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Sunday, 11th of March, 2007

Playlist 11.03.07 (9:28 pm)

Ahhh. Lovely new Dntel to start the show tonight. Later, and interview with Melbourne double bassist Rosie Westbrook...

Dntel - Dumb Luck [Sub Pop]
Radical Face - along the road [Morr Music]
Winterpark - One Night Alone [Creative Vibes]
Deerhunter - Providence [Kranky]
Lisa Gerrard/Dead Can Dance - Cantara [4AD]
Filastine - Autology (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney) [Soot]
Bibio - Cherry Go Round [Mush]
Clark - Ted (Bibio remix) [Warp]
Lymbyc Systym - Fall Bicycle [Mush]
Rosie Westbrook - amoeba [self-released]
...interview with Rosie Westbrook. Next three tracks mixed with/under interview:
Rosie Westbrook - laguna [self-released]
Cam Butler - Austro-Pacific [Pharmacy]
Rosie Westbrook - flow [self-released]
Rosie Westbrook - big as the ocean [self-released]
Springintgut - Cousteau [City Centre Offices]
Amon Tobin - Ever Falling [Ninja Tune]
Cocorosie - Promise [Touch and Go/Quaterstick via Wire Mag] {track was wrongly titled "Rainbowarriors" on the CD}
Clark - Bruise Animations [Warp]
Bass Clef - Thank You For Starting Fires [Blank Tapes]
MDK - A Theme [WèMè Records]
ollo - that sound [Groovescooter]
Part Timer - Theme from Part Timer [This is Part Timer sampling some FourPlay material and incorporating into a track of his own]
d_rradio - so happy it hurts [Static Caravan]
Dave Miller - She Makes (Chris Cobilis remix) [Meupe]
Momus - I Refuse To Die [American Patchwork]
the boats - i never had you down as a liar [Moteer]
Dntel feat. Rachel Haden & Brian McMahan - Why I'm So Unhappy [Plug Research]
Bracken - Of Athroll Slains [Anticon]
Hi God People - Tiger tooth bangles of Nomo [Nervous Jerk]
Deerhunter - Cryptograms [Kranky]
International Karate - It's Alright To Show You Care [Sensory Projects]

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