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Your weekly fix of postfolkrocktronica, dronenoise, power ambient, post-everything improv... and more?
Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 30th of April, 2006

Playlist 30.04.06 (10:16 pm)

Starting with a palate-cleanser of noise from Bong-Ra, yee-har! The second artist was playing at Frigid tonight, and will be and is playing at impermanent.audio tomorrow.
Also tonight, a bit of a focus on the beautiful album from Tim Koch, and a number of mp3 downloads, most of which can be found via links from the playlist (if you're reading this close to the broadcast date!)

Bong-Ra - Eenzaam Sterven Wij Allen [Sublight]
Hrvatski - Tokyo Part 1 [download from http://www.myspace.com/hrvatski!]
Inch-time - Turning Point [Static Caravan]
Shoeb Ahmad - Roomsound 2 [unreleased, from mp3]
Tim Koch - Introduct [Merck]
Juana Molina - malherido [Domino]
international peoples gang - fireworks [em:t]
Pillow - Cut-Out-And-Keep Quarrels [2.nd rec]
Akron/Family - Future Myth [Young God]
Machine Translations - Out to Sea [Way Over There]
Department of Eagles - Rollerbird [download from http://www.myspace.com/departmentofeagles]
Adem - Something's going to come [Domino]
Fridge - Cut Up Piano And Xylophone [Temporary Residence/Brainwashed]
Tim Koch - Ellermanstraat [Merck]
Living Ornaments - colakind [Narrominded]
Melodium - they can't get inside of you [Disasters By Choice]
Hydatid - Wave Function Analysis [self-released]
Twine - Gliding In On [Ghostly International]
"Four Timer" - actual waah [This is Part Timer (John of Clickits) radically remixing a FourPlay jam from our forthcoming album to stunning effect. Look for Part Timer on Moteer later this year!]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Barcelona Bell Process [free mp3 from November 2004 at the Reckankomplex, no longer available]
Matmos - Jam with Pascal Wyse [download from the Guardian!]
Hrvatski - Une Drôle de Journée [Ache Records]
The Gasman - Creampie [Planet µ]
Venetian Snares - Yip Yaps [Sublight]
Jordy Lane - Relax, Robot [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney]
Shoeb Ahmad - Roomsound 4 (Bec) [unreleased, from mp3]
Tim Koch - Truth Sinks In [Merck]
Brian Campeau - words withheld [self-released]
John Matthias - All The Time in the World [Accidental Records]
Psapp - Tricycle [Domino]

Sunday, 23rd of April, 2006

Playlist 23.04.06 (10:11 pm)

Starting with a beauty from Bark Psychosis tonight, apropos of nothing much... Best news for tonight, we have the new Inch-time album, which is wonderful. Also a few new things on the Domino label, from Argentina's beautiful singer-songwriter-producer Juana Molina, the very cute Psapp and ex-Fridge member Adem Ilhan.

And tonight marks the first night you can LISTEN ONLINE! Tell your (overseas) friends.

Bark Psychosis - Blood Rush [3rd Stone]
Múm - smell memory [TMT-Entertainment/Thule Musik]
Kim Hiorthøy - Politisken Dikten Återvänder [Smalltown Supersound]
Inch-time - No Need To Sign Your Name [Static Caravan]
Icarus - Cactus [Recordings of Substance]
John Barnes - Porn intro [no ground]
Pillow - Tree Shadow [2.nd rec]
Juana Molina - la verdad [Domino]
Psapp - Wet Box [Domino]
Adem - Something's going to come [Domino]
Melodium - you are no one, like everyone [Disasters By Choice]
Jordy Lane - Line Up The Happiness [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney]
Brian Campeau - one day [self-released]
Dave Miller - Excelsior Interlude (Victor Bermon remake) [Meupe]
Hydatid - track 3 from unreleased guitar interludes [self-released demo]
Winter Park - one night alone [self-released, downloadable from their site]
Global Communication - Incidental Harmony [Discotheque/Sanctuary]
Inch-time - The Sky Has A Thousand Eyes [Static Caravan]
Coldcut feat. John Matthias - Man in a Garage (Nick Franglen (Lemon Jelly) remix) [Ninja Tune]
Inch-time - Turning Point [Static Caravan]
Erast - Dimpitauri [Laboratory Instinct]
Belladonnakillz - liez thru the eyez [Sublight]
Enduser - Wisdom 05 [Sublight]
Daedelus - Axe Murderation [Phthalo]
Psapp - Tricycle [Domino]
Jack Ladder - Witch [Spunk]
Epic 45 - Tunnel 2 [Make Mine Music]
Kettel - Pinch of Peer [Sending Orbs]
Plaid - Eyen [Warp Records]

