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Monday, 24th of January, 2022

Playlist 23.01.22 (6:58 pm)

Today's theme is "pop", although this being Utility Fog, it's pretty twisted. With a couple of exceptions, the music is mostly song-based, but either through an experimental lens, or coming from more esoteric genres, or merged, sampled, mulched through other genres. We also have a substantial special at the end on a genre-crossing low-key Aus musical hero.

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Boris - Drowning by Numbers [Sacred Bones/Bandcamp]
Boris - I Want to Go to the Side Where You Can Touch… [Sacred Bones/Bandcamp]
An ever-reliable fixture in the Japanese heavy music scene and the world over, Boris have never settled into one particular style over their 2½ decades of existence. So their new album W doesn't come as a huge surprise - but nevertheless, after 2020's raucous NO, its counterpart (the two albums together form NOW) is particularly ethereal in comparison. Produced by, and featuring, suGar Yoshinaha of Buffalo Daughter, it incorporates a lot of the electronics of that band's indie-dance aesthetic, but in a shoegaze miasma. There are massive walls of guitar noise at times, and alternatively there are minimalist dubbed out drum machines, all with the gentle vocals of Wata. I love Boris in all incarnations, but this is one that will appeal even to most the metal-averse.

Beneather - Dreamgaze [Where It's At Is Where You Are/Bandcamp]
London's The Leaf Library are much loved by this show, combining a melodic sensibility with krautrock pulse, and frequently delving into into ambient and electronic side-quests. Beneather is one such side project, from their drummer Lewis Young, who plays all sorts of synths and electronics, joined by Melinda Bronstein on vocals. The first single from the forthcoming self-titled album describes itself in its title, "Dreamgaze". It's a psychedelic, pulsating electronic shoegaze concoction and bodes well for the rest of their material.

Mücha - Begin [Frequency Domain/Bandcamp]
Mücha - Fall [Frequency Domain/Bandcamp]
"Electronic shoegaze" isn't an inaccurate description of the music of Mücha on her new album Fall, but like "indietronica" it doesn't quite capture what it is. Amanda Butterworth, the DJ and multi-instrumentalist behind Mücha, layers vocals in dreamy songs that are housed comfortably in IDM-inspired productions, ranging from drum'n'bass/jungle to dub techno, with plenty of jittery drum'n'bass-adjacent IDM techno in between. It's absolutely lovely, familiar and new at the same time, just what the doctor ordered.

Tune-Yards - Hypnotized (DJ C Remix) [Mashit Bandcamp]
I didn't realise there was a new Tune-Yards album, but I'm glad to have found out from Jake Trussell aka DJ C, who's done a delightful breakbeat-heavy, head-noddy remix of "Hypnotized" now, replete with sub-heavy downbeats and Merrill Garbus' talent for twisty melodies and riffs.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Black Hot Soup (DJ Shadow “My Own Reality” Re-Write) [KGLW/Bandcamp]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Ya Love [KGLW/Bandcamp]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Butterfly 3000 [KGLW/Bandcamp]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Shanghai (Deaton Chris Anthony Remix) [KGLW/Bandcamp]
Last year, Melbourne psych rock larrikins King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard took a sharp left turn into synth-pop with Butterfly 3000, retaining the tricksy time signatures and proggy structures. Thematic material recurs throughout the album, and I particularly love the joyful last 2 tracks. Now they've asked a varied bunch of artists from around the world to remix the album, with the resultant Butterfly 3001 ending up well over twice as long. You may have seen the video of the DJ Shadow remix - and if you haven't go watch it now, with John Safran as a washed up old raver. Among the other highlights is a surprise from rising bedroom r'n'b star Deaton Chris Anthony, taking "Shanghai" into dub and then amen break jungle freakout territory.

woulg - The Lurch [woulg Bandcamp]
woulg - Sedna When [woulg Bandcamp]
woulg - Sernylan [woulg Bandcamp]
Continuing the "pop" theme, Greg Debicki aka woulg declared that his late 2021 album Bubblegum was his interpretation of "pop music on PCP" - hence bubblegum vocals and beats twisted inside out and fragmented, disorienting and disquieting. It's not that much of a stretch for woulg, mind you, whose IDM productions have always leaned towards chaos over danceability, and who has been curating a series of "hyperglitch" releases for Mille Plateaux - e.g. this great Seskamol one. Thanks to John Part Timer for alerting me to this release!

