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Thursday, 15th of January, 2004

Playlist 04.01.04 (1:23 am)

I turned 30 on the 2nd, so I thought I'd start the show with one of my fave bands ever, the incredible PWEI. Followed that by a Birthday song from the Sugarcubes, as remixed by Justin Robertson of Lionrock way back in 1992. Fast-forward 11 years and we've got the same man being remixed himself by nostalgia-freak Ulrich Schnauss, and the first Utility Fog of 2004 has begun! A few other gems from last year's shows were in evidence, as well as some awesome new stuff (that 65daysofstatic stuff! Go grab the downloads from their website). Ended with my contribution to Luke Dsico's 2nd Ministry of Shit comp on his Spasticated Records, probably not out now till March or so due to financial considerations...
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Pop Will Eat Itself - The Fuses Have Been Lit [BMG]
The Sugarcubes - Birthday (Justin Robertson 12" mix) [One Little Indian]
Justin Robertson Presents Revtone - Love Movement (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) [Bugged Out!]
Global Communication vs Chapterhouse - Gamma Phase from Blood Music: Pentamerous Metamorphosis [Dedicated]
Longview and Ulrich Schnauss - Will You Wait Here [14th Floor Recordings/4:45 Recordings (can't find link at all!)]
Montano - Dollar Kilo [self-released promo CDR]
John Chantler - Autu [::ROOM40::]
Prop - Remora (Mice Parade's "Free From The Shark" remix) [Silent Recordings]
Mice Parade - Focus On The Rollercoaster [Bubblecore/Fat Cat]
The Dylan Group - The Gazer's open-minded remix by Mice Parade [Bubblecore]
Flim - Above Seagulls [Plinkity Plonk]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - Vibes/Pulse [~scape]
Anticon - We Ain't Fessin [Anticon]
Themselves - Mouthfull [Anticon]
The Microphones - Florida Beach [K Records]
65daysofstatic - DNL-mash up [Dustpunk Records]
65daysofstatic - face of the earth [Dismemberment plan - download from 65days' website]
The Microphones - 1,2,3 [K Records]
65daysofstatic - thrash waltz [Dustpunk Records]
randomnumber - base & superstructure [Catmobile]
Boothby (with vocals from the lovely Kelly Slusher) - the very start [Skylab Operations]
Epsilon - Paranoid Breakdown [Killing Sheep]
Curse ov Dialect - Baby How? [Mush Records]
Mr. Mezzy - s.m.b.#1, w-1,1-1 [dross:tik]
Remote - G.A.B. (BA) Bye Bye [CDR direct from Chris Remote]
Megadebt - Doctored Nuclear [Beta Bodega]
Telefon Tel Aviv - What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It [Hefty Records]
Tim Perkis - Farb [Praemedia]
Sun - Leave it on its own (Pimmon remix) [Preservation/Staubgold]
Minotaur Shock - Don't be a slave to no computer [Melodic]
Mia Doi Todd - Growing Pains (Dntel Remix) [Plug Research]
Raven vs Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancehall (Babylon Boys Breakcore) [It's me... to be released on Luke Dsico's 2nd Ministry of Shit comp on his Spasticated Records, sometime around March. You heard it here first!]

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