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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 25th of September, 2005

Playlist 25.09.05 (10:00 pm)

Tonight Shannon (and Adrian) from Wake Up And Listen, Sydney experimental radio stalwarts, replaced Peter for Utility Fog. The tracks they played appear below, and links will hopefully be provided soonish. A great selection of breakcore, plunderphonics, bent folk, plunderphonics, ambient glitch, plunderphonics... plunderphonics... etc.

Bill Morrison Sex - Between the Big Toe
Puzahki - My Daddy Duex [Alias Frequencies]
Kiki Ill - Tenoplex [[section]media]
Venetian Snares - Szycag [Planet µ]
Los Belkings - Phi Fenomeno [Nuevos Medios]
Hayseed Dixie - Ace of Spades [Cooking Vinyl]
Negativland - Christianity is Stupid [SST]
The Process Void - Comfort Zone
Howard Amb - Divine Eternal Bliss
Senor Coconut vs Kocani Orkester - Usti, Usti Baba [Crammed Discs]
Senor Coconut - Oxygene [Emperor Norton]
Wake Up and Listen - Shitistry [Liquid Architecture]
Clare Cooper - missing a lip [Liquid Architecture]
The Splinter Orchestra - Live at the Frequency Lab [Liquid Architecture]
Winner - Cars [Rackham Records]
Mute Freak - Hole in my Mind [Rackham Records]
The Evolution Control Committee - untitled
Merzbow - Untitled for John [Korm Plastics]
Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine - Neat is Murder [Compulsive Records]
DJ Nu Mark & Pomo - Bad Luck Blues [Up Above Records]
Otomo Yoshihide - Watchtower Waltz [Noise Asia]
The Tape-Beatles - Listen to the Radio [Plagiarism]
Shooby Taylor - Who's Sorry Now
Shooby Taylor - You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You
Lieutenant Colonel Spastic Howitzer - Floyd [Alias Frequencies]
Lieutenant Colonel Spastic Howitzer - Haul [Alias Frequencies]
Lieutenant Colonel Spastic Howitzer - Final convulsion [Alias Frequencies]
Some Assembly Required feature on People Like Us:
People Like Us - Caciocavallo
People Like Us - Oompah Pumpah
People Like Us - Repeat to fade
People Like Us - More plunderblunders
Over the Edge - Bright giant love balls and roll call
People Like Us - If someone touches you
Over the Edge - Nice music
Cyclobe - I believe in mirrorballs
People Like Us - Dolly Pardon
People Like Us - Whistle Song

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Sunday, 18th of September, 2005

Playlist 18.09.05 (10:15 pm)

Started with a sneak preview - one time only! - of the BoC album - too early I know, but I'll be away the next two weeks and I couldn't wait! Awesome stuff, out October 17th (in the UK) I believe.
Yes - I'll be away the next two weeks, recording with my band FourPlay in Brisvegas, but you'll be in capable hands who've filled in for me before, so don't fret!
Love new Decoder Ring tonight too, and cool new stuffs from Venetian Snares, Shadow Huntaz and Vorpal in da house, as well as new Flanger yeah...

Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy [Warp]
Decoder Ring - Serac [NO, distrib. Inertia]
David Grubbs - Orange Disaster [Drag City]
Sufjan Stevens - Out of Egypt, into the Great Laught of Mankind, and I shake the dirt from my sandals as I run [Asthmatic Kitty/Spunk]
Venetian Snares - Aanguish [Planet µ]
Khonnor - Crapstone [Type/Speak & Spell]
AOKI takamasa + Tujiko Noriko - NOLICOM [Fat Cat]
Matthew Herbert - The Truncated Life of a Modern Industrialised Chicken [Accidental Records]
QWERTY - Flat (zanagood) [new(er) stuff from those kidz from Marrickville, Sydney!]
Maps - to the sky [last space recordings]
part timer - Fidge [unreleased wonderfulness from John of Clickits, based in Melbourne]
Alarm Will Sound - Cock/Ver 10 [Cantaloupe Music] {Aphex Twin cover}
Funckarma - Lignite [dub]
Shadow Huntaz - Deander [Skam]
Decoder Ring - Protein Express [Hello Cleveland]
Final Fantasy - Please Please Please [Tomlab]
Flanger - How Long Is The Wrong Way? (extended mix) [Nonplace]
The Flashbulb - kirlian shores [Sublight]
Vorpal - Gaslight [Cockrockdisco]
Frog Pocket - Eye Beby Y Ben II [Planet µ]
Amina - hemipode [Speak n Spell]
Tunng - No Man Can Find The War [Full Time Hobby]
Clue to Kalo - The Tense Changes [Mush/Spunk]
Decoder Ring - Out of Range [NO, distrib. Inertia]
Gauche - Butter [Invada]
Venetian Snares - Aamelotasis [Planet µ]
QWERTY - Jungle tester [new(er) stuff from those kidz from Marrickville, Sydney!]
Vorpal - november-014 [Cockrockdisco]
Exile - Mushroom Santa [Planet µ]
Ni-Hao! - i love smurfy [Ten-Zen-Men]
Odd Nosdam feat Mike Patton - 11th Ave Freakout Pt 2 [Anticon]
Radarmaker - Arm vs. Fiery Antenna [self-released EP from this great Perth post-rock band]

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Sunday, 11th of September, 2005

Playlist 11.09.05 (9:41 pm)

Welcome to the September 11 edition of Utility Fog - that's 11/9 for all the misguided Americans in the world.
A passing nod to the significance of this date with a track (or maybe two) from an album called The Fire This Time, part journalistic investigation of US foreign policy with respect to Iraq, and part electronica compilation. Also tonight, a special on the brothers D & R Funcken aka Funckarma, who are playing in Sydney on the 25th of September, two weeks time - and, tragically, I will be away... [I'll be playing a couple more tracks from the guys next week, still in the lead-up to their visit, as I didn't manage to fit in enough to make it a "special".]
A few other flashbacks as there's not a great deal of new music to play you this week, but plenty of recent offerings too.

