Tipper - Veil Lifter [Tippermusic]
Micachu - Just in Case [Rough Trade]
Tipper (feat. Deborah Anderson) - Dissolve (out) (Phoenecia Remix) [Higher Ground]
Alex Reece (feat. Deborah Anderson) - Feel The Sunshine (DJ Pulse Remix) [4th & Broadway]
Tipper - Last Informer [Higher Ground]
Tipper - Razor Back [Tippermusic]
The Love Explosion - Balmain in the Membrane [promo]
Clark - Matthew Unburdened [Warp]
Clark - Penultimate Persian [Warp]
Milanese - Mr Bad News (Clark remix) [Planet µ]
Tim Exile - When Every Day's A Number [Planet µ/Warp]
Clark - Distant Father Torch [Warp]
Robert Logan - Accurate Spit Boy [Slowfoot]
David Åhlén - We Sprout In Thy Soil [Compunctio courtesy Wire Mag]
Tara Simmons - You and Me [self-released]
Tegan Northwood - Web to Protect (Pete Rivett-Carnac mix) [Endgame]
Single Gun Theory - from a million miles [Volition]
Severed Heads - First Steps [Volition (available from Sevcom)]
Tara Simmons - Domino [self-released]
Tegan Northwood - Inner Flow [Endgame]
10:32 - Blue Little [Ghostly International]
aaron martin vs part timer - seed collection (seed recollection) [mobeer]
Faust - kundalini tremolos [Bureau B]
Faust - The Sad Skinhead [Virgin]
Faust vs Dälek - dead lies [Staubgold]
Somerled - The Way of the Dogs [self-released demo]
Psuche - Tell Tell [Two Bright Lakes]
Kid Sam - We're Mostly Made of Water [Two Bright Lakes]

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Sunday, 15th of March, 2009

Playlist 15.03.09 (10:24 pm)

Good evening. Overtaken by Warp 20 mania last night (see here for my selections), I was literally unable to do the show tonight without asploding with Warp goodies, but luckily there was lots of other great stuff to start with, not to mention later on too.
So, as well as many of my favourite tunes on the Warp label, we had a sneak preview of the new Pimmon album (out mid-April), a juxtaposition of a great electronic piece from Beirut's new double-EP with the original track from the Flying Club Cup album.
New for this week, Micachu's crazy new album Jewellery, which I'm still digesting, and 10:32, the new alias of Adelaide IDM legend Tim Koch, this time playing with acoustic guitar as part of his textures.

Pimmon - Come Join the Choir Invisible! [Preservation]
Realpeople - No Dice [Pompeii Records]
Beirut - A Sunday Smile [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Au - sum [Aagoo Records]
Au - rr vs. d [Aagoo Records]
Here We Go Magic - Fangela [Western Vinyl]
benoît pioulard - ragged tint [kranky]
Micachu - Curly Teeth [Rough Trade]
10:32 - Harharmony [Ghostly International]
Charlie Parr - Adrift In Lake Superior At Sunrise [Misplaced Music]
Hauschka - Wonder [Fat Cat]
Grizzly Bear - Plans (as covered by Band of Horses) [Warp]
Aphex Twin - SAW II CD1 track1 (Four Tet remix) [Warp Records]
The Black Dog - Chesh [Warp Records]
Seefeel - Spangle [Warp Records]
Link - Amazon Amenity (chameleon remix) [Warp Records]
Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox [Warp Records]
Boyronin - Survival [Empe Music]
Kuma - Of Silence and Secrecy (fliPPo's omega point remix) [unreleased?]
Ryzla - Youth [available here]
Ghoul - Swimming Pool remix [unreleased]
Pivot - Sweet Memory (Clark remix) [Warp]
Tim Exile - Carouselle [Planet µ/Warp]
Aphex Twin - Milk Man [Warp]
Squarepusher - Massif (Stay Strong) [Warp]
Sote - Subsonscious (Pure mix) [Warp]
Autechre - goz quarter [Warp]
Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling [Warp]

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Warp 20 (1:48 am)

So. Warp Records, that Sheffield institution, home not only to classic IDM but also, now, the beautiful Grizzly Bear and more, are turning 20 this year. Freaky.
In celebration, they've created the absolutely amazing Warp 20 site, which lacks only a handful of Warp releases (hopefully to be added soon) and full-on social networking. I'd love to be able to friend people, Warpmasters! You sign up (entirely painlessly) and select up to 50 (FIFTY) Warp tracks for your ultimate Warp compilation. Complete with Bleep's music player for every track. And you can see what comments others left.

Thus, go here to see my little personal journey through time: http://www.warp20.net/user/raven
Engage Warp drive!

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Sunday, 8th of March, 2009

Playlist 08.03.09 (10:14 pm)

Tonight, so much new Aussie stuff it was dribbling out of our ears. In a nice way.
Starting, however, with the electro-post-prog-punk sounds of Maserati, from an excellent split 12" with Zombi (more keyboard-driven prog rock...)
Then we had an amazing old track from HTRK from the Melbourne Water 2 compilation, followed by two fantastic up-and-coming Melbourne bands, Kid Sam and Psuche.
Also tonight, I finally get around to playing Zach Condon's double-EP from Beirut and his old Realpeople project. And we have two tracks from Jasper TX's beautiful new album Singing Stones.
Later there's a long new piece of chamber music from Hauschka, and Tunng from a split 7", covering Soy Un Caballo.
Meanwhile, a whole stack of stuff from Crab Smasher member Grant Hunter's Monstera Deliciosa label, including a sizeable excerpt from the latest release, an archival live improv from Sydney's scissor lock & Melbourne's mousetrapreplica. Many awesome sounds in there, including the always-brilliant polyfox and the union of the most ghosts (another member of Crab Smasher).
And we finished up with a track from FBi's album of the week, in which Spoonbill blends acoustic funk, folktronic tendencies and dubstep's wobbly basslines into something fun and silly.

Maserati - Monoliths / Thieves [Sugarrush/Temporary Residence]
HTRK - amsterdam exorcism [W.Minc]
Kid Sam - Landslide [Two Bright Lakes]
Psuche - Owls and Wolves [Two Bright Lakes]
Psuche - Ulfhenden [Two Bright Lakes]
Jonquil - The Weight of Lying on Your Back [Acuarela]
Beirut - The Shrew [Pompeii Records]
Realpeople - Venice [Pompeii Records]
Boards of Canada - Sixtyniner [Warp]
Jasper TX - Last Boat In [Fang Bomb]
Jasper TX - A Box of Wood in the Storm [Fang Bomb]
scissor lock & mousetrapreplica - A Tin Teardrop (excerpt) [Monstera Deliciosa]
Oddfoot - Rokusaburo Michiba [Monstera Deliciosa]
Brassskulls - 3 Drink Power Lunch With John Hazelwood [Monstera Deliciosa]
polyfox and the union of the most ghosts - all the living musicians fighting over thin air [Monstera Deliciosa]
Crab Smasher - apples atmosphere [Sky Hut free download]
Aaron Dilloway & C Spencer Yeh - Ink Sac [Hanson]
Hauschka - Tanz [Fat Cat]
Kronos Quartet - Marquee Moon [Elektra]
part timer - in these moments [unreleased]
Arthur Russell - Hollow Tree [Orange Mountain Music]
Tunng - Robin [need no water]
Arthur Russell - See Through Love [Orange Mountain Music]
Northerner - The Cut [Home Assembly Music]
Northerner - J C de M (The Declining Winter remix) [Home Assembly Music]
Radiant City - judith [Wireless Records]
Spoonbill - Friardel [Omelette]

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