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Sunday, 29th of May, 2011

Playlist 29.05.11 (11:04 pm)

A Quiet Evening to you all. A lovely interview and some awesome new music tonight!
LISTEN AGAIN, see bottom of this post — or subscribe to the playlist, see the sidebar. Early people, I stuffed up the link! It's now the right show! SORRY!

Tonight I had the pleasure of chatting to Rachel & Grant Evans, who together are Quiet Evenings, and run the Hooker Vision label. Their new album is out on Sydney's own Preservation label, and is a beautiful contemplative work.

Before we get back to them, though, a couple of tracks celebrating the 10th birthday of Tokyo's fantastic Linus Records, released on their label Preco. Our first selection is a real delight, from Japanese postrock darlings miaou. And the somewhat legendary Motoro Faam give us a bizarre ambient/classical cut-up piece.

Back to Quiet Evenings. I got to talk to both Grant and Rachel via the miracle of Skype - turns out this is easily the best way to do a radio interview (other than having them in the studio). We talked about releasing music on cassette, vinyl and online, living and making music in a small town in Georgia in the USA, their relationship with technology, and lots more.
We also heard from the wonderful music they make separately, Rachel as Motion Sickness of Time Travel and Grant as Nova Scotian Arms.

Back in Australia, and I'm still greatly enjoying the experiments that Pikelet has been putting up on her Bandcamp. Just drum machine & keyboard and her lovely vocals.
Everybody's on Bandcamp tonight. Next up, two New Zealanders now based in Sydney, calling themselves Kompost. Pretty ace mix of krautrock, ambient and techno or summat.

We're excited that not only is there a new Machinefabriek EP, but he's diving into Bandcamp as another way of getting his music out there. Nicer, to me, than getting digital via Boomkat or even Bleep &mdashl; although I'd still prefer buying physical releases if they're on CD. This is a 10" single (already sold-out) as well as digital. It's the familiar Machinefabriek evolving drone, but with a lot going on in the sound-world. He's an amazing sound recorder & constructor.

Next, to Japan. We can't avoid it at the moment — so much great music coming out to raise money for tsunami/earthquake relief. From the For Nihon compilation that Unseen Music recently put out, we hear the beautiful Cokiyu, and then a masterful pulsating track from Novisad for flau’s 31 songs for japan. Finally, flau boss aus contributes lovely clattery folktronic breaks for the Linus Records comp.

And here's something I couldn't have missed out on tonight: a new EP from Venetian Snares! And it's pretty different, albeit instantly recognizable as Snares. It's Cubist Reggae, folks! His familiar lopsided time signatures, but with space to breathe, and dub delays. Fun, fun, fun!
In between two of his tracks, and remarkably fitting track from Comatone, something new and unreleased. We need to convince him to make some new tunes, people!

In similar suit, London's anime-obsessed MusSck gives us his take on glitch-hop, from a new double-12" release. Amazing intricately-chopped samples and beats.

Another Aussie release we have to hear more from next week: David Evans’s debut album for (mainly) solo drumkit. He plays with Melbourne postrockers This Is Your Captain Speaking, and recorded most of this album within 24 hours. It's an impressively varied affair.

I'm still embarrassed not to have given more attention to Jason Forrest’s new album yet on the show — hopefully next week I'll feature it a bit more. The track I played after is an old fave, mixing krautrock, his prog obsession, and breakcore madness. The new album doesn't have as many amen breaks all over it, but it's still suitably insane and suitable inspired.

Quiet Evenings - Relativity [Preservation]
miaou - Past Presents [Preco]
Motoro Faam - The Flattened Nine [Preco]
Quiet Evenings - Transcending Spheres [Preservation]
Interview with Rachel & Grant Evans of Quiet Evenings... Next two tracks played during the interview:
Quiet Evenings - Finality [Preservation]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Flying on a Broomstick [Hooker Vision]
Nova Scotian Arms - Crystalline Gaze [Sacred Phrases]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Mental Projection [Digitalis]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Owl Eyes [Hooker Vision]
Pikelet - Big and Lots [Pikelet Bandcamp]
Kompost - funfzig [via Bandcamp]
Kompost - The Light Is Only Reaching Us No [via Bandcamp]
Machinefabriek - Ringoya, Tokyo [Machinefabriek Bandcamp]
Cokiyu - Volar [Unseen-Music]
Novisad - Radium [flau]
aus - 103 [Preco]
Venetian Snares - Ever Apparent All Being Shoulder [Planet µ]
Comatone - Lamplit Screenprint [listen on Soundcloud]
Venetian Snares - The Identification Circles Levitate [Planet µ]
MusSck - the man who knew too much [Alkalinear Recordings]
MusSck - proximity [Alkalinear Recordings]
MusSck - a nameless hero [Alkalinear Recordings]
David Evans - Swing House [Sensory Projects]
Jason Forrest - The Exquisite Organs [Staatsakt]
Jason Forrest - Evil Doesn't Exist Anymore [Sonig]

