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Sunday, 28th of September, 2008

Playlist 28.09.08 (11:06 pm)

Starting tonight's show are Children of the Wave, a Melbourne-based duo who sit somewhere in the freak folk/psych-thingy axis and whose new album is a revelation.
Also in focus this week is the wonderful new Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow Vol. 1 comp on sound&fury. Yes - I have a track on it. Nevertheless, it's good!
Surprise release of the week is Terminal Sound System's new album, which I had no idea was even coming out. Following on from his last album on Extreme, it's a mostly-dark combination of drum'n'bass, guitar riffage and dark ambience.
Math rockers dianogah enlist Andrew Bird, Stephanie Morris on their excellent new album, and a couple of Leeds-area musical geniuses combine to make dubstep-influenced dub as aXXo.
Little bit of a sole retrospective in the middle there, as I only just discovered the very fine 2007 album sole & the skyrider band... and we have a little preview of what looks to be a very fun new album from Qua.

This Saturday, lovely harpist/singer/songwriter Heidi Elva launches her album at Glebe Town Hall - highly recommended, folks!
And on Wednesday you really want to go to see Lucky Dragons, Mount Eerie and Pikelet at Paddington Uniting Church!

Children of the Wave - Underwater song [Sensory Projects]
Children of the Wave - Kora [Sensory Projects]
Spartak - Ostpolitik 1 (remix by FilFla) [hellosQuare]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Distant Thought Piano [sound&fury]
Terminal Sound System - In Your Planet [Extreme]
dianogah - song you hate [southern]
dianogah - a breaks b [southern]
sole & the skyrider band - a sad day for investors [anticon]
Deep Puddle Dynamics - Purpose [Anticon]
SkyRider - Everyday Of Their Lives [Endemik Music]
Sole - every single one of us (produced by Alias) [Anticon]
cars & trains - the sky is clear (w/ Sole) [circle into square]
cars & trains - the wires from my broken record player [circle into square]
Bracken - Burning in [Ears Hoping]
aXXo - Punk 5 [Killtone]
Cardopusher - Parilla [Red Volume]
Cardopusher - Knock yuh out (Starkey Left Hook mix) [Terminal Dusk]
Cardopusher - Gaan A Bed [Murder Channel, via Mudd Up!]
Cardopusher - At the same time [Peace Off]
Hrvatski - Gemini (Revision) [P-Vine (Japanese bonus track not on Planet µ release)]
Richard Skelton - Stake [Preservation]
The Nether Dawn - Well Song [promo from Electrofringe]
Burning Star Core - Mezzo Forte [Hospital Productions]
Birchville Cat Motel - Stellbionic [promo from Electrofringe]
Morning Stalker - Half-Life [sound&fury]
Qua - Circles [Love & Mercy Records]
Qua - Silver Red 2 [Someone Good]
Qua - the air is thin in here [Surgery Records]
Heidi Elva - there's a spell [self-released, through Vitamin]
Terminal Sound System - Sunshine [Extreme]
Ryzla - Baghdad [demo]
Machinefabriek - Engeneer [sound&fury]
Children of the Wave - Something good [Sensory Projects]
Part Timer - Mekon [sound&fury]

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Sunday, 21st of September, 2008

Playlist 21.09.08 (11:19 pm)

Tonight we started with some lovely Minotaur Shock, whose new album is out now, sadly only as a download! Check his website for the lowdown, and also for its beautiful design. He's got descriptions of each track, including an intriguing method of calculating the value of each track :) In the middle, string quartet Iskra cover a track from the latest Minotaur Shock album.
Then we have the latest release on the mobeer, a double 3" CD from color cassette - fabulous folktronic stuff. And a wonnnnnderful Bracken track from the very limited CD version of Eno About The Need.

And then we had an interview and a beautiful live performance from Spartak. Hopefully this will be available as a free download from here in the next few weeks.
Couple of tracks from Wire Mag's latest Wire Tapper compilation, and some fabulous noise from New Zealander Antony Milton, who will be here shortly for Electrofringe in Newcastle.

