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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 29th of July, 2007

Playlist 29.07.07 (10:10 pm)

Tonight we have some new "Nonclassical" music from Gabriel Prokofiev and the Elysian Quartet, including a fantastic remix by Vex'd, brilliant new idm from Bola, Brian Wilson-meets-John Cage (perhaps) from Melbourne's Francis Plagne, plus various oddities...

Ass - Two Different Ways [Headspin Recordings]
Ass - Chinese Dream [Headspin Recordings]
My Friend The Chocolate Cake - Movement [blunt/Liberation]
need more sources - sheds in the spring [Moteer]
Serafina Steer - Peach Heart [Static Caravan]
Plastician - Japan [Terrorhythm]
Gabriel Prokofiev - String Quartet No. 2, performed by the Elysian Quartet (Vex'd remix of 2nd Movement) [Nonclassical]
Gabriel Prokofiev - String Quartet No. 2, 1st Mvt, performed by the Elysian Quartet [Nonclassical]
Gabriel Prokofiev - String Quartet No. 1, performed by the Elysian Quartet (Gabriel Prokofiev "Hip-Hop mix" of First Movement) [Nonclassical]
Francis Plagne - Wings 6ft Leather Briefcase [Synaesthesia/Mistletone]
Francis Plagne - La Luna [Synaesthesia/Mistletone]
Flim - Above Seagulls [Plinkity Plonk]
The Dead Sea - departure gates [self-released]
Epic 45 - the stars in spring [Make Mine Music]
65daysofstatic - The Conspiracy of Seeds [Monotreme]
Mist & Sea - Golden [Popfrenzy]
pretty boy crossover - without words [Sensory Projects]
pretty boy crossover - lines half spoken [Surgery Records]
School of Two - Gifted [Feral Media POWWOW series]
Throbbing Gristle - Rabbit Snare [Industrial Records]
Bola - Noop [Skam]
Silver Bone Tone - Swivel [demo]
Comatone - Take One, Pass It Along [forthcoming vinyl release]
iTAL tEK - Tokyo Freeze [Planet µ]
oxford parker - hadronyche formidabilis [from Gizzzmo2 comp - download here]
Not Breathing - The Final Night [Sublight]
While - Shear (Fennesz mix) [Chocolate Industries]
aheadphonehome - sugar shards [lofly]
Menomena - boy scout'n [FILMguerrero/Barsuk]

Sunday, 22nd of July, 2007

Playlist 22.07.07 (10:18 pm)

More of the usual on tonight's show! Let the playlist speak for itself...

Blonde Redhead - Elephant Woman [4AD]
Blonde Redhead - Publisher [4AD]
Ulrich Schnauss - here today, gone tomorrow [Independiente]
aheadphonehome - x [lofly]
Epic 45 - may your heart be the map [Make Mine Music]
Ass - Guidelines For Bespoke [Headspin Recordings]
origamibiro - dissect ephemeral [expanding records]
Zeal - Yumi and the Sky (Faux Pas remix) [Zealousy]
Aaron Spectre - morning under leaves [Ad Noiseam]
Fog - I Have Been Wronged (Jesu remix) [Lex Records]
Silver Bone Tone - Mmm To You Too [demo]
The Tuss - Rushup 1 Bank 12 [Rephlex]
Kettel - Introit [dub]
Kettel - De Manke Das [dub]
Menomena - light [FILMguerrero]
Menomena - airaid [FILMguerrero/Barsuk]
need more sources - sheds in the storm [Moteer]
Object - Be so [Sensory Projects]
Pretty Boy Crossover - House Left Behind (feat. Vincent Giarusso) [Sensory Projects]
Underground Lovers - Eastside Stories [Guernica]
aheadphonehome - queueue [lofly]
Kind Winds - Toothless Tuesday [Consumer Productions]
Channel One - These Roads [Sound Foundation Recordings]
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (John Cale version) [DFA Records]
The Cure - Burn [Atlantic Records]
Not Breathing - The Final Night [Sublight]
Blaerg - charcoal concordance [self-released]
Comatone - Untitled 7 (M+N edit) [Feral Media/Mess + Noise]

Sunday, 15th of July, 2007

Playlist 15.07.07 (10:54 pm)

This week brings a new album from Pretty Boy Crossover, and a wonder it is too. Next week I'll do a retrospective, or at least play a couple of older tracks of theirs along with some more new stuff. We also have various reissues, from The For Carnation and White Noise, along with a wonderful new Kettel album which collects tracks from one of my favourite of his 12"s along with new material.
Also on the new front, we have Epic 45's new album, plus the debut CD from English singer/harpist Serafina Steer, and the latest signing to the Moteer label, need more sources, who brings us an extraordinary mix of classical-influenced compositions with folktronic production as only Moteer can seemingly do at the moment. And finally, we've got a few tracks from recent releases on Canada's brilliant Sublight label, which has sadly ceased operation as of this month. Their online store remains open for the rest of the year, and I recommend grabbing stuff while you can.