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Sunday, 16th of April, 2006

Playlist 16.04.06 (10:15 pm)

Yo. Welcome to this Passover/Easter/Thingummy edition of Utility Fog - one of them "Monday's a holiday, let's freak out" editions anyway. Maybe the last hour or something will be more up-beat, drum'n'bass/jungle/breakcore sort of stuff, because maybe you're into staying up a bit tonight ;)

Tortoise - Magnet Pulls Through [Thrill Jockey]
Battles - B + T [Warp]
City City City - Prat [Sensory Projects]
Dave Miller - She Makes (Chris Cobilis remix) [Meupe]
Hydatid - track 4 from unreleased guitar interludes [self-released demo]
Living Ornaments - motorsport [Narrominded]
Belong - I Never Lose, Never Really [Carpark, via Sadness is in the Sky]
Fennesz - A Year in a Minute [Mego]
Epic 45 - Spires Against Summer Sky [Make Mine Music]
Brian Campeau - just what you're thinking [self-released]
Brian Campeau - lake george [self-released]
Ollo - Campaign For Real Bread [forthcoming on Groovescooter/12 Apostles, extended version, not final mix!]
Matthew Herbert feat. Mara Carlyle - Nice Dream [Rapster Records]
Melodium - you are no one, like everyone [Disasters By Choice]
Heligoland - down to zero [IRL]
Aleks & The Ramps - Graveyard Etiquette [self-released, Ramps Assemble Records]
Jordy Lane - Relax, Robot [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney]
John Barnes - Everything in one [no ground]
Aaron Spectre - Look Out Fi Liar [Death$ucker Records]
DJ C - Crazy Baldheads (Mashit mix) [Mashit!]
Equinox - Brekestra Ting [Planet µ]
Enduser - The End [Sublight]
Sileni - Cold Sweat [Planet µ]
Belladonnakillz - neverever [Sublight]
Wisp - Dead Streets [Sublight]
howard - music in slow motion [self-released]
Xiu Xiu - Apistat Commander [Kill Rock Stars]
Jordy Lane - Line Up The Happiness [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney]
Faux Pas - Tema de Cristina [self-released]
Jel feat. Stephanie Böhm from Ms. John Soda - All Around [Anticon]

Sunday, 9th of April, 2006

Playlist 09.04.06 (10:27 pm)

Heaps of new stuff this week! Starting with a classic ambient electronica 12'' from 1992 re-released just last week... Epic 45 bring us their very ambient Drakelow EP, Isan cover Erik Satie in their usual style, various artists cover Radiohead on Rapster Records, Faux Pas gives us his second EP (or is this a mini-album?) Entropy Begins At Home, while meanwhile local Sydney artist Jordy Lane mixes indie-pop, field recordings and electronica in a singular fashion. We've got new (and newish) breakcore on Death$ucker Records, excellent mainstream jungle producer Breakage choppin it up on Planet µ, and Sam Arnold (of defunct Cardiff postrock band Mountain Men Anonymous) records a mix of everything from acoustic guitar folk to orchestral drill'n'bass as John Barnes on a new 3'' CD.
Melodium has a new album of his usual excellent French folktronica, and the Black Ox Orkestar have a second album of morose klezmer-inspired music on Constellation.