Minotaur Shock - First To Back Down [Melodic]
Iskra - Accelerated Footage (a Minotaur Shock cover!) [free download from minotaurshock.com]
Minotaur Shock - Zookeeper [4AD]
Minotaur Shock - My Burr [4AD]
color cassette - tell-tale in two parts [mobeer]
color cassette - silencing cities [mobeer]
Bracken - Second Guessing [Ears Hoping]
Spartak - Flanders 1914 [hellosQuare]
...interview with Shoeb & Evan from Spartak... and then
Spartak - live on Utility Fog!
Shoeb Ahmad - This Is How You Fall Apart (remixed by Inch-time) [hellosQuare] {from a 3" CD of remixes from his recent album on sound&fury}
mom - little brite [moamoo/art union]
cars & trains - the sky is clear (w/ Sole) [circle into square]
Alias - M.G. Jack [Anticon]
Massive Attack with Mos Def - I Against I [Virgin]
Mad EP - Menuet [Ad Noiseam]
Pantaleimon - At Dawn (Vogel) (Andrew WK remix) [Durtro Jnana] {courtesy Wire Mag}
Baby Dee - The Earlie King [Drag City]
Grails - Reincarnation Blues [Temporary Residence] {courtesy Wire Mag}
Squarepusher - Planet Gear [Warp]
Antony Milton - Unreleased untitled [promo from Electrofringe]
Panoptique Electrical - Glacier show I [Sensory Projects]
Mirrored Silver Sea - Ghost Blossom [sound&fury]
Heidi Elva - lovers or strangers [self-released, through Vitamin]

Sunday, 14th of September, 2008

Playlist 14.09.08 (11:07 pm)

Some exciting experimental sounds fo' yo' ears tonight! Among other things. Starting with a Melbournian composer who's also an improv artist & a noisenik among other things. Then some wonderful music featuring one of my heroes, Carla Kihlstedt - first off with some improv pieces with the legendary Fred Frith and Stevie Wishart (who ought to be legendary if she's not)... Carla's latest album is Ravish, on twelve cups records, and it's music for stage done in collaboration with co-members of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Matthias Bossi & Dan Rathbun. Really wonderful stuff.

Later on, a couple of previews from Mirrored Silver Sea's forthcoming debut album on sound&fury, which is utterly awesome. It's beautiful noise - think Burning Star Core or Bleeding Heart Narrative...
And finishing up, 65daysofstatic remix all four recent Cure singles, one after another, in an epic mega-remix from the new Hypnagogic States single. See the link at the bottom for amusing controversy!

Next week, Spartak perform live in the studio! You can also see them at 6pm next Sunday at Bohemian Grove, L2/68 Sophia St, Surry Hills; and also on Monday night at the NOWnow, at Serial Space, 33 Wellington St Chippendale. Nice!

Anthony Pateras with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Robin Fox et al - Autophagy [Tzadik]
Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt & Stevie Wishart - time comes presto [Intakt]
Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt & Stevie Wishart - aller retour [Intakt]
Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi - Confession [twelve cups records]
Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi, Dan Rathbun et al - The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful [twelve cups records]
Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi, Dan Rathbun et al - Ravish [twelve cups records]
2 Foot Yard - Borrowed Arms [Yard Work]
Medeski Martin and Wood - Tutrusa'i (from John Zorn's Book of Angels - Masada Book II) [Tzadik]
Heidi Elva - there's a spell [self-released, through Vitamin]
Tujiko Noriko, Lawrence English & John Chantler - I Can Hear The Heart [Room40]
Chris Abrahams - Train Trip [Vitamin]
Mirrored Silver Sea - Continual Ascension (feat. Carolyn Gannell, cello) [sound&fury]
Mirrored Silver Sea - Coromandel [sound&fury]
Shoeb Ahmad - Tangled (remixed by Bracken) [hellosQuare] {from a 3" CD of remixes from his recent album on sound&fury}
Spartak - Night and Day [hellosQuare]
Because of Ghosts - Heroes Are People Too [Feral Media]
Spartak - Ostpolitik (draft 1) [hellosQuare]
Because of Ghosts - Dreaming is Essential [Feral Media]
Epic 45 - The Stars in Autumn (remixed by Bibio) [Make Mine Music]
The Notwist - Sleep (Odd Nosdam remix) [Domino Records]
13 & God - Perfect Speed [Art Union]
J.G. Thirwell - Warm Leatherette [Fractured Recordings]
Jason Forrest - Dark Love [Fractured Recordings]
65daysofstatic vs The Cure - Exploding Head Syndrome [here's Robert Smith explaining why you shouldn't buy this from iTunes!]

