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Monday, 24th of November, 2003

Playlist 23.11.03 (3:22 pm)

We had Laurence and Adrian from Triosk in tonight to chat about their new album (by "Triosk meets Jan Jelinek") 1 + 3 + 1 on ~scape, as well as a couple of gigs they have coming up: Next Sunday the 30th at the Hopetoun Hotel, and then Tuesday the 2nd of December, launching the album at Jazzgroove, at the Excelsior Hotel, Surry Hills 8pm-12pm, for a bargain $5.
Started with some classic Serge Gainsbourg, beautifully mixed into Cinematic Orchestra by an Adelaide artist championed by this show... Then more Gainsbourg, juxtaposed by a song by the incredible Pop Will Eat Itself, in their time the greatest band on earth (big words, eh?!) - their song poaches wholesale the bassline from the Gainsbourg album, and a fab bassline it is too; also sampled by Portishead in their remix of Massive Attack's "Karmacoma"... Lots more goodies strewn throughout the show.
Next week I'll be in Queenscliff and Melbourne with FourPlay, so I'll leave you in the capable hands of Angela and Serena for one week.

Serge Gainsbourg - L'Hotel Particulier [Polygram International, now part of the gigantic Vivendi-Universal]
Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give [Ninja Tune]
{mix of above two courtesy Stuart Johnson of Marxist Real Estate}
Serge Gainsbourg - Cargo Culte [Polygram International, now part of the gigantic Vivendi-Universal]
Pop Will Eat Itself - Home [Infectious Records]
Doves - M62 Song (Four Tet remix) [Heavenly]
The Books - a true story of a story of true love [Tomlab]
Flim - Linker 2 [Tomlab]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - On The Lake [~scape]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - neckless [~scape]
Triosk - untitled tk 6 from unreleased material! [to be released sometime next year]
Savath + Savalas - Two Blues For Marion Brown [Hefty]
Greg Davis - Lightning Proves To Be Unnecessary [Melektronikk]
Boxhead Ensemble - three [Atavistic]
Flim - Lauder Tremstedt [mp3 release on phonocake.org]
Stars Like Fleas - lump. of. clay. [Praemedia]
Talk Talk - 5:09 [Polydor]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Barcelona Bell Process [free mp3 from November at the Reckankomplex]
Stars Like Fleas - good enough alone [Praemedia]
Ulrich Schnauss - You Were The Only One Around [Hooj Choons]
Unit - We Are In Love [Caipirinha]
Super Science - Now Which Way To Where? [Surgery Records]
Gimmik - Booga [Toytronic]
Emotional Joystick - Majik Johnson [Zod Records]
Puzahki - Swiss Jazz [Alias Frequencies]
Puzahki - 800BPM Glitch [self-released CDR]
Venetian Snares - Ghetto Body Buddy [Planet μ]
Kid606 - Buckle Up [Tigerbeat 6]
0=0 - Soda411 [Tigerbeat 6]
Enduser - West Side Breaks [Had been a free download at Enduser's site. No more, so maybe it'll appear on the Mirex album early next year...]

Monday, 17th of November, 2003

Playlist 16.11.03 (6:12 pm)

Lots of great new stuff this week. Started out with a brilliant collaboration between Nick Cave and Talk Talk producer Tim Friese-Greene; a few tunes from Red Snapper, who came to our attention on the Warp label pioneering the whole live groove thing with guitar, double bass and drums, and whose new remix album marks their break-up... Then plenty of what we here @ Utility Fog like to call postfolkrocktronica (including all 23:16 of Four Tet's "live version" of "As Serious As Your Life" - an insane live remix), some more new Venetian Snares and so it goes...

