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Monday, 26th of January, 2004

Playlist 25.01.04 (1:55 pm)

In the post-Big Day Out aftermath (verdict: it was fun), I found myself unable to resist playing some of the tracks I heard DJed there. Thus the first two items, which were played in a row by David Holmes - fab to hear classic New Order on that Boiler Room sound system! And fab to hear Ulrich, at all, frankly!
Then we bookended the Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert set, which started with a recently-reissued Art Of Noise 12", gradually upped the tempo through disco, house, idm, drill'n'bass and dark drum'n'bass to insanely fast gabba/breakcore, and ended with a glorious track from the latest Venetian Snares album. {They actually played something after this too, some silly 1-minute track. And it's conceivable that the Art of Noise was the last David Holmes track, but I don't think so... It was a bit disappointing to see such famous producers coming all the way here just to DJ reasonably good sets, esp Aphex/Vibert, who just sat behind their laptops, presumably using linked up versions of Traktor...}
After Aphex/Vibert, Ange & I headed to the car and zoomed off to Bondi, to catch The Necks' second set at Live Bait - and a wonderful thing it was, starting soft and minimal, and eventually featuring Tony Buck playing breakbeats - yeah! Played about 20 minutes (start, beatmixed in with end segment) of the amazing jungle-influenced Necks album Hanging Gardens, and then... on with the show!
Later on, we had an interview with Tony Buck, and some great new tunes were featured from Japanese artist Utabi's new album, which combines computer-game idm/breakcore with some live instruments in a really Utility-Fog-friendly way.
New albums also from Mice Parade and Cex. What with an interview and some fairly long tracks, the playlist looks shortish this week. Still three hours of postfolkrocktronic goodness though!

New Order - Truth Faith [Factory Records]
Ulrich Schnauss - On My Own [City Centre Offices]
Art Of Noise - The Army Now [Zang Tuum Tumb]
Venetian Snares - Epidermis [Planet µ]
The Necks - Hanging Gardens (excerpt) [Fish of Milk/Shock]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - On The Lake [~scape]
Pedro - These Pixels Weave A Person [Melodic Records]
Mice Parade - Here Today [Bubblecore/Fat Cat]
Utabi - Cassia Angustifolia [ADAADAT/19-t]
My Jazzy Child - Shame On You, I Love You [Clapping Music]
Bed - Polder One [Ici D'Ailleurs]
Savath & Savalas - Balcon sin flores [Warp Records]
Mice Parade - Out Of The Freedom World [Bubblecore/Fat Cat]
World's End Girlfriend - Good Bye Merry Lou [Romz]
Eight Frozen Modules - Organ For God [Orthlorng Musork]
65daysofstatic - aod [Dust Punk Records]
Utabi - Set Her Eyes Xochipilli [ADAADAT/19-t]
Nitrada - Fading Away [2.nd rec]
Greg Davis - Good Morning Amanda [Staalplaat]
Interview with Tony Buck interleaved with excerpts from:
Tony Buck and Axel Dörner - Durch und Durch [TES/Vitamin]
Flim - New Livingin [Tomlab]
cLOUDDEAD - The Sound of a Handshake [Mush]
Jel - Petroleum Jel [Mush]
Megadebt - A College Education [Beta Bodega]
Minotaur Shock - Avon Ranger [Melodic]
Loka - Safe Self Tester [Ninja Tune]
Cex - Drive off a Mountain [Jade Tree Records]

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Monday, 19th of January, 2004

Playlist 18.01.04 (1:34 pm)