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Sunday, 7th of September, 2008

Playlist 07.09.08 (11:15 pm)

Good evening! It's still supporter drive, so please head over to FBi's website and consider becoming a supporter! It doesn't cost much, especially as an ongoing monthly payment, and it makes a huuuuge difference... srsly
So... Da UFog is 5 years and one week tonight. Howzat!

First track is from a new collaborative album between a lovely Japanese singer and the two blokes who run Room40. Then two tracks from Sydney harpist/singer/songwriter Heidi Elva's gorgeous new album.
Because of Ghosts’ newie has grown on me to the point where I think it's a little slice of genius. I'll be spinning this quite a bit more over the week I think, and I suspect you'll be hearing it on the station in general...
Then we have a lovely remix of Shoeb Ahmad from a companion 3" to his new album. Next week I'll play the remix from all-round musical hero Bracken... Speaking of Shoeb, his duo Spartak's new album is just out (or just about out), and it is, as probably previously mentioned round these parts, a staggering work of etcetera etcetera - a Must-Buy! as they say. They'll be coming in on the 21st of September to play live in the studio - wehey!
Among the other fabulous stuff I played tonight were a bunch of covers from the Recovery compilation on Fractured Recordings mentioned last week. It's a corker of a comp and you owe it to yourself to at least click through to the label's site and contemplate the wondrousness of 20 really unusual covers over 10 7" records... Tasty.

Tujiko Noriko, Lawrence English & John Chantler - 12 O'Clock on the Highway [Room40]
Heidi Elva - weeping irish painter [self-released, through Vitamin]
Heidi Elva - for your love [self-released, through Vitamin]
Because of Ghosts - The Content Is Irrelevant [Feral Media] (segue into...)
Because of Ghosts - Life's Little Victories [Feral Media]
Shoeb Ahmad - Headlights in my Eyes (remixed by Cleptoclectics) [hellosQuare] {from a 3" CD of remixes from his recent album on sound&fury}
Spartak - The Bloodletting [hellosQuare]
Thee More Shallows - 2AM [Monotreme]
Thee More Shallows - Freshman Remix (by Odd Nosdam with Why?) [Monotreme]
Alias - I Heart Drum Machines [Anticon]
Leila - in the garden [Warp]
Leila - mettle [Warp]
Komonazmuk - Love [Terminal Dusk]
St. Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart [Heavenly]
Mad EP - Madvision [Ad Noiseam]
Funckarma - Nays of Dight [Ad Noiseam]
Matt-U - Mute Soul [Red Volume]
Cardopusher - Keep on truckin [Terminal Dusk]
Vert - Rocket Man (remix of Hauschka's "Traffic") [Kompakt]
Vert - Yrs [Sonig]
Barbara Morgenstern - Temptation [Fractured Recordings] {New Order cover}
Fennesz - Hunting High and Low [Fractured Recordings] {a-ha cover}
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Souvenir [Fractured Recordings] {OMD cover}
Robert Lippok & Caroline Thorpe - Freedom [Fractured Recordings] {The George Michael song, not the WHAM! one...}
sj esau - I Threw A Wobbly [Anticon]
Telafonica - Nothing Ventured [4-4-2 Music]
Richard Skelton - Heys [Preservation]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Distant Thought Piano [sound&fury]

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