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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Sunday, 26th of August, 2007

Playlist 26.08.07 (10:17 pm)

Tonight, two new split CDs on hellosQuarerecordings in the Silhouettes series; new collaboration between Tom Carter & Robert Horton on Preservation; later, new stuffs from Silver Ray, a fab Spiritualized cover from d_rradio... and much anticipation about seeing World's End Girlfriend on Thursday night!

M. Rösner - hap [hellosQuarerecordings]
Ass - Chinese Dream [Headspin Recordings]
Tom Carter & Robert Horton - Corsican Hash [Preservation]
Agalloch - Odal [The End Records]
World's End Girlfriend - bless yourself bleed [human highway records]
World's End Girlfriend - Good Bye Merry Lou [Romz]
Fog - The Poor Fella [Lex Records]
Fog - Ditherer [Lex Records]
Karoshi - Fall Away Moonshine (feat. Mark Corkery) [self-released]
DJ C - Dehydrogenated (ft. Pamelia Kurstin) [Wimm Recordings]
Silver Bone Tone - Keys Attack [demo]
Roam The Hello Clouds - Pretender's Hand [~scape]
Morning Stalker - Bromden [hellosQuarerecordings]
Underlapper - Fallen Face Moon [Feral Media]
at the close of every day - in the light i wrap my tears (hood remix) [art union]
Odd Nosdam - We Dead [Anticon]
d_rradio - Good Dope Good Fun [from a forthcoming Spiritualised tribute album, Angel Sighs]
Odd Nosdam - Up In Flames (feat. Jel Jerry Jeff Ridin' High & J.D. Wenceslas McDiarmid) [Anticon]
Caribou - After Hours [City Slang]
Silver Ray - Prove It, Don Quixote! [self-released, through Fuse]
Saddleback - Shot Through [Preservation]
Roam The Hello Clouds - A Life Of Near Misses [~scape]
Gareth Hardwick - A Good Time To Be Lonely Part 1 [hellosQuarerecordings]
Scissor Lock - These Stars Will Shine [forthcoming]
The Future Sound of London - Nuru Device Send [FSOL Digital]
Bola - Urenforpuren [Skam]
Silver Bone Tone - Dementia [demo]

Sunday, 19th of August, 2007

Playlist 19.08.07 (10:28 pm)

Starting with some Chan Marshall guest-goodness... Clearly the Various Production tune is a "version" of sorts of the Dirty Three song that Cat Power sang on - not sure what the relationship is, but it's nice to have found the source of that vocal!
There's a wonderful new Holly Throsby EP out, and she covers Brian Eno as we hear early on. The new Odd Nosdam album features various guests (as you can see below) and is a real grower, as is the new Fog, which has some great songwriting. The Drift bring us a 12" with two fantastic remixes, from Four Tet and Sybarite, and also exclusively on vinyl is the awesome b-side from the new Animal Collective collective 10".
Meanwhile, DJ C finally has an honest-to-god album out, an interesting collection of his tunes from various 12"s and 7"s, plus a plethora of alternate versions, all mixed to perfection - highly recommended. And on a different electronic tip comes Karoshi's Sydney-based indietronica.

Various Production - 13 [Various] {an alternate version of the title track from The World Is Gone, with Chan Marshall on vocals}
The Dirty Three - Great Waves (feat. Chan Marshall) [Bella Union]
Holly Throsby - By This River [Spunk]
Odd Nosdam - Freakout 3 (feat. C. Hood Adams) [Anticon]
The Drift - Gardening, Not Architecture (Four Tet remix) [Temporary Residence]
Fog - We Will Have Vanished [Lex Records]
Animal Collective - Safer [Domino]
Caribou - Sundialling [City Slang]
Karoshi - Dunkler Schatten [self-released]
Comatone - Take One, Pass It Along [forthcoming vinyl release]
Silver Bone Tone - float [demo]
Beirut - Transatlantique [4AD]
Cibelle - Flying High [Crammed Discs]
Heidi Elva - The Flamingo Song [demo]
at the close of every day - zalig zijn de armen can geest (kettel remix) [art union]
Kettel - Any Waken Sly Bonda [dub]
Bola - Halyloola [Skam]
DJ C - DJ C It Dat (ft. Wayne&Wax, Dami D and Wasp) [Wimm Recordings]
Wayne And Wax vs DJ C - A It Dat [Mashit]
DJ C - Come Back Version [Wimm Recordings]
Speed Frame - Seq Radius [demo]
Feedle - her brain goes global [Illicit Recordings]
Odd Nosdam - The Kill Tone Two (feat. Tunde Adebimpe & Yoni Wolf) [Anticon]
Castings - entremes [Spanish Magic]
We'd - The End [self-released]
The Drift - Invisible Cities (Sybarite remix) [Temporary Residence]
Fog - What Gives? [Lex Records]
Holly Throsby - One of You for Me [Spunk]
My Friend The Chocolate Cake - The Weather Coast [Liberation]
David Bridie - The Koran, The Ghan and a Yarn (Moloko's Brydon Bridie Dub) [EMI]