Pugilist - Jade [Pure Space]
LOIF - In Flux [Pure Space]
Two tracks from FBi's current album of the week, the brilliant PROXIMITY II compilation from Pure Space, the label of the FBi radio show from Andy Garvey. There's a plethora of advanced sounds here, from the extraordinary ambient piano on the opening track by Grace Ferguson, through synth ambient, bass-heavy techno, drum'n'bass influences of various sorts, dubstep hybrids, electro and more. It's a great showcase of brilliantly-produced electronic music from around Australia. Melbourne's Pugilist has releases on many international labels under his belt, including AD 93 (when they were Whiti.es), Navy Cut and now Banoffee Pies Records. His percussion-driven stepper pushes the subs to their limit. Also from Melbourne, LOIF turns in a dubby piece of jittery techno.

Sweeney - Solitear [Sound In Silence Records]
Sweeney - Child Star (1988) [Observable Universe Recordings]
Sweeney - It's Always Raining In My Room (1995) [Observable Universe Recordings]
pretty boy crossover - x-3 fader [Surgery Records]
Other People's Children - Swallow Glitch [Observable Universe Recordings]
Other People's Children - Skywave [Observable Universe Recordings]
Other People's Children - Sun and eucalyptus [555 Recordings]
Sweeney - Song For The Last Of The Attention Seekers (2008) [Observable Universe Recordings]
Panoptique Electrical - Hope [Midira Records/Bandcamp]
The last section of the show is entirely dedicated to the music of Adelaide's Jason Sweeney, who's helped us along in this celebration recently with a slew of archival releases - starting last year with the Decades (2001-2021) collection of soundtrack work as Panoptique Electrical. A few others have now appeared on his Observable Universe Recordings Bandcamp, including the massive 5-hour, 84-track Disappointment Archives 1986-2016 - and before you go running from this acknowledged (but justified) excess, maybe you could start with the more manageable Selective Memory 1998-2003 collection from Jason's indietronica band Other People's Children? I first became a dedicated fan when I was handed an advance copy of his duo (with Cailan Burns) Pretty Boy Crossover's album the building and formation around 1999 - a phenomenal collection of IDM tunes, melodic, minimalist, with tweaked drum machines and lo-fi synths that's never stopped being deeply evocative. It's lovely hearing those lo-fi sounds married with Jason's indie songwriting - his melancholy vocals, with guitar or keyboards - on songs old and new. Jason's been involved with many projects over the years, including scuzzy indie rock, post-classical and ambient, IDM, indietronica and more. Last year under Sweeney he released a short album of dramatic songs, with piano and vocals offset by intense electronics, called Misery Peaks - this gave us the first track from tonight's special. And released just now on Midira Records is an album of drone and ambient works created from classical instruments and field recordings, called Picturesque Ruins. Such an important, versatile Australian musician.

Listen again — ~206MB

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Monday, 17th of January, 2022

Playlist 16.01.22 (2:14 pm)

Ambient percussion, unusual instrumental combinations, dubby electronics, glitches, odd beats and generative tunes...

LISTEN AGAIN because you deserve it. FBi website has the stream on demand, or podcast right here.

Maria Moles - River Bend [Room40/Bandcamp]
Melbourne drummer Maria Moles plays in myriad bands of different types, including the wonderful experimental indie band On Diamond, but her solo music has tended to emphasise tuned percussion and ambient synths over beats. For her incredible new release on Room40 For Leolanda - dedicated to her mother - she draws inspiration from Kulintang music of her Filipina heritage, translating harmonies and rhythms into the synths, tuned percussion, tape manipulation and drum kit. These pieces move from rhythmic to lush to sparse with little regard for expected structure, and make for immersive, evocative listening.