Global Communication - Sublime Creation [Discotheque/Sanctuary]
Epic 45 - Vanishing Britain [Make Mine Music]
Hydatid - track 3 from unreleased guitar interludes [self-released demo]
Isan - Lent et Douloureux (Gymnopédie Nr. 1, Erik Satie) [Morr Music]
The Bad Plus - Karma Police [Rapster Records]
Mogwai - Auto Rick [Spunk]
Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan (µ-Ziq remix) [Chemikal Underground]
Faux Pas - The New Underground [self-released]
Belladonnakillz - the man [Sublight]
Jordy Lane - Not Just Yet [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney]
Matthew Herbert feat. Mara Carlyle - Nice Dream [Rapster Records]
Melodium - please, destroy the piano [Disasters By Choice]
John Barnes - Everything in one [no ground]
The Gasman - Prong 2 [Planet µ]
DJ Floorclearer - Strangle The Giant Elephant [Death$ucker Records]
Bong-Ra - Eenzaam Sterven Wij Allen [Sublight]
Venetian Snares - girl/boy as performed by selkirk retard orchestra for the daughters of asexual lithium addicts (remix of Daedelus' Axe Murderation) [Phthalo]
The Flashbulb - Hometown UFO [Sublight]
Breakage - The 9th Hand [Planet µ]
Aaron Spectre - the wrong fuel [Moonbunny]
Aaron Spectre - Look Out Fi Liar [Death$ucker Records]
Comatone - Not For Years [Feral Media]
Jordy Lane - Have Some Patience: Life Is Long [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney]
bogenschutzer - glow [DesTone Records (actually self-released)]
Faux Pas - For The Trees [self-released]
Brian Campeau - one day [self-released]
Miller + Fiam - Tired Neighbourhood Bird [Expanding Records]
Oren Ambarchi - Lost Time Not Found Again [Room 40 courtesy of Wire Mag]
Epic 45 - Spires Against Summer Sky [Make Mine Music]
Black Ox Orkestar - Bukharian [Constellation]
Coil - Tattooed Man [World Serpent]

Sunday, 2nd of April, 2006

Playlist 02.04.06 (10:14 pm)

Lots of great new noise tonight, starting with something that will hopefully offend all and sundry :) (I don't really want to offend people, but nobody does puerile lyrics quite like these kidz). Yes, the new Belladonnakillz album on Sublight is as spectacular as his/their debut; also on Sublight is the Eyelicker comp, featuring everyone you'd expect from that label, lots of great tracks; and we have new Australian tracks from bogenschutzer & Winter Park (both from Melbourne), and Miller + Fiam from Perth (who are Dave Miller and Harry Hohnen aka Victor Bermon). Also, the wonderful David Loose aka Hydatid dropped in for a chat.
And finally, the latest Wire Magazine has an exclusive compilation/mix CD from Brisbane label Room 40 — fantastic stuff.

Belladonnakillz - Abort! Abort! Abort! [Sublight]
David Byrne & Brian Eno - Qu'ran [not on the recently remastered version of My Life In The Bush of Ghosts. See discussion & links of possible interest here]
Wisp - Uxe-Bu [Sublight]
Scrubber Fox - Chedmo [Musik Experience]
bogenschutzer - big puff [DesTone Records (actually self-released)]
Winter Park - one night alone [self-released, downloadable from their site]
Pillow - Indecision [2.nd rec]
Tanya Horo & Jono Ma - toadmobile ["the artist formerly known as" Marvey King; excellent new indietronica (or whatever) from Sydney, still in demo form but sounding great!]
Miller + Fiam - Tired Neighbourhood Bird [Expanding Records]
Chris Abrahams - Can of Faces [Room 40 courtesy of Wire Mag]
Hydatid - track 4 from unreleased guitar interludes [self-released demo]
...and a chat with David Loose aka Hydatid, popping in from Brisbane...
Hydatid & collaborators - track 6 from Orchid Beach recording, Feb 2005 [unreleased]
...more interview with David Loose...
Hydatid - The Gravitronic Age [self-released, available at Half Theory]
Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory - feet upon the sand (dntel remix) [Mush]
Team Doyobi - Push Chairs For Grownups [Skam]
The Flashbulb - Hometown UFO [Sublight]
Belladonnakillz - Grrly Jungle [dross:tik]
Belladonnakillz - neverever [Sublight]
Enduser - Wisdom 05 [Sublight]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. Bongo Chilli - Start Version [Razor X/Rephlex]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - 2nd Early Monolith [Room 40 courtesy of Wire Mag]
Brian Campeau - falling [self-released]
Brian Campeau - fallen [self-released]
Skyrider - Before The Dawn [Endemik Music]
Miller + Fiam - Martinos [Expanding Records]
Seaworthy - Part 4 from Distant Hills Burn Bright [Black Lodge Audio]
Inch-time - Icicles and Snowflakes [Static Caravan]

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