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Sunday, 8th of July, 2007

Playlist 08.07.07 (10:11 pm)

Tonight on UFog, the amazing new World's End Girlfriend album Hurtbreak Wonderland has arrived! Also new stuff from Ulrich Schnauss and Dan Deacon, a Faux Pas remix of Zeal sampling from Aleks & the Ramps, a gorgeous new tune from The Bad Plus's new album, and later on we've got some techstep-style dubstep from Ital Tek, plus Jesu's blissed-out remix of the new Fog single...

World's End Girlfriend - dance for borderline Miscanthus [human highway records]
Kate Bush - Under Ice [EMI]
Kate Bush - Waking The Witch [EMI]
Ulrich Schnauss - never be the same [Independiente]
School of Two - Gifted [Feral Media POWWOW series]
Dan Deacon - Pink Batman [Mistletone]
Zeal - Yumi and the Sky (Faux Pas remix) [Zealousy]
The Bad Plus - Giant [Do The Math/Heads Up]
bogenschutzer - plucked [DesTone Records]
Huntsville - the appearance of a wise child [Rune Grammofon]
Mice Parade - Tales of Las Negras [Fat Cat]
Menomena - the pelican [FILMguerrero/Barsuk]
Comatone - Leonard's Lesson 3 [Feral Media]
Underlapper - Fools' Cap [Feral Media]
Robert Vincs - Devic Kingdom [Extreme]
Machine est mon Coeur - Won't you come back? [self-released/promo]
Fog - I Have Been Wronged (Jesu remix) [Lex Records]
World's End Girlfriend - birthday resistance [human highway records]
Penfold Plum - Potent Concoction [Wichita]
origamibiro - noshi [expanding records]
Pimmon - Strummer [Liquid Architecture]
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Both Eyes Tight Shut [Staubgold]
Jason Forrest - Evil Doesn't Exist Anymore {featuring Maya Ratkje and a cast of seeming thousands...} [Sonig]
Ital Tek - White Mark [Planet µ]
Silver Bone Tone - Pushing It [demo]
Terminal Sound System - Ghost Summer [Extreme]

6 Responses to “Playlist 08.07.07”

  1. Greg Stone Says:

    Hello sir, great show last night! How did you manage to get the World's end girlfriend album from Human Highway? I couldn't get past the Japanese text......I've had to order it from the US and it won't be here until August, boo hoo.
    Really liked the Menomena track!

  2. Peter Says:

    Hello to you sir!
    I Didn't get the WEG album from Human Highway, I got it from Amazon.co.jp! And once shipped it took less than a week to arrive. It was too expensive on its own, but it's easy to find a couple of other desirable CDs from them, and in total I paid not much more than $20 each including postage...

    So you could probably cancel the Amazon.com order, as I assume it's still at that stage...

    Menomena = new favourite band. Not really, there are too many, but definitely discovery of the week.

  3. Gianni Says:


    Thanks for playing new WEG last night. Was trying to order it myself from japan but might wait for the concert. You heard the recent ep they did with Mono? Gig on August 30th. Got tickets already (or at leat that's what my friend ravey dave said he was buying yesterday).
    might give the new menomena cd another listen right now.

  4. Peter Says:

    Cheers Gianni! Yeah, now that he's coming, if people can wait it may well be worth holding out for grabbing the albums at the gig!
    Fingers crossed, there'll be older stuff available too.

    I have played a little of the Mono+WEG CD. Nobbad, although it's much more Mono than WEG...

  5. tim Says:

    hey peter, thanks for playing the remix. hope you're well. looking forward to hearing something new from jason forrest soon, hopefully.. you listened to the field? his track 'over the ice' samples kate bush, its definitely worth hearing.. cheers

  6. Peter Says:

    Hiya Tim! That remix is truly awesome. I must get in touch with you soon for FourPlay remix action!
    Meanwhile, "the field", eh? Sounds awesome, must grab. Will go looking :)

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