Martha Skye Murphy & Maxwell Sterling - 86 km [American Dreams/Bandcamp]
For those who know the work of either of these UK artists, this duo seems like a departure. Vocalist Martha Skye Murphy makes experimental songs that recall Kate Bush at her most experimental, through a modern electronic lens; double bassist Maxwell Sterling's latest album is full of experimental beats & compositions on AD93. Their duo together, initiated on this release Distance On Ground, is borne of freeform improvisations, with realtime processing of voice and instrument lending an otherworldly sensibility. Their theme of travel and distance - and the associated yearning that so many of us have had in our locked down state - comes through strongly in the wordless vocals and transformed double bass.

The Declining Winter - First Picture [The Declining Winter Bandcamp]
Interestingly, Hood is one of the bands called out as "RIYL" for the duo above. Just this week I received a 3" CD and photo zine released by Hood's Richard Adams in his The Declining Winter guise late last year. Hazy guitar strumming, field recordings and odd collages are found on the EP, including this excellent vignette of guitarscapes and buried drums.

Franck Vigroux - Perdu [Aesthetical]
Franck Vigroux - Capaupire [Aesthetical]
Franck Vigroux - Desarticulé [Aesthetical]
I first discovered French musician Franck Vigroux in a duo with the late Mika Vainio. His solo music is of a piece with those industrial electronics, albeit perhaps more structured. Last year he released a very raster-noton album on raster-media, but now he's back on his own Aethestical. There are the bleeps and glitches and tones of raster style electronics, and distortions and dramatic synths of industrial techno. It's a familiar sound that I find easily enjoyable, and Vigroux gets the tone just right - if you like Pan Sonic, Ben Frost, emptyset et al - or even instrumental Nine Inch Nails - you'll likely find this right up your street.

PLESS - La grenouille volante [Everest Records/Bandcamp]
Swiss duo PLESS also hint at industrial in their dark sound - dark downtempo, dub-infused electronic beats and ambiences. Philipp Thöni and Leo Matkovic evoke fictional spaces on their debut album, merging the futuristic and fantastical for an evocative journey.

Ö - AFK [PC Music]
Nicolas Petitfrère is the latest signing to PC Music, and very fitting for the collective. Previously known as Nömak, he's now switched to just Ö. He's produced tunes with Charli XX and Christine and the Queens, and so in true PC Music style there's fragmented shiny pop hiding in the experimental, glitchy electronics of this debut single "AFK" ("away from keyboard"). A.G. Cook provides extra production, and the IDM influences of his 7CD set from 2020 are found here too. Pretty crazy stuff.

Distance - Untouchable VIP [Distance Bandcamp]
A year or so ago, veteran dubstep producer (DJ) Distance released a collection of tracks from circa 2007, when his brilliant My Demons album was released. Now we're finally treated to a new EP, three tracks of dark'n'heavy bass riffs as only he can make them. It has the cyberpunk noir feel of classic jungle & drum'n'bass, with classic dubstep's inversion of the roles of bass and beats and judicious dub effects. Don't sleep.

Vromm - Bees (Original) [Over/Shadow/Bandcamp]
Vromm - For The New Dawn (feat. Agama) [Cosmic Bridge/Bandcamp]
Vromm - Bees (B-Key Remix) [Over/Shadow/Bandcamp]
Spanish producer Vromm aka Alvaro Martinez has always been an outlier in the drum'n'bass scene, infusing influences from jazz and funk into ambitious productions. It's interesting finding him on the Over/Shadow imprint, which up to now has concentrated on core drum'n'bass and UK hardcore as per their predecessor Moving Shadow. It's not that Vromm doesn't fit - his break juggling is top class - but it's slower than you'd expect, at least until original junglist B-Key drops his darkside remix on the flip. Back in 2018, Vromm released a superb, surprising 12" on Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge, the title track a gorgeous piece of proggy, jazzy d'n'b pop with Agama on vocals. It's great to have him back.

