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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 25th of April, 2004

Playlist 25.04.04 (9:24 pm)

Some newies, some oldies tonight. You know how it is! Some nice new compilations, and starting with a track which is either horrifically appropriate or horrifyingly inappropriate for an ANZAC Day weekend...

Xiu Xiu - Support Our Troops OH! (Black Angels) [Kill Rock Stars via Tomlab]
XTC - Dear God [Virgin]
Marumari - Praying Mantis Enclosed [Arbouse Recordings]
Animal Collective - Kids on Holiday [Fat Cat]
Ma Chérie For Painting - Feeble Feed [Arbouse Recordings]
Ma Chérie For Painting - The Murderers Are Among Us [fuzzy box]
ISO68 - Est Plus [Vertical Form]
Bernd Friedmann & Atom™ - untiltled hidden track from the Difficult Easy Listening comp [Nonplace]
Lali Puna - Left Handed Dub [Morr Music]
Bomb The Bass/Lali Puna - Clearcut [Morr Music/Electric Tones]
Aarktica vs Aaron Spectre - Alceria [Blue Bell Records]
Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman - 5 Live in Nagoya [Nonplace]
Curd Duca - touch [Mille Plateaux]
Pimmon - Emerald Precipitation [Arbouse Recordings]
Four Tet - I've Got Viking In Me [Domino]
Four Tet - Glasshead [Output]
Four Tet - Warmer Places [Domino]
Four Tet - Glue of the Other World [Domino]
Four Tet - Both when I am alone and we both are [Ache Records]
Four Tet - My angel rocks back and forth (Four teas on English time - Icarus remix) [Domino]
Kettel - Waking Up Early [Narrominded]
Sybarite - House of Unbuilding [Arbouse Recordings]
Z'ot - Four Filter Percolater [ADAADAT]
Hydrus - mighty-tally [Narrominded]
edIT - constipation is a bitch [Phthalo/Infinite Complexity]
Shitmat - Amen Babylon [Planet µ]
General SmatBwoy - uglyrudebwoyting in c minor [Aural Addiction Recordings]
DJ C - Billy Jungle [Mashit]
Enduser - Endya [Mirex]
Tstewart - Jess [Six Records]
Figurine - way too good (2 good mix) [Blue Bell Records]

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Sunday, 18th of April, 2004

Playlist 18.04.04 (10:12 pm)

This is the official "Peter is sick" edition of Utility Fog... Whinge over, let's see how I last the next three hours!
The interview with Alex Patterson of the Orb, as announced earlier this week, didn't happen due to certain factors, so it's just MUSIC tonight.

Animal Collective - Kids on Holiday [Fat Cat]
Múm - weeping rock, rock [Fat Cat]
Miranda Sex Garden - Gush Forth My Tears (The First Steppes Mix by Thrash, Fortran 5 & PK) [Mute]
The Orb - Outlands [Big Life/Wau! Mr Modo]
Future Sound of London - A Study of Six Guitars [Virgin]
Carl Vine with David Pereira (cello) - Inner World [Tall Poppies]
Modern Gong Ritual - Random Act 1 [demo CD from Michael from Aqualash]
Liife - untitled tk 6 fm self-titled CD [self-released on Geometry, review here]
Low - Down (Porter Ricks remix) [Vernon Yard/Caroline]
Emiliana Torrini - To Be Free (Múm remix) [e-rmx - Fat Cat]
Múm - will the summer make good for all our sins? [Fat Cat]
Giardini di Mirò - Pearl Harbor [2.nd rec]
Hood - In Iron Light [Domino Records]
Skalpel - Low [Ninja Tune]
Herv - Fast Food, Slow Women [Compactrisc]
Hood - //- (tk 3 fm The Cycle Of Days And Seasons) [Domino Records]
Fridge - Cut Up Piano And Xylophone [Temporary Residence/Brainwashed]
Machine Drum - Machine Drum (Tim Koch's Thousand Times Over mix) [Merck]
Syndrone - colnkft [Merck]
μ-Ziq - 1 Hip 007* [Hut]
Emotional Joystick - Muddy and Sloppy [Zod Records]
Hrvatski - Insect Digestion Melancholy [Klangkrieg]
Cex - Ice Pirate Not Steeler (a remix of Venetian Snares) [Klangkrieg]
Soundmurderer & SK-1 - Soundclash [Rewind Records]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man - Killer (Soundmurderer & SK-1 "Badman Rewind" Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
Amon Tobin - Last Minute [Palm Pictures]
Animal Collective - The Softest Voice [Fat Cat]

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Sunday, 11th of April, 2004

Playlist 11.04.04 (10:07 pm)

Started this week with a beautiful song from Elizabeth Anka Vajagic that I played last week. The album wasn't given a great review in Wire mag this month, and I think it deserves a closer listen. Great arrangements, lovely cello on this song. Quite a bit of new stuff this week... New Giardini di Mirò (hard-to-find old stuff and some new), a new compilation on fuzzy box, beautiful new classical-meets-submerged-electronics on Fat Cat's 130701 imprint, and even more!

