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Sunday, 29th of October, 2006

Playlist 29.10.06 (9:09 pm)

Good evening. Tonight we feature the latest of Wire Mag's bonus CDs, a double CD of music from the Anglo-Portuguese Atlantic Waves festival... Sydney-based violinist/vocalist Melissa Cox brings us her debut album as Black Sesame, and I've got some other stringy stuff from A Hawk and a Hacksaw, with the two most atypical tracks off their latest album ;)
Anticon's Dosh has a great new album out too, tracks from which will no doubt get played on the next few shows, and there's more of the usual mix of new & old, including a selection of tunes from Vert's colourful past. And finally, a bit of a sampling of Mary Anne Hobbes's brilliant Warrior Dubz comp on Planet µ plus a few other dubsteppy goodies.

Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo - warm leatherette [Bip-Hop]
Carlos Bica -Hank [Bor Land courtesy Wire Mag]
Filastine - Crescent occupation [Soot]
Black Sesame - Angel Songs [self-released]
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Salt Water / There is a River in Galisteo [Leaf]
Xiu Xiu - Wig master [5RC/Trifekta]
Dosh - Um, Circles and Squares [Anticon]
Clark - Night Knuckles [Warp]
Venetian Snares - Duffy [Planet µ]
Loefah feat. Sgt Pokes - Mud VIP [Planet µ]
Distance - Temptation [Tectonic]
Skream - I [Tempa]
Saroos - Dead Days [Alien Transistor]
Part timer - it only means [Moteer]
Heidi Elva - Nothing is what it seems [long-awaited demo from Sydney harpist/vocalist, with programming/mixing from Brian Campeau]
Avia Gardner - They're Drowning So We're Safe [intr_version]
Philip Jeck - June [courtesy Wire Mag]
Janek Schaefer - Between The Two [Room40]
Amanda Handel / GL Seiler - The Passing [Feral Media]
ollo - the if if [Groovescooter]
Vert - Velocity [Sonig]
Vert - Cherry Phosphate [Bovinyl]
Vert - Octatone Rag [Sonig]
Squarepusher - Welcome to Europe [Warp]
Venetian Snares - Beverly's Potatoe Orchestra [Planet µ]
Russ & Roc vs Mahala Raï Banda - Spoitoresa Revisited (Got The Parts mix) [Crammed]
Curse ov Dialect - Jokes On Me [Mush Records]
Shlomo feat. Dubbledge - Perfect [courtesy Wire Mag]
JME (Wiley beat) - Pence [Planet µ]
Bola - Ballast (Triangle) [Skam]
Funckarma - Bion Glent [Sublight]

2 Responses to “Playlist 29.10.06”

  1. Greg Stone Says:

    Hi there, Love the show!
    I am really liking the new Dosh album, it's awesome....
    Have you heard any of the new Setopianics album?

  2. Peter Says:

    Hey Greg,
    Great new Underlapper track on the Mess+Noise comp!
    Yeah, the Dosh is cool, will get some more spins from me for sure :)

    Haven't heard the Setopianics, but I've got that Power Shovel comp from Wire mag, so I'll listen to their track again when I get home.

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