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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 25th of November, 2007

Playlist 25.11.07 (9:16 pm)

Welcome to this, the first Utility Fog ever presented under a Federal Labor government in Australia! Fair bit of new music tonight, although I'm starting with something quite old...
Tonight we have a couple of tracks from the new remix album from Bracken (Chris Adams of Hood), which is mainly a download release, but there are 300 CDs available (if not sold out!) from Norman Records or Anticon. Also in remix news, Nine Inch Nails' Y34RZ3ROR3M1X3D album is out, with contributors including Fennesz and also the ones I played tonight - Kronos Quartet and Bill Laswell...
Plus we have an excellent new album from Frog Pocket on Planet µ, with his usual mix of Celtic sounds, fiddle and drill'n'bass.

Also please note, I won't be in next Sunday - the wonderful Shannon O'Neill is stepping in and will bring you some great stuff no doubt, and I'll be back the next Sunday (and foreseeable Sundays following of course!)

David Bridie & John Phillips - Breu Peyney (David Thrussell mix) [Mushroom]
Frog Pocket - mull fhuar [Planet µ]
Frog Pocket - rig of the jarkness [Planet µ]
Boxcutter - Rusty Break [Planet µ]
Hijak & Skream - Retro [Cultured Beats]
Sky City Rising - Try Harder [Brøklyn Beats]
Kode 9 vs Badawi - Den of Drumz [ROIR]
The Declining Winter - part timer's spring ascent remix [Misplaced Music]
Bracken - Fight or Flight (James Rutledge remix) [no label/Anticon]
The Declining Winter - yorkcitythree [Misplaced Music]
The Drift - Invisible Cities (Sybarite remix) [Temporary Residence]
Faux Pas - Coach in Reverse [self-released, through Fuse]
Snawklor - Quick Be the Feet That Run to Mischief [Bus]
Luca Formentini - Touch a line [Extreme/Cyclic Defrost]
Nine Inch Nails - Another Version of the Truth (Kronos Quartet & Enrique Gonzalez Müller) [Interscope]
Terminal Sound System - Gridlike [Extreme]
Jesu - storm comin' on (feat. Jarboe) [Hydra Head Industries]
Swans - My Buried Child [Young God]
Ergo Phizmiz and his Orchestra - Come To Debbie [Mukow]
Kim Hiorthøy - Album [Smalltown Supersound]
Tigrics - 203 mibajodvan [Highpoint Lowlife]
Gescom - C2 [SKAM]
Foetus - Not Adam (remix by Jason Forrest) [Ectopic Ents/Birdman Recording Group]
Bracken - Heathens (Third Eye Foundation's Step it out of Lebanon remix) [no label/Anticon]
Nine Inch Nails - Vessel (Bill Laswell remix) [Interscope]

Sunday, 18th of November, 2007

Playlist 18.11.07 (9:15 pm)

Rather dazed and confused due to lack of sleep and jetlag, not to mention having just moved house.
Among the exciting gifts brought to you this week are tracks from The Declining Winter, aka Richard from Hood, who brings us a wonderful 7" and a very limited 3" CD of remixes. We've also got a track from the new Burial album (most of which is smothered in horrendous amounts of diva vocals, albeit submerged in reverb), and some excellent remixes of Foetus (along with some of his non-remixed works). Plus Nick Cave & Warren Ellis bring us a soundtrack to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and there's a new album from Via Tania, aka Tania Bowers from SPDFGH if your memory stretches back that far.

Laura - Intro [A New Entity]
Beirut - In The Mausoleum [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Rather Lovely Thing [Mute]
Venetian Snares - My Crutch [Planet µ]
Burial - Untrue [Hyperdub]
The Declining Winter - we used to read books [Misplaced Music]
The Declining Winter - Epic45 remix (mix and extra guitar by ben holton) [Misplaced Music]
Pikelet - Bug-in-Mouth (Faux Pas remix) [self-released, through Fuse]
Via Tania - Become Forest [Love & Mercy]
Grizzly Bear - Plans (as covered by Band of Horses) [Warp]
Department of Eagles - Deadly Disclosure/Balmy Night [played direct from their http://www.myspace.com/deptofeagles - go listen!]
Grizzly Bear - Deep Blue Sea (Dan Rossen home recording) [Warp]
ii - conversing with loverboy [promo from band, due out on Feral Media in 2008]
Foetus - Pareidolia (remix by Fennesz) [Ectopic Ents/Birdman Recording Group]
Scraping Foetus off the Wheel - I'll Meet You in Poland, Baby [Some Bizarre]
Foetus - mon agonie douce [Ectopic Ents/Birdman Recording Group]
Foetus - Not In Yr Hands (remix by Matmos) [Ectopic Ents/Birdman Recording Group]
Absent - Wide Range Reader [Static Caravan]
Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix) [Planet µ]
Jo Apps - Kausikan [Planet µ]
Boxcutter - Bad You Do (Halfstep) [Planet µ]
Boxcutter - Glyphic [Planet µ]
Róisín Murphy - Ramalama (Bang Bang) [Echo]
Adam Gnade & Youthmovies - We Were Born From Floodwaters [Try Harder]
Roberg Curgenven - Winter (Part III) [Privatelektro]
Robert Wyatt - Cancion de Julietta [Domino]
Patrick Watson - Mr. Tom [Secret City Records]