This week the Utility Fog was taken over for an hour or so by a visit from Garry Bradbury, who is curating the E.A.R. Stage @ the Big Day Out. See the links for a lot more about what he's done over the ages.
Garry was joined by Dave Noyze, from Nottingham, who uses cellular automata to generate his music. We had a live laptop set from Dave, much silliness, discussion of some of the acts on the E.A.R. Stage (including the one and only Damo Suzuki, vocalist with Can during the 1970s), and we got to listen to some of Gordon Mumma's 1960s electro-acoustic music courtesy of Garry.
We (that's the royal "we" - it's all ME on Utility Fog!) also had a feature on Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert, who are in town this week also for the Big Day Out, and some other music from E.A.R. Stage-featured artists such as the wonderful Pimmon (listen to Paul's Play-Lunch on FBi on Mondays 12-1pm!) and Wake Up And Listen (two very evil kids who were in the year above me at school, same school & year as Mr Seb Chan as well - now there's trivia for you!)
It's rumoured that someone from WUAL is also in Winner, whose cover version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" needs to be heard to be believed. Like the Residents bumping into Queen in a dark room.
Tenuous connections for the week: Pimmon's "post-DM" track is from a split 10" with Italian post-rock band Giardini di Mirò, and is a remix of one of their tracks from the flipside. The 10" was the first release on 2.nd rec, who later released a wonderful CD album of Giardini di Mirò remixes, of which I've played a few on this show (hint: use the search function on the right if you like!) This week I received a promo from 2.nd rec of the new Nitrada album; Nitrada is Christophe Stoll, one of the two guys who runs 2.nd rec, and his album is a beautiful blend of electronica and indie/post-rock that those Germans do so well. You can see why there were so many Morr Music artists on the Giardini remixes CD, and there are many echoes of The Notwist in there too. Great stuff!

Severed Heads - Now An Explosive New Movie [Ink Records - although I think the Discogs page from the link may mix up two labels... They're long gone anyway but Sevcom has most of Severed Heads' back catalogue available on hand-made CDR]
Saint Etienne - Who Do You Think You Are (quex-rd remix by Aphex Twin) [Heavenly]
Wagon Christ - Hasjit [Rising High]
Pimmon - pulsebuzzkid [Tigerbeat 6]
Bradbury - The Van [Wagga Space Program]
Ian Andrews live @ Disorientation, lanfranchi's [from CDR]
Dave Noyze live @ Disorientation, lanfranchi's [from CDR]
Dave Noyze laptop set live in the studio
Dave Noyze - The Dissimilarity of Cats and Belches [off laptop, with added belches...]
Gordon Mumma - Medium Size Mograph 1963 (Robert Ashley, Gordon Mumma: piano-4-hands with cybersonic modification) [Tzadik]
Wake Up And Listen - White Spines [Zónar]
Winner - Bohemian Rhapsody [CDR pre-release, look for something on V/VM Test Records sometime!]
Pimmon vs Giardini di Mirò - post-DM [2.nd rec]
Hypnoblob - Spinout [Hypnosis - Brisbane label, long gone I believe...]
The Bug & Daddy Freddy - Run The Place Red (AFX mix) [MEN]
Aphex Twin - IZ-US [Warp Records]
Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm [Warp Records]
Nitrada - I Fear: Good. [2.nd rec]
Nitrada vs Giardini di Mirò - The Beauty Tape Rider [2.nd rec]
Nitrada - Old Love, New Idea [2.nd rec]
Hot Roddy - Jane Bartholomew Remix [CDR direct from Chris]
Fennesz - Easter Parade [download this beautiful out-take from the Endless Summer album]
Vert - Lunar Brawling [Sonig]
Wagon Christ - Spotlight (Aphex Twin remix) [Rising High]

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Thursday, 15th of January, 2004

Playlist 11.01.04 (1:25 am)

This show began with a bit of overblown cacophany of the best kind, from the classic first Mr. Bungle album, one of the greatest rock albums ever made. It was produced by John Zorn, and I followed the Bungle track with a fucked-up dub version of a Hebrew song on Zorn's Tzadik label. (Another ridiculous connection for UFog trainspotters: Mr. Bungle's singer is of course Mr Mike Patton, whose label Ipecac released the recent Kid 606 album...)
We had a couple of little specials on today's show. A few tracks from the beautiful new Savath & Savalas album Apropa't, out in a couple of weeks from Warp, and a few tracks taking up the South American theme that Apropa't explores so beautifully.
And following that we took a little historical trip through some of the music of Adam Pierce aka Mice Parade, head honcho of Bubblecore Records and all-round cool guy. Couldn't possibly fit in something from all his releases, but we got quite a bit in!
There's also a new album from Eight Frozen Modules, from which we took a couple of tracks, and there's no doubt we'll here more of all this new music in the next few shows. And finally, the last two tracks were from belated entries into the "very best albums of 2003" category: Leafcutter John's The Housebound Spirit, on Planet µ is a wondrous thing to behold; and Belgian band Bed's album Spacebox, on French indie label Ici D'Ailleurs is a beautiful and sensitive essay in post-late-Talk Talkism. And if that ain't a fab new genre I don't know what is.