Pretty Boy Crossover - Bruises (feat. Vincent Giarusso) [Sensory Projects]
Object - [After] [Sensory Projects]
Epic 45 - the stars in spring [Make Mine Music]
The For Carnation - winter lair [Temporary Residence]
Saddleback - Rain in Sea [Preservation]
White Noise - Love Without Sound [Island]
Serafina Steer - Like Like A Bird On A Wire [Static Caravan]
need more sources - sheds in the breeze [Moteer]
Serafina Steer - Seven Bridge [Static Caravan]
bogenschutzer - schluss [DesTone Records]
Saul Williams - Black Stacey (Deadbeat remix) [~scape]
Ital Tek - White Mark [Planet µ]
World's End Girlfriend - ghost of a horse under the chandelier [human highway records]
World's End Girlfriend - fragile fireworks Miscanthus [MIDI Creative Co.]
Underlapper - Meanderthal [Feral Media]
Kettel - Now Find Another Moon [dub]
Ra - Ev.Panic [Planet µ]
Gareth Clarke - Tabula Rasa [Sublight]
Ra - Ev.Panic (Venetian Snares 3rd x thry 3v3rtything rmx) [Planet µ]
Mark Swift - Orchan Rocks Angels [Sublight]
Method of Defiance - Holiday in Guantanamo [Sublight]
need more sources - sheds in the spring [Moteer]
Shoeb Ahmad - Bec (Pretty Boy Crossover's RoomShare mix) [HellosQuare]
Pretty Boy Crossover - squares & circles [Sensory Projects]
School of Two - Children of the Night [Feral Media POWWOW series]
The Longest Day - the sounds of jupiter [self-released, now available through Feral Media]
Epic 45 - we left our homes for winter [Make Mine Music]
Ulrich Schnauss - stars [Independiente]

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Sunday, 8th of July, 2007

Playlist 08.07.07 (10:11 pm)

Tonight on UFog, the amazing new World's End Girlfriend album Hurtbreak Wonderland has arrived! Also new stuff from Ulrich Schnauss and Dan Deacon, a Faux Pas remix of Zeal sampling from Aleks & the Ramps, a gorgeous new tune from The Bad Plus's new album, and later on we've got some techstep-style dubstep from Ital Tek, plus Jesu's blissed-out remix of the new Fog single...

World's End Girlfriend - dance for borderline Miscanthus [human highway records]
Kate Bush - Under Ice [EMI]
Kate Bush - Waking The Witch [EMI]
Ulrich Schnauss - never be the same [Independiente]
School of Two - Gifted [Feral Media POWWOW series]
Dan Deacon - Pink Batman [Mistletone]
Zeal - Yumi and the Sky (Faux Pas remix) [Zealousy]
The Bad Plus - Giant [Do The Math/Heads Up]
bogenschutzer - plucked [DesTone Records]
Huntsville - the appearance of a wise child [Rune Grammofon]
Mice Parade - Tales of Las Negras [Fat Cat]
Menomena - the pelican [FILMguerrero/Barsuk]
Comatone - Leonard's Lesson 3 [Feral Media]
Underlapper - Fools' Cap [Feral Media]
Robert Vincs - Devic Kingdom [Extreme]
Machine est mon Coeur - Won't you come back? [self-released/promo]
Fog - I Have Been Wronged (Jesu remix) [Lex Records]
World's End Girlfriend - birthday resistance [human highway records]
Penfold Plum - Potent Concoction [Wichita]
origamibiro - noshi [expanding records]
Pimmon - Strummer [Liquid Architecture]
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Both Eyes Tight Shut [Staubgold]
Jason Forrest - Evil Doesn't Exist Anymore {featuring Maya Ratkje and a cast of seeming thousands...} [Sonig]
Ital Tek - White Mark [Planet µ]
Silver Bone Tone - Pushing It [demo]
Terminal Sound System - Ghost Summer [Extreme]

Sunday, 1st of July, 2007

Playlist 01.07.07 (10:19 pm)

FBi's Album of the Week is Underlapper's Red Spring, and a corker it is too. As well as that, we've got more new tunes from Sydney artist Silver Bone Tone, amazing new free download release from Vorpal, something from the reformation album from Throbbing Gristle, and more...

Underlapper - Fallen Face Moon [Feral Media]
Silver Bone Tone - Pushing It [demo]
Terminal Sound System - Decompensating [Extreme]
Ponyclub Massacre - pony on the water [Bosnian opera singer/gypsy musician Maja teams up with Naomi from Coda - self-released]
Robert Vincs - Devic Kingdom [Extreme]
James Gordon Anderson - alphamirrar (little feet mix) [self-released]
Vorpal - the end [Cockrockdisco] {download the whole album FREE from here!}
Mad EP - Lillies & Libations [Ad Noiseam]
Tara Simmons - Tripover [self-released]
Aaron Martin - piece 06 [Type]
Colleen - blue sands [Leaf]
Loefah - root [Digital Mystikz]
Milanese - Double Face (feat. Kate Kestrel) [Planet µ]
Various Production - 13 [Various] {an alternate version of the title track from The World Is Gone, with characteristic female vocals added (Cat Power?)}
Mothboy - i hit it i caught it i'm out [Ad Noiseam]
Throbbing Gristle - Lyre Liar [Industrial Records]
Silver Bone Tone - Me Am Robot [demo]
The Longest Day - armoury [self-released, now available through Feral Media]
Underlapper - Left Wing Guardian [Feral Media]
School of Two - Adelaide Matters [Feral Media POWWOW series]
A Perfect Friend - Jari Huotari [Stilll]
Fridge - Insects [Temporary Residence/Domino]
Asa-Chang & Junray - Hana [Leaf]
Mr 76ix - Spirit of Man [SKAM]
Burial - Shutta [Hyperdub]
DJ Hidden - Ghost Breath [Ad Noiseam]

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