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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 27th of August, 2006

Playlist 27.08.06 (10:30 pm)

Yo, back from touring (but gone again next week!) with some lovelies to play in the show, yeehar! The new (forthcoming) Grizzly Bear album on Warp is a real winner, as is the forthcoming Because of Ghosts on Feral Media. Also from the Ferals we have something new from Greg Seiler aka Comatone collaborating with composer/pianist/vocalist Amanda Handel. Carla Bozulich brings us a Low cover from her new album, and we have a couple of tracks from Coil's recently reissued Musick To Play In The Dark albums...
Kit Brash fills in next week, and then I'm back.

Grizzly Bear - Easier [Warp]
Department of Eagles - Rollerbird [download from http://www.myspace.com/departmentofeagles]
Because of Ghosts - Bright Things Come To Confusion [Feral Media]
Radarmaker - Shallow Socialites (Battle The Axe) [self-released album from this great Perth post-rock band]
Carla Bozulich - Pissing [Constellation]
Frankie Sparo - See My Film [Constellation]
Gauche - Sesame Street Party [self-released, distributed by Vitamin]
Cibelle - Instante de Dois [Crammed Discs]
Tujiko Noriko - A's Travelling [Editions Mego]
Various Production - Where I Belong [Various Production]
Pinch - Qawwali (V.I.P.) [Planet µ]
Venetian Snares - XIII's Dub [Planet µ]
Phthalocyanine - Sewer System Shrapnel Rainbow Energy (Without Remainder) [Planet µ]
DJ C feat. Zulu - Ransom the Senator (Version) [Death$ucker]
Johnny P/DJ C - Seaga Face and PJ Body (DJ C mix - version) [Shockout]
Wisp - Lyftgeswenced [Sublight]
Coil - The Dreamer Is Still Asleep [Chalice]
Coil - Ether [Chalice]
Because of Ghosts - Burn It To The Ground, For Now [Feral Media]
Saddleback - track 5, title unknown, from forthcoming album [Preservation? Or Heavy? Not sure.]
Grizzly Bear - Colorado [Warp]
Scissor Lock - Knives For Christ [demo - forthcoming on Below EP]
Elmaes - "5" (Same Actor's 7" version) [Spirit of Gravity] {original version available here, and longer version of this remix available from same label soon}
Fluorescent Grey - crackly shell [isolate/record label records]
Amanda Handel / GL Seiler - Dust and Silver [Feral Media]
Anonymeye - Off-Peak, Off-Colour [Cyclic Defrost/Noise emergent comp]
Hydatid - track 3 from unreleased guitar interludes [self-released demo]
Kettel - sekt i sing [Sending Orbs]

Monday, 21st of August, 2006

Playlist 20.08.06 (8:12 pm)

Tonight, the lovely folks from Gauche came in to fill in for me while I was on tour. Hope you agree their selections were splendid! They started by embarrassing me and playing my own band...
(links coming soon - gradually! Hey, I'm tour again! Eek! Back this coming Sunday though.)

FourPlay String Quartet - Reptilia [Smart Pussy/MGM]
Zephyr Quartet - Sibuk [self-released]
John Zorn - Lilin [Tzadik]
Carla Kihlstedt - Rooting for the shy librarian [Tzadik]
Final Fantasy - Arctic Circle [Tomlab]
Laura Jean - I'm a rabbit I'm a fox [UAR/Stomp]
Cocorosie - Noah's Ark [Touch and Go/Quaterstick]
Nils Økland - Horisont [Rune Gramofon]
Ennio Morricone - La Lucertola [label?]
Ennio Morricone - Citta Violenta [label?]
Gotye - Heart's a Mess [self-released, I believe!]
APSCI - Tricks of the trade [Elefant Traks]
Four Tet - She moves she [Domino]
Björk - / Will Oldham - Gratitude [One Little Indian]
Meredith Monk - Masks [ECM Records]
Jodi Rose - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA 18/10/02 [Sonic ArtStar]
Roger Mills / Jodi Rose - Limbo in Lausitz [Sonic ArtStar]
Blue dressed man - You are the ocean [label?]
Reuber - A1 B2 [Staubgold]
Cornelius - Brazil [Matador]
Schneider TM - The light 3000 [Cityslang]
John Schuller - Kweekamae Mao [Available soon from CDBaby]
Eyvind Kang - I am the dead [Ipecac]
Jim Black - M m [Winter & Winter]
Jim Black - Optical [Winter & Winter]
Kletka Red - Mayo Pokolenije [Tzadik]
Muller / O'Rourke- Under Over
Qua - Stranger Comforts Have Slipped By (Pt 1 & Pt 2) [Surgery]
Scott Horscroft - 11 guitars [Preservation]
Comatone - out one into one [Feral Media]
Dani Siciliano - Red [Studio !K7]
Mara Carlyle - June 15 [Accidental Records]
Barry Adamson - it's business as usual [Mute]
Prefuse 73 - The wrong side of reflection (intro) [Warp]
Prefuse 73 - The end of bitters / international [Warp]
Phoenecia - Oriaca [Schematic]
Brothomstates - In [Warp]
Marc Ribot - requiem for what's his name [Crepusculeclue to kalo - this is over by inches [Mush/Leaf]