Mr. Bungle - Carousel [Warner Bros]
David Gould vs Jamie Saft - Hinei Ma Tov Dub [Tzadik]
King Tubby & Soul Syndicate feat. Prince Alla - Great Stone (Zion Train) [Select Cuts]
Enduser - Babylon Dub [Was a download from his site; you can probably find it somewhere still, but check other mp3s also from c8]
Rude Ass Tinker - Silk Ties [Deathchant]
Hrvatski - Apostle [RKK]
Amon Tobin - Fast Eddie [Ninja Tune]
Savath & Savalas - Introduccion [Warp Records]
Savath & Savalas - Te quiero pero por otro lado [Warp Records]
Getz/Gilberto - Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) [Verve]
Savath & Savalas - Radio llos especials [Warp Records]
Hefty - Savath & Savalas "replay slicker" [Hefty]
Hefty - Mice Parade "confidence in scoober mix" [Hefty]
Mice Parade - Organic Reproduction Attempt [Fat Cat]
Mice Parade - Galileo [Bubblecore]
Mice Parade - One Road Led To Columbia [Bubblecore/Fat Cat]
Mice Parade - Focus On The Roller Coaster [Bubblecore/Fat Cat]
Greg Davis - nicholas [Carpark]
Pimmon - The Sacred Dance of Mimi Lush (links to my review) [Tigerbeat 6]
Fennesz - Perlen Für Euch [Warp Records, exclusive track on Warpmart1 comp]
Eight Frozen Modules - Adversely Affected [Orthlorng Musork]
Eight Frozen Modules - Organ For God [Orthlorng Musork]
Funckarma - Soccermummy (original track: Slemper) [On Records {note: if front page doesn't work, try http://www.onrecords.com/flash/onrecords.htm}]
Jello - Lungbone [Peacefrog] {PS Jello is Bola under another name... Geddit? Bola Jello?}
65daysofstatic - play.nice.kids [Dustpunk Records]
Beam Up - tk 4 from recent CDR promo, no track titles included...
Vim! - 1994 Gold Via Ratners [Monotonik]
Opiate - Perdot [Morr Music]
Leafcutter John - If You Have An Enemy [Planet µ]
Bed - Plainfield [Ici D'Ailleurs]

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Playlist 04.01.04 (1:23 am)

I turned 30 on the 2nd, so I thought I'd start the show with one of my fave bands ever, the incredible PWEI. Followed that by a Birthday song from the Sugarcubes, as remixed by Justin Robertson of Lionrock way back in 1992. Fast-forward 11 years and we've got the same man being remixed himself by nostalgia-freak Ulrich Schnauss, and the first Utility Fog of 2004 has begun! A few other gems from last year's shows were in evidence, as well as some awesome new stuff (that 65daysofstatic stuff! Go grab the downloads from their website). Ended with my contribution to Luke Dsico's 2nd Ministry of Shit comp on his Spasticated Records, probably not out now till March or so due to financial considerations...
If you'd like to comment on this playlist, email utilityfog at fbi dot org dot au.