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Sunday, 22nd of May, 2011

Playlist 22.05.11 (11:03 pm)

Good evening! I came in an hour early tonight to present Sunday Night at the Movies, which was a breeze due to the dilligent production from Scarlett Di Maio. Lots of great sounds tonight on the 'Fog, though!
LISTEN AGAIN via the link at the bottom — or see the right-hand column to subscribe to the podcast...

Starting up with Evelyn Morris, who's still putting up awesome little experimental songs on the Pikelet Bandcamp quite regularly.

Most extraordinary sounds this week come from The Magic I.D.’s new album I'm So Awake / Sleepless I Feel. German experimental music gods Margareth Kammerer and Christof Kurzmann are joined by two beautiful clarinettists, Michael Thieke and Kai Fagaschinski. It's a very unusual sound, with strummed guitars, softly sung vocals (German-accented in English) and laptop edits and processing along with the pure clarinet tones.
We heard also a couple of songs from Margareth Kammerer, which was released on Kurzmann's Charhizma label, one of which was remixed by the redoutable b.fleischmann — and from Fleischmann's 2003 album Welcome Tourist, we heard the tail-end of the beautiful 45-minute track "Take your time", which fills the second disc, and which features Christof Kurzmann on vocals, in amongst the glitchy piano and radio noise...

Kris Keogh’s latest release, under his own name for the first time rather than Blastcorp or as part of Red Plum & Snow, sees him creating enthralling waves of noise from processed harp. Gotta be worth a free download, hey!

Canberran post-jazz ensemble Pollen Trio have a new EP out, after losing their original bass player, and it's abstract and beautiful. Get it direct from the band, and I also strongly recomment their previous output from hellosQuare, including this remix EP.

Although I featured these next two remix albums a little while ago on the show, the Tokyo Bloodworm is only just available in physical format, and the Vieo Abiungo is available for download from the label Tokyo Bloodworm run, Lost Tribe Sound. They're both absolutely unmissable.
The Australian connection on both discs is ably filled by Part Timer, both under that name and in his Scissor & Cellotape guise. That he's ultra-prolific has never hampered his quality.
We also hear Vieo Abiungo himself remixing Tokyo Bloodworm, and the original of "Mergers and Occupations", an incredible construction of acoustic sounds, peaking with clattering drums. VA is William Ryan Fritch, a hugely talented multi-instrumentalist with a few solo releases under his belt, who is also part of the SkyRider band (see below).

From the Vieo Abiungo remix album we also have another Melbourne act, Children of the Wave, contributing a mysterious journey into further global territories than the original even explored. And then one half of Tokyo Bloodworm, Sleepcrime, gives us an incredible 21-minute remix journey into sound — starting with with rhythmic violin, then double bass, gradually more processing, beats and layering. It's rather wonderful.

The SkyRider Band, fronted by Bud Berning and featuring William Ryan Fritch, has been working with alt.hop artist Sole for some years now. You may have heard the excellent new single and the even more excellent Alias reimx; tonight I'm playing SkyRider’s own remix, which is essentially an instrumental.

Icelandic composer and producer Ólafur Arnalds takes us into the latest Japan fundraiser comp, this one from Unseen Music. I don't want us to get Japan relief fatigue, because let's face it, it's a worthy cause (although the equally devastating disasters like the flooding in southern Thailand (to name one example) aren't getting nearly as much attention) — but that said, it's impossible to feel fatigue when time after time they're so damn good! For Nihon is the most ambient one yet. Arnalds pulls out the sweetly-discordant strings, minimal beats and piano, and Alva Noto contributes his usual impeccable minimalism.