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Sunday, 11th of November, 2007

Playlist 11.11.07 (10:00 pm)

Kit Brash has sent in his playlist. He wishes it to be labelled:
So there you go.

Studio - Out There
Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts (Version by Studio)
The Irresistible Force - Symphony In E
Carly Simon - Why (12" version)
Chromeo - Momma's Boy
Pase Rock - So Fucking Disco
The The - Giant (d*i*r*t*y edit by pilooski)
Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own (Al Usher remix)
Bobby 'O' - How To Pick Up Girls (extended edit)
Dusty Springfield - That The Kind Of Love I Got For You (US DJ Disco Extended Edit by Tom Moulton)
Cerrone - Supernature / Sweet Drums / In The Smoke
Arthur Russell - In The Light Of The Miracle (Danny Krivit Re-edit)
Jape - Floating (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Grace Jones - Nipple To The Bottle
Sabres Of Paradise - Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)
Sally Shapiro - I Know
Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (1984 Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers remix)
Taana Gardner - When You Touch Me
Pharaohe Monch - Body Baby (an Optimo Espacio Dub)
LCD Soundsystem - Freak Out/Starry Eyes
Basement Jaxx - Romeo (acoustic version)
Studio - Indo

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Sunday, 4th of November, 2007

Playlist 04.11.07 (9:10 pm)

Good evening. What an action-packed show tonight! A bit late off the mark, due to delayed postage from the UK (well I like to make my excuses anyway), we have some tracks from the brilliant new Beirut album, starting with one co-written (and sung) by Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy.
Then we have the wonderful new Robert Wyatt album, heaps of stuff from the new Planet µ compilation 200 (their 200th release!), Jonquil's lovely second album, Venetian Snares' second venture into 20th-century classical breakcore, electronic music from Birmingham on Static Caravan's Binary Oppositions compilation, remastered Fennesz, and on it goes... Also a fantastic collaboration between American spoken word artist Adam Gnade & post-rock/electronic group Youthmovies (aka Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies), and in addition to some great dubstep from Planet µ, there's a little bit from Pinch's new album Underwater Dancehall.

NB: I won't be here next week — you'll be in the safe hands of Kit Brash and I'll be back the following Sunday.

Beirut - Cliquot [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Robert Wyatt - Stay Tuned [Domino]
The Doubtful Guest - Nannita [Planet µ]
Jonquil - Baby, So Now Why No? [Try Harder]
Efterklang - Frida Found a Friend [Leaf]
Efterklang - Step Aside [Leaf]
Hydatid & collaborators - Ocean Lake Noodle [from Orchid Beach II, Dec 2006, unreleased]
Feu Thérèse - La nuit est une femme [Constellation]
Venetian Snares - My Crutch [Planet µ]
Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix) [Planet µ]
Comatone - Take One, Pass It Along [demo]
Pinch - Widescreen [Tectonic]
Adam Gnade & Youthmovies - Snake Lore, Part II: Hold Back The Flame, O Weary Friends! [Try Harder]
Laura - Is There No Help For The Widow's Son? [A New Entity]
Laura - It's Kind of Like the Innocent Smiles You Get at the Start of a Relationship Before You Fuck Everything Up [A New Entity]
Andrew McCubbin & the Hope Addicts - Since You Left [1am records/Amphead]
Machine Translations - oh ma the sea is rising [Spunk]
Beirut - Nantes [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Robert Wyatt - Fragment [Domino]
Jonquil - Subtle Strains [Try Harder]
Alps of New South Wales - I.D.L.S.? [Shrieksounds]
Fennesz - traxdata [Editions Mego]
Fennesz - aus [Editions Mego]
to rococo rot - zigue zague [Domino]
Broadcast - Green Peter [Static Caravan]
Absent - Wide Range Reader [Static Caravan]
Boards of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun [SKAM/Warp]
Ambulance - The Tams [Planet µ]
Jo Apps - Kausikan [Planet µ]

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