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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 30th of July, 2006

Playlist 30.07.06 (10:19 pm)

Melbourne-based cellist Emily Williams came in to play live tonight, and we had lots of new music... Max Tundra's entry into the Tomlab Alphabet series of 7"s includes his hilarious cover of the KLF's "What Time Is Love?"; Various Production's album is finally out and it's a fabulous mèlange of English folk and dubstep; we're introduced to beautiful Brazilian singer/songwriter Cibelle, with (co-)production from Mike Lindsay of Tunng... and the list goes on.

The The - Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) [Some Bizarre/Epic]
Max Tundra - What Time Is Love? [Tomlab]
Various Production - The World Is Gone [XL Recordings]
Cibelle - Noite de Carnaval (Matthew Herbert mix) [Crammed Discs]
Tunng - Band Stand [Fulltime Hobby]
Final Fantasy - Song Song Song [Tomlab]
Live cello (and effects improv) from Melbourne artist Emily Williams. You can listen to some tunes on her website and on her MySpace page.
Emily Williams - Spider Spider [live demo]
Leafcutter John - Maria in the Forest [Planet µ]
Part timer - Me [unreleased loveliness from John McCaffrey from Clickits]
James Figurine - 55566688833 [Monika]
Nuccini! - You Killed My Father, Prepare To Die [2.nd rec]
Johnny P/DJ C - Seaga Face and PJ Body (DJ C mix) [Shockout]
Various Production - Fly [XL Recordings]
The Herd feat. John Schumann - I Was Only 19 (Tunng remix) [Elefant Traks]
Cibelle - Lembra [Crammed Discs]
Gauche - Sweet Pursuit [from their forthcoming second album, out on August 14 through Vitamin]
Four Tet - Pockets (minimal version) [Studio !K7]
James Figurine - Stop [Monika]
Enduser - By A Thread [Hymen]
Enduser - Precognition (additional programming by Subsekt) [Painfree Foundsound Institute]
DJ Rainbow Ejaculation - sometimes when im raving i dunno if im coming or going [Can Buy Me Love Vol 2 (released by Solypsis?)]
Timeblind - Copy Copy [Soot]
Boxcutter - Hyloz [Planet µ]
Burial - Gutted [Hyperdub]
Various Production - Hater [XL Recordings]
Shadow Huntaz - Rulez (instrumental) [Skam]
The Herd - The Metres Gained (Pivot remix) [Elefant Traks]

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Tuesday, 25th of July, 2006

Playlist 23.07.06 (11:41 pm)

Shannon O'Neill, recent guest on the show, kindly filled in for me while I was on tour in Brisvegas. This is what he spun (no links & stuff, sorry!) I wish I could've heard it! Looks excellent.

Negativland — I am God
Boxcutter — Tauhid
This Mortal Coil — Late Night
Syd Barrett — Late Night
Syd Barrett — Dominoes
Congress-Woman Malinda Jackson Parker — Cousin Mosquito
Kevin Blechdom — IAMNASTAY
Julian Knowles & Donna Hewitt — Amphibian
The Loop Orchestra — Circa 1901
Gail Priest — Estranged Angels
Carl Stone — Flints (Scan Mix)
Philip Brophy — I am Dave Brubeck
Beta Erko — Needlemidget
John Watermann — Still Warm
John Watermann — Tear Gas & Water Cannon
John Watermann — Colliding with Old Shadows
Boxcutter — Hyloz
Burial — Spaceape feat Spaceape
Victor X-Ray — Shiver Ray
Boxcutter — Chlorophyll
Bradbury — Mary Businesscard-Foot is Back
Basic Channel — Octaedre
DJ Screw — I Likes to Funk
Stars — Look Up
Stars — Elevator Love Letter
Danielson — Cast it at the Setting Sail
Danielson — Did I Step on Your Trumpet
David Cross — Fake Tits / Real Beer
John Watermann — Neurotic Jesus Cash Boy

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Sunday, 16th of July, 2006

Playlist 16.07.06 (10:54 pm)

Amazing track from Various Production to start, from one of their self-released 7"s. Another of their tracks later in the show. They have an album out this week in the UK which I'll get soon, and I suspect both these tracks are on it... A diverse bunch of other stuff including Tunng remixing The Herd from the new Elefant Traks remix album, lovely new James Figurine and Kettel albums, new French-Swiss experimentalism from Consor on the Creaked Records label and more...

I'm away on tour next week, leaving you in the capable hands of Shannon O'Neill, so fret not, and I'll be back the week after.

Various Production - Hater [Various Production]
Thom Yorke - And It Rained All Night [XL Recordings]
The Herd feat. John Schumann - I Was Only 19 (Tunng remix) [Elefant Traks]
James Figurine feat. Erlend Øye - All The Way To China [Monika]
New Order - Vanishing Point [Factory Records]
Leafcutter John - Lesson [Planet µ]
Pretty Boy Crossover - i dream of you invisible [c0c0s0l1dc1t1]
Inch-time - Turning Point [Static Caravan]
Part timer - Cano [unreleased loveliness from John McCaffrey from Clickits]
Triosk - Intensives Leben [Leaf]
Consor - Aikon [Creaked Records]
Consor - Monoski [Creaked Records]
Enduser - Keep Telling [Hymen]
Kettel - Mauerbrecher [Sending Orbs]
Plaid - The Return of Super Barrio [Warp Records]
Tim Koch - Distantamount [Merck]
Psapp - King of You [Domino]
Mike Patton feat. Kid Koala - Celebrity Death Match [Ipecac]
Subtle - The Long Vein of the Voice (remix of "The Long Vein of the Law by Mike Patton) [Lex Records]
Jel feat. Stephanie Böhm from Ms. John Soda on added vocals, words by Pedestrian - Soft Money, Dry Bones [Anticon]
The Year Of - calling sky [Morr Music]
James Figurine - Apologies [Monika]
Various Production - Cognac [Various Production]
Vex'd - 3rd Choice [Planet µ]
Scissor Lock - Here Is Your Gas Mask [demo]
Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder version) [Asthmatic Kitty/Spunk]
Belladonnakillz - neverever [Sublight]