Then we're back to the amazing 31 songs for japan compilation that flau released last week - compulsory for all UFog listeners, head to the Bandcamp now! Sydney's own wonderful pimmon contributes a mysterious 10-minute piece of white noise, drones and buried, half-identifiable sounds. And Gurun Gurun dispense with vocals, using field recordings, acoustic instruments and sound effects for a lovely warm sound.

Back to For Nihon, a gorgeous subdued shoegazey tune from Hollie Kenniff, who sings in Mint Julep with her husband Keith, the man behind the Unseen label, and better known as Helios and Goldmund.
And how lovely to have a new tune from Jon Hopkins — as heavily processed as he's ever gotten.

Finally from flau, how awesome to have a new tune from Bracken. It's over 9 minutes of slightly dubby indietronic goodness. By the time you get to the last third of the track and the vocals enter, you'll realise just why this song is so. damn. amazing.

In some ways it's totally weird that both Lia Tsamoglou and Kell Derrig-Hall of Moonmilk are now making countrified retro pop, but they're excellent musicians, and why not? Lia's project Melodie Nelson has an album out soon, and there's a Collarbones remix, which makes it irresistible to me.

Very fitting follow-up is a beautiful piece of layered vocals from Bon Chat, Bon Rat’s Reece Cooper and his sister, covering a David Sylvian track. Hopefully Reece will send me more of this very promising partnership soon.
So it's only fair we end with a track from Bon Chat, Bon Rat themselves. Here they enlist the help of exciting young Melbourne producer Hugo Frederick, who tones down his glitchy r'n'b proclivities and creates something windswept and almost shoegazey.

Pikelet - Out Real Out [Pikelet Bandcamp]
The Magic I.D. - Children's Tale [Staubgold]
Margareth Kammerer - Somewhere I Have Never Travelled [Charhizma]
The Magic I.D. - Mambo [Staubgold]
Margareth Kammerer - Facing It (remixed by Bernhard Fleischmann) [Charhizma]
b.fleischmann - Take your time (excerpt, feat. Christof Kurzmann) [Morr Music]
The Magic I.D. - Liebeslied [Staubgold]
Kris Keogh - I held on so tight as our whole world disintegrated [New Weird Australia]
Pollen Trio - peaks [self-released]
Tokyo Bloodworm - Canaanite Coast (Part Timer remix) [Moteer]
Tokyo Bloodworm - Mergers and Occupations [Moteer]
Tokyo Bloodworm - The Garden Shined Our Eyes Away (Vieo Abiungo remix) [Moteer]
Vieo Abiungo - Rust & Bile (Children of the Wave remix) [Lost Tribe Sound]
Vieo Abiungo - Nervous Laughter (Sleepcrime remix) [Lost Tribe Sound]
Sole & The SkyRider Band - Hello Cruel World (SkyRider Snowglobe Remix) [Circle Into Square]
Ólafur Arnalds - Endalaus II [Unseen Music]
Alva Noto - Is Otto Rössler Right? [Unseen Music]
pimmon - Heceta Final [flau]
Gurun Gurun - Otomatone [flau]
Hollie Kenniff - This Time Tomorrow [Unseen Music]
Jon Hopkins - Abandon Window [Unseen Music]
Bracken - The Fifty [flau]
Melodie Nelson - My Johnny (Collarbones remix) [available from Bandcamp]
The Deadly Night Shades - Dobro 1 [demo]
Bon Chat, Bon Rat - Blackbird (Hugo Frederick remix) [available from Bandcamp]

Listen again — ~ 217MB

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Sunday, 15th of May, 2011

Playlist 15.05.11 (11:10 pm)

Hey! Currently it's FBi's supporter drive - we're offering All You Can Eat, with listen-on-demand coming in the middle of the year, very exciting! But we need your financial help as always to keep the station running! So please sign up as a supporter at the FBi website.

Also, I recently did a DJ mix for Micronations, which you can read about and download from over here. 35-minute beat-mixed selection of Cuban son, glitch-hop, dubstep, sax mutilation, punk, jazz, wonky and more. Just the usual.

Quite an electronic UFog for tonight!
LISTEN AGAIN via the link at the bottom (see sidebar for podcast feed).

