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Sunday, 11th of September, 2005

Playlist 11.09.05 (9:41 pm)

Welcome to the September 11 edition of Utility Fog - that's 11/9 for all the misguided Americans in the world.
A passing nod to the significance of this date with a track (or maybe two) from an album called The Fire This Time, part journalistic investigation of US foreign policy with respect to Iraq, and part electronica compilation. Also tonight, a special on the brothers D & R Funcken aka Funckarma, who are playing in Sydney on the 25th of September, two weeks time - and, tragically, I will be away... [I'll be playing a couple more tracks from the guys next week, still in the lead-up to their visit, as I didn't manage to fit in enough to make it a "special".]
A few other flashbacks as there's not a great deal of new music to play you this week, but plenty of recent offerings too.

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (Black Lung remix) [Hidden Art]
Funckarma - Lolala [dub]
Little Aida - Laika [little rat records (self-released)]
Plaid - "Face Me" (hidden track on Rest Proof Clockwork CD) feat. Mara Carlyle [Warp Records] {Bit of an obscure one, this - and it's the original version of the Mara track that follows! Beautiful stuff.]
Mara Carlyle - It's Time [Accidental]
Gauche - When Clouds Collide [Invada]
AOKI takamasa + Tujiko Noriko - Doki Doki Last Night [Fat Cat]
Giardini di Mirò - Last Night in Bairs (remixed by The Sea with help from their friends The Boats) [2.nd rec]
Pia Fraus - Mooie Island (Hood remix) [Vinyl Junkie Recordings]
Khonnor - An Ape Is Loose [Type/Speak & Spell]
Populous - The Dixie Saga [Morr Music]
Matmos - The West [Deluxe] {"The sky is always the hardest part"... Ah, I'd forgotten how great the beat is that drops after that sample. Glad I played the whole track now - yes, all 21 minutes!}
Nobody with Prefuse 73 - Tori Oshi [Plug Research]
ii - beofre [Steady Cam]
The Rectifiers - Levy (self remix) [Sensory Projects]
Third Eye Foundation - What is it with you [Domino]
Matt Elliott - You Spooked The Horses (Parts 1 & 2) [Domino]
Funckarma - Ecilon [dub]
Shadow Huntaz - cdc [Skam]
Exile - Silicon Chop [Planet µ]
Hive & Keaton & Gridlok & Echo - Culture [Violence Recordings]
Exile - The Forever Endeavour [Planet µ]
Plankton - Insomnia (Grievous Remix) [Feral Media]
Pivot - Montecore [Sensory Projects]
Clue to Kalo - ignore the forest floor [Mush/Spunk]

3 Responses to “Playlist 11.09.05”

  1. Eloise Says:

    Hi Peter,
    am looking for the link to find Gram's track you played at MCA... am I looking in the wrong place?? Should I do a search for Gram?
    This Funckarma is yum - haven't heard of them before...

  2. Peter Says:

    Oops, of course there's a bit too much "Gram" stuff for a search (in the sidebar) to be that useful, but the track was this:
    Gram - Keep Your Head Above Water [Underscan]

    (For those in the dark, I DJed at the MCA on Sunday (see previous post) and played this lovely track. Maybe I'll play it later for your pleasure... Click on the Gram link and go to the downloads section, and you can have your very own mp3 copy!)

  3. philip gray Says:

    Hi Peter,

    I try to listen to the show whenever possible, unfortunately was not able to this week, looking at the playlist I wish I had got to listen to it.
    Is there any chance of the show ever being podcast or made available to download ? I know it is perhaps a thorny issue with copyright issues etc,
    It would be great if I could definately catch the show every week.

    In any case, keep up the great work !

    Kind regards, Phil

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