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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 26th of March, 2006

Playlist 26.03.06 (9:12 pm)

Starting with some lovely minimalism from Seaworthy, and an odd mixed bag of stuff which somehow connects through... well, I hope ;)

Seaworthy - Part 4 from Distant Hills Burn Bright [Black Lodge Audio]
Brian Campeau - words withheld [self-released]
Mochipet - Yes vs. NoMeansNo [Violent Turd]
djbc as The Beastles - A Day In The Life Of A Beastie Boy [brilliant mashups of the Beatles & the Beastie Boys, no longer available from his site. I'll try and find an active download link...]
The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Misprints [Accidental Records]
DJ Krust - Re-Arrange (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Savath & Savalas - Negocios [Warp Records]
Pablo Dali - Pastels [Meupe]
howard - piano then grind [demo from new album!]
Department of Eagles - The Piano in the Bathtub [Melodic]
Jel - Sweet Cream In It [Anticon] {recorded live in odd nosdam's bedroom!}
Odd Nosdam - sin carne (instrumental from Sole's New Single 12") [Anticon]
Hydatid - Wave Function Analysis [self-released]
f.x. randomiz - metix v. 1.0b7 [Sonig]
Mouse On Mars - syc. [Sonig]
Wevie de Crepon - Little Bug Eyed Boy [Sonig]
Vert - all the better to see you with [Sonig]
Scrubber Fox - Frost nips [Musik Experience]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. Cutty Ranks - Boom Version [Razor X/Rephlex]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man - Killer (Soundmurderer & SK-1 "Badman Rewind" Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
Enduser - M16 [Peace Off]
Skeeter - An Overwhelming Sense of Pessimism [Here's My Card]
Gregory Isaacs/DJ C - Gone A Jail (DJ C mix) [Shockout]
Mal Webb - Porridge [self-released]
Brian Campeau - like a girl [self-released]
Feist - Mushaboom (demo) [Arts & Crafts]
Jack Ladder - It's True [Spunk]
Holly Throsby - Some nights are long [Spunk]
Inch-time - Icicles and Snowflakes [Static Caravan]
Seaworthy - Part 8 from Distant Hills Burn Bright [Black Lodge Audio]
Why? - Act Five [Anticon]
Jel - To Buy A Car [Anticon]
Nobody - the coast is clear (for fireworks) [Plug Research]
Battles - Tras 2 [Warp]

Sunday, 19th of March, 2006

Playlist 19.03.06 (9:24 pm)

Hello. Tonight on Utility Fog... and... while also...
Some nights all this self-expression stuff is all too much. Let the music speak for itself! But let's see, now:
Tim Friese-Greene, wonderful producer of late-period Talk Talk, has a new album out as Heligoland. Beautiful lo-fi indie rock. And ex-pat Canadian Brian Campeau, now based in Sydney, has self-released a new album called two faces, combining electronic techniques and lovely acoustic pop songwriting. Recommended

Akron/Family - Future Myth [Young God]
Tom Waits - It's All Right With Me [Capitol]
Heligoland - bluebird [Calcium Chloride] {Note: this is Tim Friese-Greene's solo project, not the Melbourne band!}
Heligoland - down to zero [IRL]
Aleks & The Ramps - Graveyard Etiquette [self-released, Ramps Assemble Records]
Brian Campeau - mtl [self-released]
Brian Campeau - montreal [self-released]
Mal Webb - Porridge [self-released]
Hydatid - Wave Function Analysis [self-released]
International Peoples Gang - aeroplane [em:t] {classic em:t made available for download from shopsonic.com}
International Peoples Gang - this one [em:t]
Scrubber Fox - Chedmo [Musik Experience]
Battles - IPT-2 + IPT2 [Warp - two tracks stuck together for the Domino Festival CD sampler 06 courtesy Wire mag]
4 Layers of 9 - wipe-r [self-released]
Pillow - In Deep Sea [2.nd rec]
65daysofstatic - Asphalt and Trouble [Monotreme]
Animals on Wheels - Hate Me [iLL]
Link - Amazon Amenity (Chameleon mix) [Warp]
Red Snapper - Crusoe Takes A Trip (John McEntire - Tortoise Mix) [Warp Records]
Seefeel - Spangle [Warp Records]
Brian Campeau - just what you're thinking [self-released]
howard - string theory [demo from new album!]
Hydatid - Closer Missing Mass [self-released]
octex - indrop [rx-tx]
djbc as The Beastles - Whatcha Want, Lady? [brilliant mashups of the Beatles & the Beastie Boys, no longer available from his site. I'll try and find an active download link...]
Bleubird - cartoon love bubbles [Endemik Music]
Jel feat. Stephanie Böhm from Ms. John Soda on added vocals, words by Pedestrian - Soft Money, Dry Bones [Anticon]
Prefuse 73 - keeping up with your quota [Warp]
Bitstream - Anno Domini [Touchin' Base]
Coldcut feat. John Matthias - Man in a Garage (Nick Franglen (Lemon Jelly) remix) [Ninja Tune]
Coil - Tattooed Man [World Serpent]
City City City - good thanks [Holding Pattern/Remote Control]
Because of Ghosts - The Stars Did Wander (Live) [Art School Dropout]
Restream - Herehaveatrophy [self-released shoegazey indietronica]

