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Monday, 19th of January, 2004

Playlist 18.01.04 (1:34 pm)

This week the Utility Fog was taken over for an hour or so by a visit from Garry Bradbury, who is curating the E.A.R. Stage @ the Big Day Out. See the links for a lot more about what he's done over the ages.
Garry was joined by Dave Noyze, from Nottingham, who uses cellular automata to generate his music. We had a live laptop set from Dave, much silliness, discussion of some of the acts on the E.A.R. Stage (including the one and only Damo Suzuki, vocalist with Can during the 1970s), and we got to listen to some of Gordon Mumma's 1960s electro-acoustic music courtesy of Garry.
We (that's the royal "we" - it's all ME on Utility Fog!) also had a feature on Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert, who are in town this week also for the Big Day Out, and some other music from E.A.R. Stage-featured artists such as the wonderful Pimmon (listen to Paul's Play-Lunch on FBi on Mondays 12-1pm!) and Wake Up And Listen (two very evil kids who were in the year above me at school, same school & year as Mr Seb Chan as well - now there's trivia for you!)
It's rumoured that someone from WUAL is also in Winner, whose cover version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" needs to be heard to be believed. Like the Residents bumping into Queen in a dark room.
Tenuous connections for the week: Pimmon's "post-DM" track is from a split 10" with Italian post-rock band Giardini di Mirò, and is a remix of one of their tracks from the flipside. The 10" was the first release on 2.nd rec, who later released a wonderful CD album of Giardini di Mirò remixes, of which I've played a few on this show (hint: use the search function on the right if you like!) This week I received a promo from 2.nd rec of the new Nitrada album; Nitrada is Christophe Stoll, one of the two guys who runs 2.nd rec, and his album is a beautiful blend of electronica and indie/post-rock that those Germans do so well. You can see why there were so many Morr Music artists on the Giardini remixes CD, and there are many echoes of The Notwist in there too. Great stuff!

Severed Heads - Now An Explosive New Movie [Ink Records - although I think the Discogs page from the link may mix up two labels... They're long gone anyway but Sevcom has most of Severed Heads' back catalogue available on hand-made CDR]
Saint Etienne - Who Do You Think You Are (quex-rd remix by Aphex Twin) [Heavenly]
Wagon Christ - Hasjit [Rising High]
Pimmon - pulsebuzzkid [Tigerbeat 6]
Bradbury - The Van [Wagga Space Program]
Ian Andrews live @ Disorientation, lanfranchi's [from CDR]
Dave Noyze live @ Disorientation, lanfranchi's [from CDR]
Dave Noyze laptop set live in the studio
Dave Noyze - The Dissimilarity of Cats and Belches [off laptop, with added belches...]
Gordon Mumma - Medium Size Mograph 1963 (Robert Ashley, Gordon Mumma: piano-4-hands with cybersonic modification) [Tzadik]
Wake Up And Listen - White Spines [Zónar]
Winner - Bohemian Rhapsody [CDR pre-release, look for something on V/VM Test Records sometime!]
Pimmon vs Giardini di Mirò - post-DM [2.nd rec]
Hypnoblob - Spinout [Hypnosis - Brisbane label, long gone I believe...]
The Bug & Daddy Freddy - Run The Place Red (AFX mix) [MEN]
Aphex Twin - IZ-US [Warp Records]
Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm [Warp Records]
Nitrada - I Fear: Good. [2.nd rec]
Nitrada vs Giardini di Mirò - The Beauty Tape Rider [2.nd rec]
Nitrada - Old Love, New Idea [2.nd rec]
Hot Roddy - Jane Bartholomew Remix [CDR direct from Chris]
Fennesz - Easter Parade [download this beautiful out-take from the Endless Summer album]
Vert - Lunar Brawling [Sonig]
Wagon Christ - Spotlight (Aphex Twin remix) [Rising High]

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