Cypha - Cy-1er [e-quarium]
Cypha - Bound By The Not Yet [e-quarium]
In 2020 the Naarm/Melbourne label .jpeg Artefacts introduced new Melbourne artist Cypha, with dark yet colourful electronic beats melding techno, drum'n'bass and post-dubstep sounds with an experimental bent. In December I was sent his follow-up, Cymatics/Ghost Money by Gadigal/Sydney label e-quarium. It was originally due out in last December, but has been pushed back to late January now, so you're the first to hear these two tracks - bearing those same influences, and again impeccably produced. Keep an eye out on the label's Bandcamp and social media for this superb extended release!

Tristan Arp - Oddkin [Human Pitch/Bandcamp]
Tristan Arp - Instinct [Human Pitch/Bandcamp]
Tristan Arp - Curved Space [Eternal Ocean/Bandcamp]
Mexico-based musician Tristan Arp was a new discovery for me in 2021, with creative beats stretching back a few years now. He had a massive year last year, with a number of EPs as well as a full album released late in the year. I was very pleased to discover his sound, particularly the more upbeat works - he's a master of ambient and beatless productions as well, solo and with trio Asa Tone along with Indonesian musician Melati Malay and New York-based Kaazi, but I love the interplay between the syncopated house/techno/bass beats, tuned percussion and bass on productions going back a few years, on his Human Pitch label and others such as Eternal Ocean. A producer to watch.

Tristan Arp - Shell [Mubert/Bandcamp]
Berke Can Özcan - Sorrow is nothing but worn-out joy [Mubert/Bandcamp]
Tristan Arp also appears on a new compilation called Infinite Limits: A Generative Music Compilation, put together by the people behind a generative music platform called Mubert. Mubert seems to use "AI" to generate music for creatives and businesses to use, but it also allows its AI algorithms to "collaborate" with musicians - hence the 25 tracks on this PWYC compilation, ranging from ambient to IDM to jungle to noise, including experimental artists like Richard Youngs, Astral Social Club and Senyawa, and electronic artists like Jay Glass Dubs, Etch and Haco, as well as those known from the generative music world like Helena Celle. Tonight I also played some downtempo beats and fuzzy textures from Turkish musician Berke Can Özcan. It's a very varied collection, although if you listen carefully you can see the tracks are mostly made up of small recombined musical cells. Well worth checking out and following.

Gareth Davis - In Vivo III (feat. Steven R Smith) [IIKKI/Bandcamp]
Gareth Davis - In Vivo I (feat. Robin Rimbaud) [IIKKI/Bandcamp]
Dutch clarinettist Gareth Davis has turned up all over the place since I discovered him collaborating with Machinefabriek some years ago. He's capable as a jazz improviser, classical interpreter and collaborator in psych-rock bands like Oiseaux-Tempête, but his solo music has always tended towards the minimalist, and so it is on his latest album, In Vivo, released as is the fashion for IIKKI as a CD or vinyl record along with an art book - here photographer Klavdij Sluban. Davis' patient swells on his clarinet, along with electronics and field recordings, are joined on various tracks by the aforementioned Machinefabriek, the multi-instrumentalist (and instrument maker!) Steven R Smith, and sound-artist extraordinaire Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner. Beautiful, subtle stuff.

Listen again — ~203MB

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Sunday, 9th of January, 2022

Playlist 09.01.22 (10:59 pm)

It's the second week of January, I'm a year older, and it's time for new music again! I'm catching up on things missed in 2021 (mostly released late in the year) and there's even a 2022 release in there...

LISTEN AGAIN to catch up, that's what it's about. Stream on demand from FBi, podcast here.

Bradbury - Cheap Wagnerian Dynamics [Dual Plover/Bradbury Bandcamp]
This weekend we learned that Sydney experimental music icon Garry Bradbury died - announced on Twitter by Tom Ellard, with whom Bradbury played in Severed Heads in the very early days. Bradbury was a spiky, sometimes difficult fellow, but brilliant, funny and well-loved. He leaves us too soon, at only 61, and I think many people don't realise what an important impact he had on the Sydney scene, from postpunk days through proto-industrial tape manipulation and experimental electronic excursions of all sorts. When I found out at the last minute, I wanted to drop in a track from one of his two brilliant CDs released in the early '00s on Dual Plover. RIP Garry, you're missed.