Nick Cave & Tim Friese-Greene - There Is A Light [Atlantic Records]
Red Snapper - 4 Dead Monks (Original Demo) [Warp Records]
Red Snapper - Crusoe Takes A Trip (John McEntire - Tortoise Mix) [Warp Records]
Red Snapper - Mountains And Valleys (Pedro remix) [Lo Recordings]
Lucky Pierre - Sometimes I Feel Like A Mother Less Child (Remixed by Pedro) [Melodic]
Daedalus - Busy Signal (Prefuse 73 Remix) [Eastern Developments]
Savath + Savalas - Yesterday's Throwaway and Reprise [Hefty]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - mis-leader [~scape]
Telefon Tel Aviv remix John Hughes - Got Me Lost/Driving In LA [Hefty]
Jahcoozi - Fish [WMF Records]
Steward - Bit Part Actor Come Good (Figurine Remix) [Blackbean and Placenta]
Styrofoam - This Is All Wrong [Rocket Racer]
Multiplex - Bevel (Animals on Wheels remix) [Senton Recordings]
Fridge - Cut Up Piano And Xylophone [Temporary Residence/Brainwashed]
Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life (Live Version) [Domino]
Beam Up - tk 4 from recent CDR promo, no track titles included...
Venetian Snares - Epidermis [Planet µ]
Enduser - Babylon Dub [self-released CDR]
Soundmurderer & SK-1 - Fathom [Rephlex]
Steward - The Last Wasps of Summer (remixed by Downpour) [555 Records]
Abelcain - Nox Hymnos [Addict Records]
Maladroit - Serpent And The Voguer [System Corrupt]
Venetian Snares - Sky Painted On Car [Planet µ]
Do Make Say Think - Horns of a Rabbit/It's Gonna Rain/Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! [Constellation Records]
Nettle remixed by Leafcutter John - The Ballad of Jimmy Hollin is More Awkward Than That [theAgriculture]
Donna Summer - Moses on a Raft [split CD with Ove Naxx on ADAADAT]
Lesser - Indicators and Indices of Subjugation [Matador]
Alias - The Physical Voice w/Pedestrian [Anticon]
Curse ov Dialect - Vertical Ascension [Mush Records]
Dsico - Kylie - Burn Baby Burn [from We Bore 2 on Toast And Jam Recordings]

...and by the way, muthafucka, it's Utility Fog, not Frog.

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Monday, 10th of November, 2003

Playlist 09.11.03 (2:37 pm)

A very electronic Utility Fog tonight. A bit of post-folk-rock-tronica later on, but everything from hip-hop to breakcore to classic and current idm. A bit of a focus on Venetian Snares' new masterpiece on Planet µ, The Chocolate Wheelchair Album (featuring the stunning 7/8 ragga jungle of Hand Throw), plus plenty of DSP-fuckups of pop songs and a smattering of the works of Mr Mike Paradinas aka µ-Ziq, the influential founder of the Planet µ empire and perhaps the best of the old guard of drill'n'bass pioneers.

philly da kid - this charming booty (eminem vs the smiths) [mp3 found on Boom Selection ages ago... Can still be found on this page, ridiculously dedicated to bootlegs of Eminem's "Without Me"]
Donna Summer - Moses on a Raft [split CD with Ove Naxx on ADAADAT]
Curse ov Dialect - Red Candles [Dual Plover via V/VM Test Records]
Themselves - Only Child Explosion (remixed by Alias) [Anticon]
Alias - I Would Like To Write A Song That... [Anticon]
Locust - Saturated Love [R&S Records]
µ-Ziq vs The Auteurs - Lenny Valentino 3 [Hut Records]
Bola - Pae Paoe [SKAM]
µ-Ziq - Hasty Boom Alert [Hut Records]
Neneh Cherry - Feel It (µ-Ziq remix) [Hut Records]
Boom Bip - The Unthinkable feat. Buck 65 (Venetian Snares remix) [Lex Records]
Venetian Snares - Abomination Street [Planet µ]
Venetian Snares - Einstein-Rosen Bridge [Planet µ]
Ove Naxx - Hatashiai Beans Version [split CD with Donna Summer on ADAADAT]
Donna Summer - Dragon Attack (Duran Duran Duran remix) [Omeko]
Toecutter & Main$tream - Parramatta Road [V/VM Test Records]
Dsico - Kylie - Burn Baby Burn [from We Bore 2 on Toast And Jam Recordings]
Kid 606 - {untitled from Chihuahuas & Chinese Noodles comp} [555 Recordings of Leeds]
Enduser - Endya [self-released CDR] {many mp3s available for download from his site!}
Enduser - Things To Do In The Queen City [self-released CDR]
D'Kat - Strychnine [Death$ucker Records]
Venetian Snares - Hand Throw [Planet µ]
Kettel - Introit [dub]
Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life (Remix 2) [Domino]
Fridge - Of [Go! Beat, now reissued by Temporary Residence/Brainwashed with bonus disc]
Jason Prine - Breaks & Beeps [Skylab Operations via Couchblip! Distribution]
Super Science - Now Which Way To Where? [Surgery Records]
Dntel - If I Don't Return [Dublab via Emperor Norton]
Stars As Eyes vs Casino versus Japan - Our Light Remix [Tigerbeat6]
Dntel - Goodnight [from the Voices in my Lunchbox comp on Plug Research]
Disjunction Reunion - Arse/Face Uplink [Couchblip!]
Unit - Static Beef [Caipirinha]
Talk Talk - It's Getting Late In The Evening [Polydor]
Alias - Unseen Sights w/Markus Acher [Anticon]