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Sunday, 13th of August, 2006

Playlist 13.08.06 (10:01 pm)

Good evening. This is the news.
Oops, sorry. Got confused there. This is Utility Fog, you knew that didn't you?
An interview tonight with Alon Ilsar from Gauche about his new collaborative project with Greg Seiler aka Comatone, called Trigger Happy. Look for that hopefully on Feral Media around March next year.
There's a great new album from Perth band Radarmaker, and Tujiko Noriko's first album reissued with a 12" EP from the same era... Plus the new Wisp album, more dubstep, and amazing new stuff from the The Crakow Klezmer Band...

Radarmaker - Balthazaar [self-released album from this great Perth post-rock band]
The Crakow Klezmer Band plays John Zorn's Masada Book Two - Suria [Tzadik]
Cibelle - Flying High (with Benge) [Crammed Discs]
Tujiko Noriko - Bebe [Editions Mego]
Skream - Welcome 2 The Future [Tempa]
Various Production - Don't Ask [XL Recordings]
Skream - Hag [Tempa]
Moving Ninja - Dwaer [Cyclic Defrost/Noise emergent comp]
DJ C feat. Zulu - Ransom the Senator [Death$ucker]
Trigger Happy - cf1 [demo from Alon (Gauche) and Greg (Comatone)]
{then an interview with Alon about Trigger Happy}
Trigger Happy - morse code [demo from Alon (Gauche) and Greg (Comatone)]
Wisp - Beadumægen [Sublight]
Venetian Snares - Twirl [Planet µ]
Fluorescent Grey - study for live drums and piano quantization [isolate/record label records]
Fennesz/Sakamoto - Sala Santa Cecilia [Touch]
Thom Yorke - The Drunkk Machine [XL Recordings]
Tujiko Noriko - Anti Newton [Editions Mego]
Tujiko Noriko - Tokyo Tower [Tomlab]
Final Fantasy - The Pooka Sings [Tomlab]
The Books - It Never Changes To Stop [Tomlab]
Leafcutter John - seba [Staubgold]
Part timer - Cano [unreleased loveliness from John McCaffrey from Clickits]
Holly Throsby - I Worry Very Well [Spunk]
Pitching Woo - message from the chairman [Abercorn]
Radarmaker - Stop Being A Wanker [self-released album from this great Perth post-rock band]
Slint - Darlene [Slint/Touch & Go]

Sunday, 6th of August, 2006

Playlist 06.08.06 (10:37 pm)

Not much new stuff this week, so as well as reprising the great newies from the last few weeks, I'm going to play a few great old tunes... Starting, though, with a very fine Spanish Roxette cover courtesy of Aleks & the Ramps.

Aleks & the Ramps - no se si es amor [downloaded from their MySpace page]
Various Production - Today [XL Recordings]
Cocteau Twins - Violaine (Re-Cycled by Mark Clifford) [Mercury]
Tipper - dissolve (out) (Phoenecia remix) [Higher Ground]
Moving Ninja - Dwaer [Cyclic Defrost/Noise emergent comp]
Skream - Lightning [Tempa]
Various Production - Where I Belong [Various Production]
Johnny P/DJ C - Seaga Face and PJ Body (DJ C mix - version) [Shockout]
Pinch - Punisher [Planet µ]
Timeblind - Ontological Ground of Being [Soot]
Cavodine - Kaullusorant [Cyclic Defrost/Noise emergent comp]
Venetian Snares - Cancel [Planet µ]
Mike Flowers Pops - Freebase (MFP Chunks mix by Luke Vibert) [Lo Recordings]
Tripform - chop y chop [Carpet Bomb]
vitaminsforyou - The Ukranians [intr_version]
Pitching Woo - the colder front [Abercorn]
Sonna | Sybarite | Lilienthal - From a Person We Seam [Temporary Residence]
Part timer - Go down [unreleased loveliness from John McCaffrey from Clickits]
Sonna | Sybarite - Make Shift [Temporary Residence]
Part timer - Johnsgittarwa [unreleased loveliness from John McCaffrey from Clickits]
Cibelle - Noite de Carnaval (original mix produced by Mike Lindsay of Tunng and Apollo Nove) [Crammed Discs]
James Figurine - Stop [Monika]
Dntel - If I Don't Return [Dublab via Emperor Norton]
Brian Campeau - just what you're thinking [self-released/Vitamin]
Brian Campeau - lake george [self-released/Vitamin]
Gauche - Photograph [from their forthcoming second album, out on August 14 through Vitamin]

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