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Sunday, 28th of May, 2006

Playlist 28.05.06 (10:13 pm)

Eek! Another action-packed show! Having been away last week, I've accumulated stacks of new stuff to play. So, Animal Collective give us a Nirvana cover, and Sonic Youth give us a track from a few years back; we have a new remix from Matthew Herbert of a Manchester band called Keith, and nice electronic indie from (I think) Melbourne's Pitching Woo. Sydney's Holly Throsby has a new album coming out, and we sample the lead track off it; and the lovely Psapp from the UK have a new album out too. Tunng's new CD is finally out, and indie stores in the UK get a version with two extra tracks; I had to get that version of course, and I give you one of those bonus tracks tonight. There's also new Subtle, new Espers, and something new and raucous on Constellation from Feu Thérèse... and much more! Scary, hey?
A lot of this stuff will be reprised next week, along with more new stuff, so tune in (on air or online!)

Animal Collective - Polly [white label 7"] {awesome Nirvana cover!}
Sonic Youth - Helen Lundeberg [white label 7"]
Matmos feat. Kronos Quartet - Solo Buttons for Joe Meek [Matador]
Xiu Xiu - I Luv the Valley OH! [Kill Rock Stars via Tomlab]
keith - bled a rose (matthew herbert mix) [Lucky Number Music]
Pitching Woo - message from the chairman [Abercorn]
Holly Throsby - Making A Fire [Spunk]
Psapp - Hill of our Home [Domino]
Pablo Dali - Distraction [Meupe]
Telefon Tel Aviv feat Lindsay Anderson - Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Rapster Records]
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - lobby [Planet µ]
Tim Koch - k zat fout [Surgery Records promo, track not included on Faena]
d_rradio - pick me up [distraction records]
Tunng - Band Stand [Fulltime Hobby]
Inch-time - Turning Point [Static Caravan]
Jordy Lane - Line Up The Happiness [self-released indietronica (and much more!) from Sydney] {trying to convince the boi to get some sort of webpage happening...}
Brian Campeau - mtl [self-released]
Brian Campeau - montreal [self-released]
Final Fantasy - Song Song Song [Tomlab]
Mike Patton feat. Amon Tobin - Don't Even Trip [Ipecac]
Boxcutter - Brood [Planet µ]
Shitmat - Gary's Gruesome Garage (Gary's Gruesome Grime mix by µ-Ziq) [Planet µ]
Spectac - Repetonal [Go Away]
Solypsis - What Was Once Mine Is Now Yours (Datach'i Remix) [Can Buy Me Love Vol 2 (released by Solypsis?)]
Feu Thérèse - Mademoiselle Gentleman [Constellation]
Espers - Dead Queen [Drag City]
James Gordon Anderson - Prayer Wheel 2006 (mix 1) (excerpt) [self-released]
Subtle - swansong meat (feat. Andrew Broder) [Lex]
The Year Of - alone [Morr Music]

One Response to “Playlist 28.05.06”

  1. d Says:

    "k zat fout" was lovely. where can i get it?

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