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Sunday, 9th of September, 2007

Playlist 09.09.07 (10:20 pm)

Lots of goodies tonight! Some oldies in celebration of four years and one week... Starting with the unbelievably great new album from Angels of Light, then new Animal Collective. And quite a few new Tunng items tonight — new album plus vinyl goodies.

Angels of Light - My Brother's Man [Young God]
Animal Collective - Cuckoo Cuckoo [Domino]
Tunng - soup [Fulltime Hobby]
Underlapper - Burnt Abernethy [self-released]
Mole Harness - as language carves the world [Stray Dog Army]
Anonymeye - Suburban Shopping Centre Carpark [self-released]
Damiak - Extended Slide [N5MD]
Pedro - Fear & Resilience [Melodic Records]
Kings of Convenience - The Weight of My Words (Four Tet remix) [Mawlaw t/a Source UK]
Dntel - Don't Get Your Hopes Up [Rocket Racer]
Tunng - bricks (Dntel remix) [Fulltime Hobby]
Múm - A Little Bit, Sometimes [Fat Cat]
Pinback - Subbing For Eden [Touch and Go/Longtime Listener]
The Ladies - Vacation, Asphyxia, Vacation [Temporary Residence]
Fog - We Will Have Vanished [Lex Records]
Caribou - Melody Day (Four Tet remix) [City Slang]
aheadphonehome - x [lofly]
Trigger Happy - Desmond [unreleased]
Roam The Hello Clouds - Phases [~scape]
Silver Bone Tone - Float [demo]
Breakage - Clarendon [Digital Soundboy]
Bola - Rainslaight [Skam]
Ital Tek - White Mark [Planet µ]
Karoshi - Raiding the Night [self-released]
King Seven - Hidden [Camshot]
Tunng - Peanuts [Great Pop Supplement]
Múm - Guilty Rocks [Fat Cat]
need more sources - sheds in the snow [Moteer]
Underlapper - Child bearing flies (Scissors For Sparrow remix) [Feral Media]
Qua - Stranger Comforts Have Slipped By (Pt 1 & Pt 2) [Surgery]

2 Responses to “Playlist 09.09.07”

  1. Greg Stone Says:

    Hello sir, happy 4th birthday for last week!
    Another sweet show.....Glad you are diggin the Damiak album.
    I'm loving 'Peanuts' by Tunng, it's a great track......Greg

  2. leigh Says:

    hey "the ladies"... nice. what i've heard of it is pretty excellent, regret not getting the cd at amoeba records when i had the chance. chose the rob crow solo album instead and a wee bit disappointed truthfully.

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