Aquaserge - Un grand sommeil noir [Crammed Discs/Bandcamp]
Aquaserge - Nuit Altérée (à György Ligeti) [Crammed Discs/Bandcamp]
Much of tonight is me catching up on 2021 music, either released too late in the year to have played before my Best of 2021 shows, or discovered via other people's best of lists! This is a bit of both - I'm a keen follower of the Belgian label Crammed Discs, home of everything from postpunk to electronic to gypsy music to music from all over Africa and more. For a long time they had a "composers' series" of mostly instrumental and ambient music called Made To Measure, and I had not realised that they reactivated it in 2021 - so the very unusual album The Possibility of a New Work for Aquaserge by French psych-pop band Aquaserge initially passed me by as I thought it was a reissue. The band combine psych and krautrock with pop sensibilities as well as classical instrumentation for an album which serves as a tribute to four idiosyncratic 20th century composers: Giacinto Scelsi, György Ligeti, Edgard Varése and Morton Feldman. These are not your typical choices for a band like this, and the result is a suite of songs with live grooves and chanson-inflected melodies orchestrated with close-knit harmonic discords, mysterious classical avantgardism and free-jazz improv segments. It's not nearly as chaotic as it sounds - fans of experimental pop will find a lot to love, even with the "covers" of their chosen composers.

Minus Pilots with friends - To A God Unknown (with Gareth Davis, Stephen Vitiello & Machinefabriek) [PLAYNEUTRAL/Bandcamp]
Minus Pilots with friends - A Dreamer, A Dreamer (with Yellow6, Gareth Davis, Scanner & Machinefabriek) [PLAYNEUTRAL/Bandcamp]
I discovered UK duo Minus Pilots via some collaborations with Machinefabriek a few years ago. Bass player Adam Barringer and drummer Matt Pittori both contribute samples and electronics, with an aesthetic of pronounced minimalism - post-classical melded with postrock. Their collaborative impulse has once again come to the fore for their new EP for the new experimental label PLAYNEUTRAL, each track featuring multiple contributors. Across tonight's two selections, which range from ambient to skittery to noisy, we have clarinettist Gareth Davis, sound-artists Stephen Vitiello & Machinefabriek, ambient guitarist Yellow6 and legendary electronic musician Scanner. Credited to Minus Pilots with friends, these tracks are compelling and cohesive due to the astute musicality of the core artists; recommended.

Ordnance Survey - Vico Road June 1984 [Scintilla Recordings]
Ordnance Survey - Belfield May 1985 [Scintilla Recordings]
From the UK to Ireland - Neil O'Connor used to be Somadrone, but renamed himself after Ireland's Ordnance Survey, appropriately for music that bases itself so much in field recordings. Nevertheless, those site-specific audio pieces find themselves buried in amongst woozy manipulations of tape loops and blissful grooves. The beats could come from a 1990s Ninja Tune release, but they too are buried in the mix. I was expecting something quite ambient but instead I found a rather enveloping sound, evocative of a particular countryside which I've not visited for decades - an unexpected pleasure.

Holopeak - Golden Walk [People Sound]
Released in November on Jaques Emery's People Sound was this excellent album of jazzy postrock (or post-rocky jazz?) from Sydney three-piece Holopeak, made up of drummer Chloe Kim, guitarist Nick Mielczarek, and bassist Harry Birch. It's really nice hearing this kind of postrock, which I associate with Tortoise, as well as Mice Parade et al, turning up again now after years & years of the genre being identified with post-Mogwai/Explosions in the Sky style quiet-LOUD-quiet pomposity. The three musicians here are top-class players, and this music was created through improvising, collaborative edited and overdubbing, with the results feeling very organic and live. Truly lovely.