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Friday, 17th of March, 2006

Techno, right, eh? (7:18 pm)

Bad pun in the title. So bad it's probably not a pun. I do play some techno, OK?
I'm trying to get Technorati to let me claim this blog. Damn them! So here goes:

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(Didn't seem to work, damn them! Oh well, meanwhile I've upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.0.2, which has made for some improvements behind the scenes, and hopefully no un-provements for you the reader/listener!)

Don't forget to tune in at 10pm on Sunday. If you're passing by and have any requests (some blast from the Utility Fog-like past you want me to do a mini-special on? Some genre you want explained?) then drop a comment on this post. Otherwise, well, put up and shut up! (kidding...)

Sunday, 12th of March, 2006

Playlist 12.03.06 (9:10 pm)

He's baaaack! A fair bit of new stuff to play you tonight, not including the new Ms. John Soda album, about which I'm afraid I can't say anything good at all. So an old song, which they have entirely bastardised on the new album - sucking all the emotion, beauty and melody out of it. *sigh*
Highlights include a wonderful album from Pillow, solo album from Luca di Mira of Giardini di Mirò, and also Zucchini Drive (both on the excellent 2.nd records from Germany). Plus Jel's new album, new 7''s from Inch-time, 65daysofstatic and d_rradio, and a new demo from Sydney producer howard. Lots of goodies, in other words!

Ms. John Soda - no. one (original version from while talking, not the sucky version from their new album) [Morr Music]
Jel feat. Stephanie Böhm from Ms. John Soda - All Around [Anticon]
Zucchini Drive - Sombre City (feat. Markus Acher) [2.nd rec]
Coldcut feat. Andrew Broder aka Fog - Whistle And A Prayer [Ninja Tune]
howard - piano then grind [demo from new album!]
International Peoples Gang - mornin' [em:t]
65daysofstatic - Asphalt and Trouble [Monotreme]
Angels of Light - The Provider [Young God]
Aleks & The Ramps - Cuts Make Scars [self-released, Ramps Assemble Records]
Inch-time - Icicles and Snowflakes [Static Caravan]
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - Electricity and drum will change your mind [Domino]
Jel - Sweet Cream In It [Anticon] {recorded live in odd nosdam's bedroom!}
Laurenz Pike - drums for fun and fitness [Monika]
Battles - Hi/Lo [Warp]
d_rradio - born [distraction records]
Hydatid - The Gravitronic Age [self-released]
Arovane - Yvaie [din]
Aphex Twin - On [Warp Records]
Arovane - revart amx [din]
Arovane - eleventh! [City Centre Offices]
Pillow - Cut-Out-And-Keep Quarrels [2.nd rec]
Because of Ghosts - Upwards! Forwards! Towards the Sun! [Art School Dropout]

Tuesday, 7th of March, 2006

Playlist 05.03.06 (8:55 am)

On Sunday the 5th of March, the following tracks were spun by Shannon & Renae... Thanks to them for an awesome selection :)

beatsystem - invade areas where nothing's definite
Bradbury - Memory Lane
Bradbury - Nymphs and Shepards
Björk- Ambergris March
The Books- A true story of a story of true love
Belle & Sebastian - Consuelo
Seefeel - Starethrough
Susumu Yokota - So Red
Funki Porcini - The Softest Thing In The World (Motorway Accident)
Corklacoma - G.Miller sells his soul ending World war 2
Low - Do you know how to Waltz (Vert remix)
Cocteau Twins - Feet Like Fins
Fog - Apologising to Mystery
Cocteau Twins - Seekers Who Are Lovers
Cocorosie - K-Hole
Laika - Almost Sleeping
The Necks - Aquatic
Triosk & Jan Jelinek - Theme from Trioskinek AKA Low Income Housing
Rhythm & Sound w/Tikiman - Spend Some Time
Hinterlandt - Deckchair Anthem
Bowery Electric - Fear of Flying
Kemiliaset Ystavat - Wow Va Pitsi
Paavoharju - Valo Tinkhu
Shogun Kunitoki - Tropikiin Kuuma Huuma
Microstoria - Dokumint
Oval - Catchy DAAD
Pimmon - Vogel Circuits
Daedelus - Just Briefly

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