Elizabeth Anka Vajagic - Iceland [Constellation]
Giardini di Mirò - Vintage Lover [2.nd rec]
Fingernail - pæan [fuzzy box]
Mr. Projectile - Love Here (original mix, vocals by Amy Jennings) [Semisexual]
The Remote Viewer (with vocals by Nicola Hodgkinson) - You're Going To Love Our Defeatist Attitude [City Centre Offices]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Snowdrop [Sensory Projects]
Robert Lippok - It's a Good Thing (remix of Komeit) [Monika]
Max Richter - Shadow Journal [Fat Cat's 130701 imprint]
Fennesz - The point of it all [Touch]
Múm - once a shiny morning puddle [Fat Cat]
Superdefekt - MA_S_IDA [ADAADAT] {anyone got an artist link?}
Velma - Satisfaction [fuzzy box]
Funkstörung w/ Lou Rhodes - Sleeping Beauty [Studio !K7]
Lali Puna - Small Things [Morr Music]
Tied & Tickled Trio - The Long Tomorrow [Morr Music]
Lali Puna - Micronomic [Morr Music]
Dwayne Sodahberk - The Agreeing Song [Tigerbeat 6]
Capitol K - Pillow (Leafcutter John's Playtime mix) [XL Recordings]
Utabi - Cassia Angustifolia [ADAADAT/19-t]
World's End Girlfriend - Daydream Loveletter [Third Ear Recordings]
Four Tet - Both when I am alone and we both are [Ache Records]
Setzer - The Onslaught [Six Records]
Delorean - Copyright Slide [self-released radio-only two-track CDR]
Rude Ass Tinker - Magical Digital [Deathchant]
Shitmat - Tuff Babylon [Planet µ]
Soundmurderer & SK-1 - Search and Destroy [Rewind Records]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man - Killer (Soundmurderer & SK-1 "Badman Rewind" Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
DJ C feat. Capleton - Conscience A Heng Dem (Aaron Spectre remix) [Mashit]
Aarktica vs Aaron Spectre - Alceria [Blue Bell Records]
Aarktica (w/ Aaron Spectre) - Raga for the Pale Blue Lights [fuzzy box]
City City City - Days Like Levin [Sensory Projects]

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Sunday, 4th of April, 2004

Playlist 04.04.04 (10:38 pm)

Playlist went up all real-time-like today, wowzers! How about that :)

Baby Cham - Babylon Bwoy [Artists Only]
Shitmat - Ace of Base Babylon [Planet µ]
Beta Band - Liquid Bird [Regal Records]
City City City - Prat [Sensory Projects]
Can - Pinch [Spoon Records]
Skalpel - 1958 (extended version) [Ninja Tune]
Richard Bone - vox 2.5 [em:t]
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic - Iceland [Constellation]
Sybarite - The Fourth Day [4AD]
Four Tet - Both when I am alone and we both are [Ache Records]
Animal Collective - Leaf House [Fat Cat]
Animal Collective - Slippi [Paw Tracks via Carpark Records]
65daysofstatic - play.nice.kids [Dustpunk Records]
ASC - Windchime [Inperspective Records]
Enduser - West Side Breaks [Mirex]
Shitmat - On A Ragga Shit [Planet µ]
End - Countdown to the End [from a compilation given away at the "Very Intelligent Dance Music Festival" Abracadabra in Moscow. Buy it from Hrvatski's Mimaroglu Music Sales]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man - Killer (Soundmurderer & SK-1 "Badman Rewind" Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
Enduser - def¿ (pussy version) [self-released CDR]
Donna Summer - Express Gang Plank [from the same compilation given away at the Abracadabra in Moscow]
Rude Ass Tinker - Magical Digital [Deathchant]
Shitmat - Amen Babylon [Planet µ]
Syndicate - Da Luv Sound [Bloody Fist]
The Orb - Tower twenty three (spud & kreature mix) [Cooking Vinyl]
Skalpel - So Far [Ninja Tune]
Stud - vocular [on that excellent Abracadabra compilation!]
Sia - Breathe Me (Four Tet remix) [Go! Beat]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Mellamine [Sensory Projects]

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