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Sunday, 11th of January, 2009

Playlist 11.01.09 (10:13 pm)

Lots of exciting stuff for the beginning of the year... "A Split" is the split 12" from Extra Life and Nat Baldwin that we started with, segueing into more "post-classical" sounds courtesy of Parenthetical Girls' amazing Entanglements album. And I played a couple of other tunes by them from their earlier releases...
Amazing song from Devendra Banhart's Megapuss, and a couple of fantastic remix/collaboration/cover versions of SJ Esau from a briefly-downloadable album (try the link below if you're quick)...
Then we had an interview with the lovely Mr Richard Adams of The Declining Winter, a long collaborative improv from Sydney/Melbourne (respectively) artists Whale & Thorn, and some more wonders courtesy of Machinefabriek (one new to me, one genuinely new).
Also this week, some sneak previews at the fantastic collaboration Klumpes Ahmad, due soon on the latter half's hellosQuare label, and a few Sydney Festival artists at the end...

Extra Life - Black Hoodie [Shatter Your Leaves]
Nat Baldwin - Lifted [Shatter Your Leaves]
Parenthetical Girls - Gut Symmetries [Tomlab]
Parenthetical Girls - Alright (Xiu Xiu Mix) [Slender Means Society]
Parenthetical Girls - Survived By Her Mother [Slender Means Society]
Parenthetical Girls - Unmentionables [Tomlab]
Megapuss - Surfing [Vapor Records]
Bracken - Leigh Woods Abutment (based on Depth Perception Lack by SJ Esau) [self-released by SJ Esau] {free download almost expired!}
The Declining Winter - i don't really want to be alone [Rusted Rail]
...First part of the interview with Richard Adams from The Declining Winter and Hood...
The Declining Winter - we used to read books [Rusted Rail]
...Second part of the Richard Adams interview...
The Declining Winter - yorkcitythree (The Remote Viewer remix) [self-released]
The Declining Winter - yorkcitythree (Part Timer remix) [self-released]
...Final part of the Richard Adams interview...
Hood - Over the land, over the sea. [Domino]
Whale & Thorn - Glitter Thumbs [self-released improvsation]
Klumpes Ahmad - Prologue [hellosQuare]
James Figurine - Air à Danser [free download from Dntelmusic.com] {Penguin Cafe Orchestra cover!}
Machinefabriek - Droog water (from Huis 3", feat contributions from Peter Broderick, Aaron Martin, Chantal Acda & Jetske de Boer) [no label/self-released]
Adrian Klumpes & Machinefabriek - in stillness his shadow moved [sound&fury]
Machinefabriek - Bathyale #2 [Staalplaat]
Klumpes Ahmad - Her birds and her pincushion [hellosQuare]
Sole, Lacuna & SJ Esau - Ruth's Perspective (based on Lacuna's cover of unreleased SJ Esau track "Perspective Parade" [self-released by SJ Esau] {free download almost expired!}
Silver Bone Tone - Control Room [demo] {album coming soon!}
Starkey - Pressure [Planet µ]
Filastine - fitnah (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny) [Soot/Über Lingua]
Maga Bo - Fire feat. Xuman, Edouard Manga (kora) & Moudou Mbaye (tama) [Soot]
St. Vincent - Now, Now [Beggars Banquet]

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