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Sunday, 29th of May, 2011

Playlist 29.05.11 (11:04 pm)

A Quiet Evening to you all. A lovely interview and some awesome new music tonight!
LISTEN AGAIN, see bottom of this post — or subscribe to the playlist, see the sidebar. Early people, I stuffed up the link! It's now the right show! SORRY!

Tonight I had the pleasure of chatting to Rachel & Grant Evans, who together are Quiet Evenings, and run the Hooker Vision label. Their new album is out on Sydney's own Preservation label, and is a beautiful contemplative work.

Before we get back to them, though, a couple of tracks celebrating the 10th birthday of Tokyo's fantastic Linus Records, released on their label Preco. Our first selection is a real delight, from Japanese postrock darlings miaou. And the somewhat legendary Motoro Faam give us a bizarre ambient/classical cut-up piece.

Back to Quiet Evenings. I got to talk to both Grant and Rachel via the miracle of Skype - turns out this is easily the best way to do a radio interview (other than having them in the studio). We talked about releasing music on cassette, vinyl and online, living and making music in a small town in Georgia in the USA, their relationship with technology, and lots more.
We also heard from the wonderful music they make separately, Rachel as Motion Sickness of Time Travel and Grant as Nova Scotian Arms.

Back in Australia, and I'm still greatly enjoying the experiments that Pikelet has been putting up on her Bandcamp. Just drum machine & keyboard and her lovely vocals.
Everybody's on Bandcamp tonight. Next up, two New Zealanders now based in Sydney, calling themselves Kompost. Pretty ace mix of krautrock, ambient and techno or summat.

We're excited that not only is there a new Machinefabriek EP, but he's diving into Bandcamp as another way of getting his music out there. Nicer, to me, than getting digital via Boomkat or even Bleep &mdashl; although I'd still prefer buying physical releases if they're on CD. This is a 10" single (already sold-out) as well as digital. It's the familiar Machinefabriek evolving drone, but with a lot going on in the sound-world. He's an amazing sound recorder & constructor.

Next, to Japan. We can't avoid it at the moment — so much great music coming out to raise money for tsunami/earthquake relief. From the For Nihon compilation that Unseen Music recently put out, we hear the beautiful Cokiyu, and then a masterful pulsating track from Novisad for flau’s 31 songs for japan. Finally, flau boss aus contributes lovely clattery folktronic breaks for the Linus Records comp.

And here's something I couldn't have missed out on tonight: a new EP from Venetian Snares! And it's pretty different, albeit instantly recognizable as Snares. It's Cubist Reggae, folks! His familiar lopsided time signatures, but with space to breathe, and dub delays. Fun, fun, fun!
In between two of his tracks, and remarkably fitting track from Comatone, something new and unreleased. We need to convince him to make some new tunes, people!

In similar suit, London's anime-obsessed MusSck gives us his take on glitch-hop, from a new double-12" release. Amazing intricately-chopped samples and beats.

Another Aussie release we have to hear more from next week: David Evans’s debut album for (mainly) solo drumkit. He plays with Melbourne postrockers This Is Your Captain Speaking, and recorded most of this album within 24 hours. It's an impressively varied affair.

I'm still embarrassed not to have given more attention to Jason Forrest’s new album yet on the show — hopefully next week I'll feature it a bit more. The track I played after is an old fave, mixing krautrock, his prog obsession, and breakcore madness. The new album doesn't have as many amen breaks all over it, but it's still suitably insane and suitable inspired.

Quiet Evenings - Relativity [Preservation]
miaou - Past Presents [Preco]
Motoro Faam - The Flattened Nine [Preco]
Quiet Evenings - Transcending Spheres [Preservation]
Interview with Rachel & Grant Evans of Quiet Evenings... Next two tracks played during the interview:
Quiet Evenings - Finality [Preservation]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Flying on a Broomstick [Hooker Vision]
Nova Scotian Arms - Crystalline Gaze [Sacred Phrases]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Mental Projection [Digitalis]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Owl Eyes [Hooker Vision]
Pikelet - Big and Lots [Pikelet Bandcamp]
Kompost - funfzig [via Bandcamp]
Kompost - The Light Is Only Reaching Us No [via Bandcamp]
Machinefabriek - Ringoya, Tokyo [Machinefabriek Bandcamp]
Cokiyu - Volar [Unseen-Music]
Novisad - Radium [flau]
aus - 103 [Preco]
Venetian Snares - Ever Apparent All Being Shoulder [Planet µ]
Comatone - Lamplit Screenprint [listen on Soundcloud]
Venetian Snares - The Identification Circles Levitate [Planet µ]
MusSck - the man who knew too much [Alkalinear Recordings]
MusSck - proximity [Alkalinear Recordings]
MusSck - a nameless hero [Alkalinear Recordings]
David Evans - Swing House [Sensory Projects]
Jason Forrest - The Exquisite Organs [Staatsakt]
Jason Forrest - Evil Doesn't Exist Anymore [Sonig]

Listen again — ~ 217MB

5 Responses to “Playlist 29.05.11”

  1. Ella Says:

    the miaou track was beautiful - I was driving home in the rain tonight when I was listening in - thanks for playing such a pretty song! x

  2. Peter Says:

    Yay, you're welcome!

  3. Ella Says:

    have been youtubing miaou for the last wee bit - they are so so fine

  4. Jordan Says:

    'kin ell! this is an unbelievably good playlist!!
    how did you get hold of ten years on the blanket? been trying to get hold of it to review, can be hard to get hold of the preco guys.

  5. Peter Says:

    Thanks Jordan! I got Ten Years on the Blanket from Osamu @Linus himself - I sent him an email, and PayPalled him for it :) You should do the same!

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