We started with a few (mostly) electronic tracks, fairly subdued tracks featuring piano.
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto have been collaborating for a number of albums now. The latest is just out now, and the first track we took from it is a cover (of sorts) of Brian Eno's "By This River". Sweet.
Robag Wruhme is an artist we featured a little later on in the show, so more about him later, but this piece of loveliness is the last track on his new album, Thora Vukk, with murmering vocals and then a sortof massed choir, delightfully shabby-sounding over the impeccable minimal house/ambient.
And a quiet track also from Kattoo, his partner in the much-missed Beefcake (of whom more later too).

From Peter Broderick we have the first track of the night from an amazing, unmissable compilation from Japan's flau, another benefit for the tsunami & earthquake-ravaged country. 31 songs for japan is highly recommended, and you'll be hearing more from it next week as well. I'm guessing this is a piano version of a track from his forthcoming album - in any case it's gorgeous, as the banter with his dog at the end is ultra-sweet.

The second Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto track is deeper, with both the piano and the electronics having more presence.

From Wire Magazine, this month subscribers get the latest download compilation, Below The Radar Vol 6, with the usual selection of unusual musics from round the world. AGF is hardly a new discovery for most of the Wire crowd, but it's always great to hear something new from her, with semi-nonsense lyrics intoned over glitchy electronics.

Very slightly less nonsense poetry comes from the collaboration between Anne-James Chaton & The Ex's Andy Moor. A very disturbing tribute of sorts to Lady Di.

Back to Japan, while I was there in Feb/March I got to meet the lovely Yasuhiko Fukuzono, aka aus, who runs the flau label. Before heading back into that awesome compilation, we heard two tracks from his history, both from 2006 — one of these albums I only picked up this week. He loves his sparkly folktronic textures, but he's also a dab hand at complex beats.

Two more from 31 songs for japan. Upward Arrows is the latest moniker for Melbourne's Part Timer, in which he turns piano recordings into wondrous drone textures. It's excellent seeing this very talented fellow develop further.
And from Chicago, Colorlist is a saxophone and percussion duo exemplary of their hometown's jazz/postrock crossover. The second half of this track is just beautiful.

And now, big special number 1 of the night: Robag Wruhme has a new album out. I was an enormous fan of Gabor Schablitzki's duo Beefcake (with Volker Kahl) from their inception in 1998. Their albums seemed to go all over the place, from classic idm and drill'n'bass to semi-ambient cheesy Euro-tronica, with healthy doses of glitch through it all. We heard a few tracks from the first couple of albums.
After 2004 they stopped making music together, and for quite some time I ignored his new project as I knew it was essentially minimal house.
Certainly most of the music Schablitzki makes with Wighnomy Brothers is a more 4/4 club-oriented affair than I'm generally interested in, but the production is impeccable, and there's a lot of electro and broken beat sounds in there too.
The first Robag Wruhme album contains a fair bit of idm-style beats too — it's a very fine album. And from 2007, The Lost Archives 1998-2007 has a couple of examples of drill'n'bass and lots of fun stuff.
Meanwhile, Volker Kahl kept the Beefcake flag flying with Kattoo, which can tend towards the ambient side of things, but also keeps up the experimental beats and glitches.
But the new Robag Wruhme is a subtle production, 4/4 but muted beats, piano, some soft singing, and beautiful string pads here and there. Very lovely.

Coincidentally, the next artist we feature has a new album out on Hymen, who released much of Beefcake's output. Karsten Pflum is a Danish electronic artist who's been around since 2003, and I played a lovely melodic track from his album on Worm Interface (which even in 2003 was very much a part-time label). FIrst off, though, we heard a Middle-Eastern sounding dubstep tune from his 2010 EP on Ad Noiseam.
I played a number of tracks from both of his last two albums — last year's Slaphead Faun and 2011's No Noia My Love. Both exhibit highly impressive production and programming skills with enough musicality to make them a cut above. Recommended listening for crazy beats.

Slew52 is another Danish producer, a friend of Karsten Pflum's and also released on Hymen. His debut(!) album is a double CD, the first disc featuring dubstep, wonky and drum'n'bass tracks, and the second ambient tracks. I only had a chance to play one piece — intricate beats over a dubstep template; very nice.