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (Black Lung remix) [Hidden Art]
Funckarma - Lolala [dub]
Little Aida - Laika [little rat records (self-released)]
Plaid - "Face Me" (hidden track on Rest Proof Clockwork CD) feat. Mara Carlyle [Warp Records] {Bit of an obscure one, this - and it's the original version of the Mara track that follows! Beautiful stuff.]
Mara Carlyle - It's Time [Accidental]
Gauche - When Clouds Collide [Invada]
AOKI takamasa + Tujiko Noriko - Doki Doki Last Night [Fat Cat]
Giardini di Mirò - Last Night in Bairs (remixed by The Sea with help from their friends The Boats) [2.nd rec]
Pia Fraus - Mooie Island (Hood remix) [Vinyl Junkie Recordings]
Khonnor - An Ape Is Loose [Type/Speak & Spell]
Populous - The Dixie Saga [Morr Music]
Matmos - The West [Deluxe] {"The sky is always the hardest part"... Ah, I'd forgotten how great the beat is that drops after that sample. Glad I played the whole track now - yes, all 21 minutes!}
Nobody with Prefuse 73 - Tori Oshi [Plug Research]
ii - beofre [Steady Cam]
The Rectifiers - Levy (self remix) [Sensory Projects]
Third Eye Foundation - What is it with you [Domino]
Matt Elliott - You Spooked The Horses (Parts 1 & 2) [Domino]
Funckarma - Ecilon [dub]
Shadow Huntaz - cdc [Skam]
Exile - Silicon Chop [Planet µ]
Hive & Keaton & Gridlok & Echo - Culture [Violence Recordings]
Exile - The Forever Endeavour [Planet µ]
Plankton - Insomnia (Grievous Remix) [Feral Media]
Pivot - Montecore [Sensory Projects]
Clue to Kalo - ignore the forest floor [Mush/Spunk]

Thursday, 8th of September, 2005

Utility Fog at the MCA (9:20 pm)

Oops! My bad. I conveniently forgot on Sunday to mention on-air OR in the playlist/mailout that this very Saturday I will be DJing at the Museum of Contemporary Art for FBi!
has practically no useful info, but anyway, it's there!

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, down near Circular Quay, you know the place
Time: 2pm-3pm, Saturday 10th of September
Price: $0.00

Come and enjoy the Primavera artists' work, listen to some Utility Fog tunes and say Hi. It should be a nice environment and different from my usual DJing experience, in some dimly lit venue late at night... Maybe that'll draw some of you out - oh, and did I mention it's FREE!

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Sunday, 4th of September, 2005

Playlist 04.09.05 (10:12 pm)

Tonight, a few new things along the way, including a number of new releases on John Zorn's Tzadik label.

Bar Kokhba Sextet - Lilin (live at Tonic, Sept 12, 2003 [Tzadik]
Patrick Wolf - Ghost Song [Tomlab/Popfrenzy]
Clue to Kalo - The Tense Changes [Mush/Spunk]
AOKI takamasa + Tujiko Noriko - fly 2 [Fat Cat]
Clickits - lament for the north [Moteer]
Matthew Herbert - white bread, brown bread [Accidental Records]
4 Layers of 9 - Voltar Blue [Sound Malfunction]
Herv - track 2 from Introduction to Synthesizers [self-released CDR of early stuff from this Irish guy who runs the excellent Risc Records]
Scissors for Sparrow - Pitter Pattern [self-released CDR Oh... hello!]
Sufjan Stevens - Out of Egypt, into the Great Laught of Mankind, and I shake the dirt from my sandals as I run [Asthmatic Kitty/Spunk]
Akron/Family - running, returning [Young God]
Xiu Xiu - Yellow Raspberry [Kill Rock Stars via popfrenzy]
Fog - The Poor Fella [Lex Records]
John Zorn's Masada - Hazor [DIW]
Masada String Trio - Tahah (live at Tonic, Sept 4, 2003 [Tzadik]
The Crakow Klezmer Band - Mashakh [Tzadik]
Julian Curwin's Tango Saloon - Carol [wonderful self-released album from Gauche guitarist Julian Curwin, ex-Monsieur Camembert, also Darth Vegas member...]
The Flashbulb - kirlian isles III [Sublight]
Pivot - La Mer [Sensory Projects]
LFO - Shove Piggy Shove [Warp]
Kayip - At The Crossroad [Sonic360]
Khonnor - Crapstone [Type/Speak & Spell]
Epic 45 - England Fallen Over [Make Mine Music]
Aarktica - Ocean (Aaron Spectre remix) [Moonbunny]
Enduser - ESB rmx (East Side Breaks) [Ad Noiseam]
The Gasmanw - Nexium [Terminal Dusk]
Vorpal - Slow Motion Evil [Cockrockdisco]
Exile - Open Mike [Planet µ]
Foley - fnr [solo project of Alon Ilsar, drummer in Sydney quintet Gauche]
Herv - track 11 from Introduction to Synthesizers [self-released CDR]
Frog Pocket - Celebrimbor Tur-Anion [Planet µ]
part timer - oceansong [unreleased wonderfulness from John of Clickits, based in Melbourne]
Castings - No Puppet, No Dice [Steady Cam]

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