Pop Will Eat Itself - The Fuses Have Been Lit [BMG]
The Sugarcubes - Birthday (Justin Robertson 12" mix) [One Little Indian]
Justin Robertson Presents Revtone - Love Movement (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) [Bugged Out!]
Global Communication vs Chapterhouse - Gamma Phase from Blood Music: Pentamerous Metamorphosis [Dedicated]
Longview and Ulrich Schnauss - Will You Wait Here [14th Floor Recordings/4:45 Recordings (can't find link at all!)]
Montano - Dollar Kilo [self-released promo CDR]
John Chantler - Autu [::ROOM40::]
Prop - Remora (Mice Parade's "Free From The Shark" remix) [Silent Recordings]
Mice Parade - Focus On The Rollercoaster [Bubblecore/Fat Cat]
The Dylan Group - The Gazer's open-minded remix by Mice Parade [Bubblecore]
Flim - Above Seagulls [Plinkity Plonk]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - Vibes/Pulse [~scape]
Anticon - We Ain't Fessin [Anticon]
Themselves - Mouthfull [Anticon]
The Microphones - Florida Beach [K Records]
65daysofstatic - DNL-mash up [Dustpunk Records]
65daysofstatic - face of the earth [Dismemberment plan - download from 65days' website]
The Microphones - 1,2,3 [K Records]
65daysofstatic - thrash waltz [Dustpunk Records]
randomnumber - base & superstructure [Catmobile]
Boothby (with vocals from the lovely Kelly Slusher) - the very start [Skylab Operations]
Epsilon - Paranoid Breakdown [Killing Sheep]
Curse ov Dialect - Baby How? [Mush Records]
Mr. Mezzy - s.m.b.#1, w-1,1-1 [dross:tik]
Remote - G.A.B. (BA) Bye Bye [CDR direct from Chris Remote]
Megadebt - Doctored Nuclear [Beta Bodega]
Telefon Tel Aviv - What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It [Hefty Records]
Tim Perkis - Farb [Praemedia]
Sun - Leave it on its own (Pimmon remix) [Preservation/Staubgold]
Minotaur Shock - Don't be a slave to no computer [Melodic]
Mia Doi Todd - Growing Pains (Dntel Remix) [Plug Research]
Raven vs Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancehall (Babylon Boys Breakcore) [It's me... to be released on Luke Dsico's 2nd Ministry of Shit comp on his Spasticated Records, sometime around March. You heard it here first!]

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Playlist 28.12.03 (1:21 am)

Started with a classic Dead Kennedys comment on religion (commemorating the season we're in plus inspired by Sunday Night At The Movies' theme of worship), and then a playlist attempting to cover as much of my faves from the year's playlists as possible. Missed a few which I'll try and get in for the first show of 2004...

Dead Kennedys - Religious Vomit [Alternative Tentacles]
0=0 - Plastic Zero [dross:tik]
0=0 - Soda411 [Tigerbeat 6]
DJ C feat. Capleton - Conscience A Heng Dem (Aaron Spectre remix) [Mashit]
Hrvatski - vatstep dsp [Planet µ]
Soundmurderer & SK-1 - Tel'emboudanustyle Remastered [Rewind Records]
Soundmurderer & SK-1 feat. Wayne Lonesome - Whowanseekwar (Rewind Mix) [Shockout]
Amen Andrews - Fast & Bulbous [Rephlex]
Mochipet - Yes vs. NoMeansNo [Violent Turd]
Donna Summer - Jungle Is Driving Me Crazy [Death$ucker Records]
Toecutter & Main$tream - Parramatta Road [V/VM Test Records]
Maladroit - The Quietest Hours Are The Worst [System Corrupt - can be downloaded in crap mp3 format from SyCo's website]
Enduser - def¿ (pussy version) [self-released CDR]
OVe-NaXx - The Opera In Clouds of Smoke [Soot/Accelmuzhik]
Mochipet - The Adventures of Flamenco Boy [Btrendy Records - but this page is of much more use, and the CD is available in Oz thru the lovely Couchblip! kids]
Venetian Snares - Hand Throw [Planet μ]
The Bug ft. Daddy Freddy - Politicians & Paedophiles [Rephlex]
Emotional Joystick - Eight [Zod Records]
Comatone - Fat My Suck One [Feral Media]
Skkatter - Please Take My Head Out Of This Bucket Of Ice [Spasticated]
Richard Devine - Anthracite. T. Vari [Schematic]
Opiate - For Brian Alfred [Morr Music]
Four Tet - My angel rocks back and forth [Domino]
Qua - The Air Is Thin In Here [Surgery Records]
Saddleback - untitled tk 5 fm Everything's a Love Letter pre-release [Heavy]
Hood - The Year Of Occasional Lull [Rocket Racer via Misplaced Music]
Subtle - Earthsick [Dose]
Boom Bip & Dose One - The Birdcatcher's Return [Mush]
Ms. John Soda - I & # 8217 ("Ms. John Soda works adapted by Subtle") [Morr Music]
Limp - Souvlaki Space Station [Morr Music]
Styrofoam - If I Believed You/Back Into Focus [Morr Music]
The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes [Sub Pop]
The Books - The Future, Wouldn't That Be Nice? [Tomlab]
The Notwist - This Room [Domino]
King Seven - Hidden [Camshot]
Minotaur Shock - Avon Ranger [Melodic]
b. fleischmann - guided by beats [Morr Music/Charizma]

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