Hugely excited that this Thursday at the FBi Social, my favourite Canberrans Spartak are debuting their new pop/indietronica quartet Savages for Sydney audiences. The two tracks we heard show how awesome this is going to be - Hood-influenced guitar and electronic-based glitchy indie songs. Can't wait!

And finally, I really wanted to also feature Jason Forrest's new album on the show, but there's only so much you can fit into three hours! So we'll have more next week, but the closing track is a lovely soft number mainly made of piano. Uncharacteristically delicate and affecting.

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - by this river [raster-noton]
Robag Wruhme - Ende [Pampa]
Kattoo - l--l-ll- ll-ll- l- l--l-l l--l-ll ll-- l--ll-ll l- ll- l--l- [Kattoo]
Peter Broderick - One Story (piano version) [flau] {from the stellar 31 songs for japan benefit album}
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - reverso [raster-noton]
AGF - The Wires Are Fragile [via The Wire]
Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor - Princess in a Mercedes Class S 280 [Unsounds] {via dj /rupture}
aus - It's Tomorrow Already [Music Related]
aus - Moraine [Preco]
Upward Arrows - (no title) [flau] {from the stellar 31 songs for japan benefit album}
Colorlist - Resolve [flau] {from the stellar 31 songs for japan benefit album}
Robag Wruhme - Hugendubel [Kompakt]
Robag Wruhme & Wighnomy Brothers - Spekk-Drumm [Kompakt]
Beefcake - digilog [Hymen]
Beefcake - 5:09 [Hymen]
Beefcake - 4:37 [Hymen]
Robag Wruhme - Bakkenvesper [Kompakt]
Kattoo - Place2 [Hymen]
Robag Wruhme - Pnom Gobal [Pampa]
Karsten Pflum - Nemo Loon Part V [Ad Noiseam]
Karsten Pflum - The hand [Hymen]
Karsten Pflum - Te [Worm Interface]
Karsten Pflum - jazzkroge III [Mindwaves Music]
Karsten Pflum - Muntermacher [Hymen]
Slew52 - Lolest [Hymen]
Savages - Catch/Control [unreleased]
Savages - Wildflowers [unreleased]
Jason Forrest - Isolation, Too [Staatsakt]

Listen again — ~ 216MB

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Sunday, 8th of May, 2011

Playlist 08.05.11 (11:11 pm)

Tonight was another one of those shows where there's so much to play that scads of it are left by the wayside, to be picked up next week. So, tune in again for more awesomeness!
And you can LISTEN AGAIN as usual via the link at the bottom of the playlist.

Started tonight with the brilliant Jeffrey Witscher, whose Rene Hell project takes him from the noise scene into analogue synth heaven. His new album explores similar territory to the previous one on Type Records, with synth melodies and textures sometimes joined by glitchy vocal samples and treatments, and noisier passages here and there. The conceit of the new album is that it's a homage to classical music forms. The track names warp familiar terms from the classical tradition, but it's not that easy to discern an influence on the music itself. No matter - there's beauty and strangeness there regardless.

The beautiful minimalism of the fun years has been around a lot longer than I've known about them. I recently picked up their 2005 album why we're all below average, which is just as lovely as their more recent work — detailed, soft and earthy drones from turntable and guitar.

After beginning the year fabulously with his release for Sydney label Preservation’s Circa 2011 series, Fabio Orsi has another album out now on Italian label Boring Machines. It's a little more subdued than the rather anomalous balls-out noise/spacerock of the Preservation release, but there are some nice crescendos and even drum machine on one track. Both albums are absolutely beautiful.

But let's amplify the noise a bit (along with the beauty) with some drum'n'bass from Death$ucker Records head Parasite along with Anakissed. This is the first entry tonight from a Japan benefit compilation from Brighton's Wrong Music collective - and it's actually a free download (asking you to donate to the Japan Red Cross) from Soundcloud. There are 19 tracks and heaps of highlights, one of which we'll hear about it in a second.
But also this week I picked up a breakcore/dubstep compilation on Meganeural Records, via Ad Noiseam's online store. the Babyshaker track that opens the compilation is a nice slab of heavy dubstep with sampled choral vocals.