Corin - Ghost Dance [Heavy Machinery/Bandcamp]
The last album from Australian-Filipina artist Corin Ileto, Enantiodromia, only came out in mid-2021 from Lee Gamble's great UIQ label, so it was a nice surprise to find a contrasting follow-up released in the last month of 2021 from Heavy Machinery. Araw finds Corin in ambient mode, losing the industrial, rave-influenced beats but with all the great sound design and rhythmic intelligence still intact. It's beautiful stuff.

Bernard Parmegiani - Strio [Mode Records/Bandcamp]
Bernard Parmegiani - E Pericoloso Sporgersi (élément) - 1991 [Transversales Disques/Bandcamp]
I've been on a Bernard Parmegiani trip lately - I've had the 12CD collection for ages and slowly worked my way through it, but there have been some recent additions from his archives. Parmegiani was a pioneer of electro-acoustic or acousmatic music, going from early tape-based edits and analogue synths through to digital techniques at Ina-GRM in Paris until his death in 2013. Tonight we heard two things released in 2021. "Strio" is the shortest of three movements of Stries, a sort of electronic distillation of an earlier work called Violostries, for violin and electronics. This work involves a pre-prepared tape plus synthesisers performed live by three performers, and the 2021 release by Mode Records finds a contemporary trio re-creating this work, sourcing instruments as close the originals as possible, wiring them up according to notes from the original performances etc. The liner notes (also found as PDFs in the Bandcamp download) provide fascinating insight into the challenges in rendering a work like this decades after it was originally created - the hardware is in no way stable and predictable, so there's a lot of interpretation involved. Tonight's track sees two of the musicians appearing in the left and right speaker, modulating the sounds on the tape, while a third synth contributes the little high melodic hints. Meanwhile, "E Pericoloso Sporgersi" is a fragment from 1991 which is surprisingly rhythmic; uncovered as part of the second volume of Mémoire Magnétique from Transversales Disques, collecting short works from Parmegiani's archives of radiophonic and film works. Years (decades?) ago someone told me that Parmegiani was doing Autechre decades before them, which piqued my interest at the time, but I dismissed the claim itself as hyperbole. It's been surreal how many times I've had Parmegiani's collected works on in the background and thought "Hm, is that Autechre or something Mego or...? oh that's right!" A pioneer indeed.

Mitchell Elliott - The Belly of the Beast [unreleased]
Newcastle musician Mitchell Elliott belongs in a proud tradition of noise music from Sydney's northern neighbour. This new composition is the first to emerge from his soundtrack to a contemporary dance piece called "Belly of the Beast", choreographed and performed by Monique Humphreys, which is due to be performed as part of the Newcastle Fringe Festival in March 2022. In the current climate, we can only hope it goes ahead. Elliott's music is audacious as an accompaniment to modern dance, with passages of harsh static alongside booming subs.

Sow Discord - Opportunist [AR53/Bandcamp]
Melbourne's Sow Discord is David Coen, also found in sludge/doom/grind/noise band Whitehorse among others. As Sow Discord, he remixed The Body back in 2019. His new two-track release for AR53 is dark, doomy dubstep, just what the end of 2021 needed.

s280f - (untitled) [Bandcamp]
This very disquieting track technically has an empty title and artist name, but the Bandcamp name s280false points to it being the work of the mysterious s280f. The combination of contemporary classical elements with twisted glitch-r'n'b and eldritch black metal is the perfect distillation of now. As weird and fucked up as the artwork.

Silkie - West Man [Navy Cut]
Silkie - 51 times Stronger [Silkie Bandcamp]
I have an abiding love for the melodic, jazz-inflected core dubstep of Solomon Rose aka Silkie. His City Limits albums and string of 12"s for Deep Medi are untouchable - dark like chocolate, with head-nodding beats and perfect basslines, shot through at times with purple jazz phrasing... And he continues, with a lovely three-tracker on Navy Cut last year, but I only discovered late in the piece last year that he's been using his own Bandcamp to trickle out archival cuts and new tracks at a surprising rate. For the second track, the "51 times stronger" quote comes from Samuel L Jackson in the movie Formula 51.