Sunday, 12th of August, 2007

Playlist 12.08.07 (10:24 pm)

Starting tonight with the estimable Mr Waits because I just got hold of Cibelle's Green Grass 7", with a pretty spiffy remix by infantjoy...
We've got newness from folktronica types like Tunng, Múm and Caribou, and some excellent remixes of Dutch group at the close of every day (including UFog faves hood)...
On the electronic tip, Funckarma have some rare and unreleased gems available at bleep.com, and we've got some wonderful distorted breaks and basslines from Iranian producer Sote.
And we've got some great experimentalism from Spanish Magic, including Chippendale's Bad Tables and Newcastle's finest, Castings, with their latest album Punk Rock is Bunk Squawk.

Tom Waits - Green Grass [ANTI]
Cibelle - Green Grass (with the ghost of infantjoy) [serviceav]
Tunng - Bricks [Fulltime Hobby]
Múm - Blessed Brambles [Fat Cat]
Caribou - Sandy [City Slang]
Caribou - Melody Day (Four Tet remix) [City Slang]
at the close of every day - in the light i wrap my tears (hood remix) [art union]
Black Sesame - Angel Songs [Green Media]
Plastician - Japan [Terrorhythm]
Mala - Lean Forward [dmz]
Funckarma - Fasho instrumental [Bleep]
Sote - Wake up [Record Label Records]
Vocabularinist - all reflections end here [Cumbersome Records]
Silver Bone Tone - Flies At Sea [demo]
Cleptoclectics - She Felt Pain [Feral Media POWWOW series]
Bad Tables - Moving back to the Blue Hill (with sausage dog) [Spanish Magic]
Castings - entremes [Spanish Magic]
aheadphonehome - home [lofly]
Animal Collective - Peacebone [Domino]
at the close of every day - the departure (marshall watson remix) [art union]
Ass - Guidelines For Bespoke [Headspin Recordings]
Part Timer - Gentlemen Please (feat. string samples from FourPlay) [forthcoming on flaü]
The John Moran Corperation - Passing On [self-released]
Aaron Spectre - Degrees (feat. Kazumi, Jon DeRosa) [Ad Noiseam]
Mikhail - Archon [Quatermass]
Speed Frame - Everytime [demo]
Bola - Waknuts [Skam]
Gabriel Prokofiev - String Quartet No. 2, performed by the Elysian Quartet (Conboy remix of 3rd Movement) [Nonclassical]
Silver Bone Tone - Pushing It [demo]

Sunday, 5th of August, 2007

Playlist 05.08.07 (10:19 pm)

Good evening. A few big artist specials tonight, as we seem to have space for that, including a whole bunch of tracks "From The Archives" of The Future Sound of London... Also, wonderful New York cellist Erik Friedlander has a new album out, and Sydney artist Black Sesame finally has her debut album out.

Menomena - Cough Coughing [FILMguerrero]
Lackthereof - Let U Down As Good As I Did [FILMguerrero]
Menomena - Wet and Rusting (Loaf: A Deli Tea Version) [FILMguerrero/Barsuk]
The John Moran Corperation - Sleepless Days [self-released]
Erik Friedlander - King Rig [Skipstone Records]
Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo - to the red flag [Bip-Hop]
Erik Friedlander - Aberdeen [tu M'p3 (click on link - track is downloadable from the Flash site!)]
Black Sesame - Engage Me [Green Media]
Mikhail - Mythical Laboratory [Quatermass]
The Future Sound of London - Wanting [FSOL Digital]
The Future Sound of London - Hazey day Girl [FSOL Digital]
The Future Sound of London - Made Contact Internal [FSOL Digital]
The Future Sound of London - lizzard crawl [FSOL Digital]
Bola - Halyloola [Skam]
Vocabularinist - it's a dull ride [Cumbersome Records]
aheadphonehome - queueue [lofly]
mist & sea - unless you smile [Popfrenzy]
Deerhunter - Hazel St [Kranky]
School of Two - Adelaide Matters [Feral Media POWWOW series]
Cleptoclectics - Fahrenheit 4/4 [Feral Media POWWOW series]
Scissor Lock - These Stars Will Shine [forthcoming]
Object - [After] [Sensory Projects]
Silver Bone Tone - Bendy [demo]
Plastician - Vio-Lent [Terrorhythm]
Gabriel Prokofiev - String Quartet No. 2, performed by the Elysian Quartet (The Earlyman remix of 4th Movement) [Nonclassical]
Fridge - Clocks [Temporary Residence/Domino]
Grizzly Bear - Owner of a Lonely Heart [Audraglint]
Dan Rossen - Graceland [from some mp3 blog somewhere, I'm sure...]
Ass - Two Different Ways [Headspin Recordings]
Comatone - The Sun Sets Over A Bad Day [forthcoming vinyl release]
Qua - Through Your Window [Someone Good]
aheadphonehome - x [lofly]

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