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Monday, 3rd of November, 2003

Playlist 02.11.03 (1:49 am)

As promised, the show opened with Elliott Smith's live cover of Nico's cover of Jackson Browne's "These Days"... A number of other folksy pieces followed, and then we had a half-hour interview with Danny Jumpertz, who does signal processing and production with Melbourne band Plankton, but has recently moved back to Sydney where he runs the excellent label Feral Media. I discovered the amazing breakcore artist Enduser earlier this week, and played a whole bunch of his stuff later on...

Elliott Smith - These Days (live in Portland 14/10/1999) [bootleg, naturally...]
Virginia Astley - tk8 from From Gardens Where We Feel Secure [Rough Trade]
Nina Simone - Who Knows Where The Time Goes? [RCA Victor, 1969]
Gary Jules - Mad World [Enjoy Records]
Talk Talk - It's Getting Late In The Evening [Polydor]
Pivot - We Shall Overcome This [self-released "Sampler" CDR]
Plankton - Hurricane Annie [Feral Media]
Plankton - Clouds Condensing [Feral Media]
Plankton - Sad Clone Battle [Feral Media]
Marxist Real Estate - Elliptic Strings [excerpt from self-released one-track 30-minute CDR entitled The Secret Machines of Life]
Prop - Low [Silent Recordings]
Saddleback - untitled tk 4 fm Everything's a Love Letter pre-release [Heavy]
The Notwist - Scoop [Morr Music]
Pimmon - In Conjola Mode [Bad Jazz] {still available! Try Boomkat for instance...}
Plaid - Eyen [Warp Records]
Emotional Joystick - Eight [Zod Records]
Unit - Medicine is Using (Maggots and Bats) [co.ad audio]
Enduser - Björk is hiding under my bed [self-released CDR] {many mp3s available for download from his site!}
Maladroit - The Quietest Hours Are The Worst [Downloaded from SyCo's website - still there and worth it!]
Enduser - Westside Breaks [self-released CDR]
Soundmurderer - Hardly Explained [Found this on SoulSeek and not sure whether I can guarantee its provenance (although it does sound like Soundmurderer & SK-1), but it's fun!]
Enduser - def¿ (pussy version) [self-released CDR]
Knifehandchop vs 0=0 - Down With The Technics, Don't Sweat The Scene Remix [Tigerbeat 6]
Giorgio Marauder - You Only Live Once [Mirex]
Mochipet - Amnesiac Morning Bell [yup, you can download it from here]
Skkatter - Dirty Pop [V/VM Test Records]
Freelance Hairdresser - Marshall's Been Snookered [go download kids!]
The Books - enjoy your worries, you may never have them again [Tomlab]
Styrofoam - If you tell me the truth I will kill you [Morr Music]
The Books - motherless bastard [Tomlab]
Giardini di Mirò - A New Start (Styrofoam Remix) [2.nd rec]
Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns - Bombay Brassière [Konkurrent]
Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life (Remix 1) [Domino]
Super Furry Animals - Cityscape Skybaby (Minotaur Shock remix) [Sony Music Video] {DVD-only track - pretty silly eh! Gotta love the majors...}

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