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Sunday, 26th of November, 2006

Playlist 26.11.06 (9:04 pm)

Yo. Action-packed show once again. Ain't it always so? You may like it that way, but spare a thought for your poor presenter hey ;)
So annnyway, some new Tunng-related goodies, including a brilliant track from a double-CD compilation introducing new label disco_r.dance. It's an awesome comp. I'm away next week but will be showcasing this compilation upon my return on the 10th of December. We have a new track from Greg Davis — his entry into Ache Records' "Divorce" series of 7"s — and lovely new stuff from Essex-based postrock band Reigns.
Some great new dubstep tunes, and a trip to the Middle East and Eastern Europe in the middle, including a wonderful track from a new album by Paris-based Rachid Taha, followed by a bit of archival Third Eye Foundation remixing the back-catalogue of legendary French label Ici D'Ailleurs...

Husky Rescue - Diamonds in the Sky (Tunng remix) [Catskills Records]
aMute - The floating boat [intr_version]
Greg Davis - Fennel & Tangerine [Ache Records]
Jonquil - Tracing [Try Harder]
Reigns - Chambers [Jonson Family]
howard - bronte by storm [self-released]
Bradbury - Hot Dog on a Dog [Dual Plover]
Moving Ninja - Murky [Tectonic]
Pinch - Punisher (Loefah's SE25 remix) [Planet µ]
Hatcha & Benga - Progression [Planet µ]
Hijak - Nightmarez [Tectonic]
Filastine - Autology [Soot]
Rachid Taha - Ecoute Moi Camarade [Wrasse Records/Filter Music]
Beirut - The Gulag Orkestar [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Nouvelle Vague vs Mahala Raï Banda - Morceau d'Amour [Crammed]
Third Eye Foundation remixing Bed - Nightcape and Yann Tiersen - Sur le Fil [Ici D'Ailleurs]
Matt Elliott - The Mess We Made [Domino]
Manyfingers - A Remark [Acuarela]
Manyfingers - Our Worn Shadow [Acuarela]
part timer - theme from part timer [currently listenable on his MySpace]
Adrian Klumpes - Cornered [Leaf]
part timer - it only means [Moteer]
Mazzadius & Scissor Lock - Monday [self-released promo]
Maps - don't fear [Last Space Recordings]
Melodium - i'm not already dead [Autres Directions In Music]
tunng - little king (featuring summit) [disco_r.dance]
Tunng - It's Because We've Got Hair (Department of Eagles remix) [Fulltime Hobby]
Vert - Words [Sonig]
Squarepusher - Planetarium [Warp]
Gauche - Snowflake [self-released, distributed by Vitamin]

One Response to “Playlist 26.11.06”

  1. Greg Stone Says:

    Hello there, just to let you know Underlapper are playing with Because of Ghosts @ Newtown theatre on Dec 28th. Tix available at Redeye from Monday.
    P.S Have you heard of By the end of tonight? What about the last Dwayne Sodahberk album 'cut open'?

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