Back to Wrong Music, and I came upon this compilation via Bleeding Heart Narrative, who have an excellent track on it. Longterm listeners may remember than in 2008 the debut album from BHN was one of my very highest recommnedations of the year. A stunning debut, it was pretty much a solo project featuring Oli Barrett's drone noise, cello, and various other instruments. Bleeding Heart Narrative are now a full band, including vocals and drums and all the rest along with strings and electronic treatments, and meanwhile Oli has created the Petrels project for his solo work, and London's lovely Tartaruga Records are once again releasing the album.
It's everything we'd want it to be: strings, drones, big crescendos with glitchy textures, hidden vocals... An absolute gem.

And the new Bleeding Heart Narrative tracks sound superb as well. Tonight we also heard their contribution to Only Light To Clear Away, another Japan fundraiser, released by Distance Recordings. This compilation is a revelation - the BHN track is stunning, but there are stacks of artists here I'd never heard of (or only vaguely), putting in fantastic efforts in the drone/post-classical world. Two highlights were the classical arrangements and electronic treatments of Bryan Teoh, and the big drone (with some classical sounds) of Hope Hampton aka Aless.

Back to Preservation’s Circa 2011 series, the latest release comes from Quiet Evenings, which is the duo of Rachel Evans of Motion Sickness of Time Travel and her husband Grant aka Nova Scotian Arms. It follows the same path - spacey synth dreams, with floaty vocals and a sortof arcane dark folk feel despite the instrumentation.

Dark folk is just what we get from Alexander Tucker, whose latest album may well be his best yet. It's his first on Thrill Jockey after a trio of releases on ATP Recordings, and continues with yearning cello/strings, folky guitar and vocals. It's not all acoustic though by any means, and continues to have weird experimental passages throughout. Very interesting listening, coupled with a talent for great songwriting.

Speaking of strings, Western Vinyl are to release a new album from double bassist/songwriter Nat Baldwin shortly, and the first promo track features his usual bowed bass and Dirty Projectors-style vocals. I predict this will be a first class album, from a label that's swiftly becoming compulsory listening.

Having just received a parcel from Ad Noiseam (whose awesome mail-order store is well worth perusing for dubstep, breakcore and dark ambient sounds), I have some older albums by Ukrainian sound artist Andrey Kiritchenko to play you. There's detailed minimal electronica, but more recently acoustic instruments enter into this sound world, and we heard one track that's essentially just acoustic guitar and piano.

Next up we're into the weird-hop phase of the show, although Hype Williams seem to fit into the hypnagogic pop/hauntological end of the spectrum. I'm not enthused by either of these terms nor most of the music that comes under their banner, but this new Hype Williams has a huge charm to the no-fi production, echoing Boards of Canada (albeit not quite as transcendent as they can be), and the sketchy-sounding sampling and beats make them sound as now as you can get.
Clams Casino is a bedroom producer extraordinaire, but he's found success in the underground hip-hop scene, with his beats being used by artists like Lil B and Soulja Boy. The instrumental album he's offered up as a free download (albeit at 160kbps) showcases Björk samples, squished beats and simple, subtle grooves that make the current scene so exciting.
And the venerable Chuck D has collaborated with London based trio Eclectic Method — but he probably didn't expect the chaos of Icarus’ chopped-up remix, which as usual manages to find a groove amongst the apparent randomness. For extra bewilderment, checkout Weirdcore's video.

Into the home strait: Sole famously split with the anticon. label recentl, but already with his latest single with The SkyRider Band (album coming soon), he's got a remix from anticon's Alias featuring a vocal loop from Yoni Wolf of Why?. Couldn't be anything but excellent, and the SkyRider remix is equally dope.

Amon Tobin’s new album accompanies a video work, and it sounds it: loads of somewhat aimless tracks showcase high-end audio processing and heavy beats which almost immediately get distracted or become listless. It's strange listening - fairly compelling while it's on, but it slides right over you.
Unfortunately I've also been disappointed with Eskmo’s output on whole since he joined Ninja Tune, after a run of amazing singles in 2009. Amon Tobin does a nice job remixing one of the recent tracks though.

And finally, Jamie xx gets to show off his very on-the-money, up-to-the-minute production skills on the work of, of all people, Gil Scott-Heron. The poetry and singing of Scott-Heron work strangely well with the street-smart push-pull production of Jamie xx, embedded in South/East London styles. Ultra catchy stuff.