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Sunday, 9th of July, 2006

Playlist 09.07.06 (10:11 pm)

Gidday. Tonight, we've got a bit of new Sufjan Stevens to start with, with outtakes and extras from his Illinois album just released in the form of Avalanche - nice stuff. We have also two superb new tracks from the new album from The Necks - 20 minutes each. There's some bits from a crashed hard drive of Shitmat's reconstructed by Brighton's Spirit of Gravity folks, and beautiful new stuff from Melbourne's Part timer, and uncategorisable electronica from Fluorescent Grey. Also some new Sydney music: great post-rock/electronica from for badger and some lovely experimentalism from 16-year-old Scissor Lock.

Sufjan Stevens - Dear Mr. Supercomputer [Asthmatic Kitty/Spunk]
The Necks - Fatal [Fish of Milk/Shock]
Shadow Huntaz - American dreams (instrumental) [Skam]
Rashamon - Disk Defragmenter (Crash mix) (Shitmat reconstructed) [Spirit of Gravity]
Kyler - Teapot Time Machine [Planet µ]
Part timer - He big [unreleased loveliness from John McCaffrey from Clickits]
Tunng - Band Stand [Fulltime Hobby]
Pretty Boy Crossover - seventeen steps [c0c0s0l1dc1t1]
Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush [XL Recordings]
Part timer - Untitled "embarrassing" vocal track (actually great) from his latest demo [unreleased loveliness from John McCaffrey from Clickits]
Leafcutter John - now [Staubgold]
for badger - Six [great unreleased Sydney sounds from Kayl Cocks]
The Necks - Buoyant [Fish of Milk/Shock]
Depeche Mode - Waiting For The Night To Fall [Mute]
0=0 - More Than Anything [Planet µ]
Scissor Lock - Friday [available for download here]
Triosk - Not To Hurt You [Leaf]
Fluorescent Grey - ragga jungle nagauta [isolate/record label records]
Fluorescent Grey - a peruvian shaman sits down to make idm on his laptop [isolate/record label records]
Plaid - To [Warp Records]
Keef Baker - Straw Overcoat [Ad Noiseam]
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Rivers of Congo [Planet µ]
Tooth - ballad of the expendable [Soft]
Telefon Tel Aviv feat Lindsay Anderson - Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Rapster Records]

Sunday, 2nd of July, 2006

Playlist 02.07.06 (10:10 pm)

Tonight, one of UFog's lovely replacement announcers when I'm unavoidably away, Shannon O'Neill, came in to talk about a fantastic Aussie festival coming to Sydney next weekend, Liquid Architecture 7. There's also some new music and some not-so-new music, as you may well have come to expect from the 'Fog.
Finally out on Skam are the instrumentals from both Shadow Huntaz albums, released as a double CD - awesome music from the Funckarma boys. Also new is a b-side from Final Fantasy re-imagining a track from his first album with musical quotes from legendary American composer Charles Ives. Plus we have new electronic crossover stuff from Keef Baker, Luke Vibert trying his hand at dubstep as Spac Hand Luke, and more...

Plaid - E.M.R. [Warp Records]
Thom Yorke - And It Rained All Night [XL Recordings]
Shadow Huntaz - Trenches (instrumental) [Skam]
Pimmon vs Giardini di Mirò - post-DM [2.nd rec]
Erik M - 1-2 Ultra Doph Hi [Liquid Architecture sampler]
Greg Davis - coventry [Carpark]
Dean Roberts and the Black Moths - The Fake and Detached [Staubgold]
Final Fantasy - The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead (Many Ives version) [Tomlab]
Rose Turtle Ertler - Fireman [Scootstar]
Carla Kihlstedt - Rooting For The Shy Librarian [Tzadik]
soma for kinder - city lights [unreleased promo]
Leafcutter John - If You Have An Enemy [Planet µ]
Leafcutter John - let it begin [Staubgold]
Leafcutter John - Lesson [Planet µ]
Vex'd - 3rd Choice [Planet µ]
Spac Hand Luke - Grime II Dark [Rephlex]
Shadow Huntaz - Deander (instrumental) [Skam]
Keef Baker - Certainty [Ad Noiseam]
Speed Frame - Japanese Weather Forcast (A) [demo, craziness from Sydney]
Kirke Godfrey - Middle of a Tummy [self-released/promo]
Hodsonics - Turnip [demo from Michael Hodson, home-made Sydney electronica]
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Pearls For Swine [Planet µ]
Triosk - Intensives Leben [Leaf]
James Gordon Anderson - Prayer Wheel 2006 (mix 2) (excerpt) [self-released]
Dwayne Sodahberk feat. Honey Owens - Cambiocorsa [Tigerbeat 6]

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