Wheez-ie - Pressure (Aura T-09 x Cardopusher Rmx) [Evar Records]
Wheez-ie - Horizons (Tim Reaper Rmx) [Evar Records]
LA-based rave artist Wheez-ie released an EP on fellow LA label Evar Records last year, and this coming Friday comes a superb remix EP. First up tonight, Aura T-09 is the Italian-born, LA-based Marci Pinna, who co-runs Evar Records with John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Pepper and rave/IDM-enthusiast). She reworks "Pressure" alongside Barcelona's Cardopusher, who used to appear in many playlists in the halcyon breakcore days of Utility Fog, and also produced some tasty dubstep before switching to lucrative club house climes - so it's nice hearing the breakcore/hardcore influence here (and that awesome vocal sample which I'd love to know the provenance of!) Meanwhile the hardworking Tim Reaper brings a classic junglist rush of subby basslines and rolling amens - first class.

Aria Rostami - Bolbol (Sote Rework) [Shaytoon Records/Bandcamp]
Aria Rostami - Endless [Shaytoon Records/Bandcamp]
New York-based Iranian artist Aria Rostami finishes tonight with his new Bolbol EP released by fellow Persian electronic artist Sepehr on his Shaytoon Records. The title track is remixed not only by the label head but also by the one & only Ata Ebtekar aka Sote, each taking the ravey breaks in different directions; but Rostami's a past master at sound design too, and the lengthy "Endless" is a highlight of the EP, with a slowed-down vocal sample, drones, and a percussive beat that slowly grows fiercer until it dissipates back into ambien-fueled confusion.

Listen again — ~208MB

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Saturday, 1st of January, 2022

Utility Fog - 02.01.22 - Peter's birthday mix (9:27 pm)

It's a new year, and it's also my birthday! So I've put together this special birthday mix - mostly jungle & drum'n'bass, tunes from back in the '90s through to 2021, many favourites. Enjoy!

LISTEN as much as you like via stream on demand @ FBi, podcast here or you can download "just the mix" without my chatter.

Icarus - Moth [Hydrogen Dukebox/Bandcamp]
Andy Odysee - Ruthless (In Purpose):Insidious (In Design) [Odysee Recordings/Bandcamp]
The Truper - Volume 2 A [Street Beats]
Dillinja - The Angels Fell [Metalheadz/Bandcamp]
Alex Reece - Feel The Sunshine (DJ Pulse remix) [4th & Broadway]
Klute - Phone Call (Matrix remix) [Certificate 18]
dgoHn - Invisible Sandwich [Love Love Records/Bandcamp]
Björk - I Miss You (Photek Mix) [One Little Indian]
Dom & Roland - Time [Moving Shadow]
Machinedrum - Gunshotta [Ninja Tune/Bandcamp]
Boymerang - Mind Control [Regal/Astralwerks]
Paradox - Soviet [Paradox Music]
ASC - Artificial Life [Auxiliary]
Amon Tobin - One Day in My Garden [Ninja Tune/Bandcamp]
DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like (DJ Die Remix) [Mo' Wax/Island]
Exile - Silicon Chop (feat. Sub Focus) [Planet µ]
Bernard Parmegiani - Dedans-dehors (en phase / hors phase) (1977) [Ina-GRM]
Sam Binga - AYO feat. Redders [Critical Presents: Modulations]
Chimpo - Big Ed (Generation X Mix) [Box N Lock]
Hedex & Bou - Pub Grub VIP [Dubz Audio]
Double O feat. Sheba Q - God Is A Woman (Coco Bryce remix) [Western Lore]
Sully - 5ives [Over/Shadow/Bandcamp]
µ-Ziq - Sketty [Analogical Force]
ZULI - Where Do You Go [UIQ/Bandcamp]
Muqata'a - Bilharf Alwahad بالحَرف الواحَد [Hundebiss Records/Muqata'a Bandcamp]
Atrice - Hatara [Ilian Tape/Bandcamp]
Lana del Rey - Rise (Special Request remix) [Houndstooth]
Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence [Whities]

Listen again — ~208MB

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