Rene Hell - juliard op. 66 [Type Records]
Rene Hell - Razor. P+ [Type Records]
Rene Hell - baroque ensemble coda [Type Records]
the fun years - soothe out the milch bender [self-released]
Fabio Orsi - loipe2 [Boring Machines]
Fabio Orsi - Full Metal Flat [Preservation]
Fabio Orsi - loipe5 [Boring Machines]
Parasite feat. Anakissed - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You [Wrong Music] {from Wrong Music Japan Compilation 2011}
Babyshaker - Snudge Dub [Meganeural Records]
Bleeding Heart Narrative - Paper Lantern Leaves [Wrong Music] {from Wrong Music Japan Compilation 2011}
Petrels - After Francis Danby [Tartaruga]
Petrels - Canute [Tartaruga]
Bleeding Heart Narrative - Ghost Cats Disappear Into The Night [Distance Recordings] {From Only Light To Clear Away, another Bandcamp-based Japan relief compilation!}
Bryan Teoh - Let The Kingdom Crumble My Liege, The Crown Must Be Protected (excerpt) [Distance Recordings] {From Only Light To Clear Away}
Aless - Cocoon [Distance Recordings] {From Only Light To Clear Away}
Quiet Evenings - Transcending Spheres [Preservation]
Alexander Tucker - Dark Rift / Black Road [Thrill Jockey]
Alexander Tucker - Old Fog [ATP Recordings]
Alexander Tucker - His Arm Has Grown Long [Thrill Jockey]
Nat Baldwin - Weights [Western Vinyl] {this track is a free promotional download from the label}
Andrey Kiritchenko - parable [Ad Noiseam]
Andrey Kiritchenko - kingdom of blessed dream [Ad Noiseam]
Andrey Kiritchenko - unexpected raylets [spekk]
Andrey Kiritchenko - cheers, my_fairy [Ad Noiseam]
Hype Williams - warlord [Hippos In Tanks]
Clams Casino - All I Need [from his self-released instrumental mixtape] {free download}
Chuck D / Eclectic Method - Outta Sight (Icarus remix) [Eclectic Method] {check out the insane video here}
Sole & The SkyRider Band - Hello Cruel World (Alias Remix w/ Yoni Wolf of Why?) [Circle Into Square]
Amon Tobin - Piece of Paper [Ninja Tune]
Eskmo - Moving Glowstream (Amon Tobin remix) [Ninja Tune]
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx - NY is Killing Me [Young Turks/XL Recordings]

Listen again — ~ 229MB {NB: I've changed my default encoding to a higher bitrate. Let me know if the filesize is too high and I'll try to make future ones smaller again}

Monday, 2nd of May, 2011

Playlist 01.05.11 - Shannon O'Neill fill-in (2:33 am)

Shannon O'Neill kindly filled in for me this Sunday while I was playing at a festival in Fairbridge, WA.
Here's what he played:

Wish Mountain - Royal Wedding
Igorrr - Unpleasant Sounds / Tendon
DOOM - Lightworks
Retina.It - Tetsub
James Blake - Postpone
Puzahki - Reverse Anthology - Reverse Anthology
Gumsneaker - - Tripping Staccato / Hellektro
Seefeel - Making / Dead Guitars / Faults
The Legends - Always the Same
The Magnetic Fields - Famous
Scorn - Soon Come (Version Beat)
Igorrr - Very Long Chicken / Cruciform Dachsund
Coil - NASA Arab
The Bug - Run (feat Flowdan)
Rhythm & Sound - Poor People Must Work
Scientist - Dematerialise
Sherriff Lindo and the Hammer - Fatal Dub
Nurse with Wound - She and Me Fall Together in Free Death
When - Peer Gynt and the Herd Girls
CraigLP - Forever Learning / Gristle
Speedy J - Beam Me Up!
Spanky - Cheese Saloon
Jean Michel Jarre - Blah-Blah Café
Trancendental Headache - Ssppkk
Aphex Twin - Tamphex (Headphuq Mix)
Leonard Emanuel - Field Call and Answer - Distress Call / Calling Hogs, Cows and Dogs
Nudge - Sickth
Zoviet France - Look Into Me
Zoviet France - White Dusk
Negativland - Negativland (Track 9)
The New Pollutants - Online Celebrity
iNsuRge - Political Prisoners

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