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Sunday, 30th of January, 2005

Playlist 30.01.05 (9:05 pm)

Starting tonight with one of the 3" CDs from ROOM40 that I mentioned last week - some nice slightly bent indie-folk stuff. More of that, glitched-up subterranean guitar dirges from Keith Mason. Later, a bunch of awesome new(ish) breakcore, including a great new double vinyl comp from a local label. Later on, some gorgeous solo piano from Gonzales, Sage Francis teams up with Will Oldham, something rare I was able to snap up with one of the first copies of the new Hood album, not to mention some classic Miles Davis from In A Silent Way, ambient jazz precursor to everything from the Necks and Talk Talk to Squarepusher and more...

Ben Thompson - untitled track 1 from very limited 3" CD [ROOM40]
Keith Mason - Non Song 1 [Lo-fi Killers]
Autistic Daughters - the glasshouse and the gift-horse [Kranky]
Sage Francis - Sea Lion (extended mix feat. Will Oldham, Alias & Saul Williams) [Epitaph]
Hood - The Lost You (alternate version from extremely limited 4-track CD included with first 100 copies of the new album) [Domino]
Epic 45 - (Re)Sculpted By Winter [Make Mine Music]
State River Widening - Knifegrinder's Song [Vertical Form]
Gonzales - Gogol [No Format]
Gonzales - Oregano [No Format]
Sybarite - The Fourth Day [4AD]
Max de Wardener - Automata [Accidental]
Inch-time - root drinking in the dark [beautiful self-released one-track business card CD, with amazing watercolour print cover]
Miles Davis - SHHH/Peaceful [CBS/Sony]
Squarepusher - Papalon [Warp]
Piano Overlord - recuerdas? [money studies]
Bill Laswell - Oscillations (Atom Heart's Digital Cut-Up) [Sub Rosa]
0=0 - 88 [dross:tik]
Enduser - Kick Dem Down [Mirex]
Belladonnakillz - Damn Domestik Dispute [dross:tik]
Curtis Chip - Eating Paste (Larvae's Overeating mix) [Ad Noiseam]
Maladroit - Bust A Digital [Painfree Found Sound]
Enduser - 17 Flat Lines [Painfree Found Sound]
cyrusrex - Uncle Bobs Foreskin (Venetian Snares & auntie aaron's beefcurtain casserole Mix) [Negative 3]
Amon Tobin - Ruthless [Ninja Tune]
Rashamon - (Forgotten) Sherpa Folk Song [High Point Lowlife]
Tigrics - Why Release Records? [Neon Music]
Kattoo - Place2 [Hymen]
65daysofstatic - default this [Monotreme]

2 Responses to “Playlist 30.01.05”

  1. ry Says:

    hah! 0=0, something to put your kids to bed to!

    atom heart did a release on nonplace [www.nonplace.de]. Fantastic label (ifyou dont know it already). Along the lines of shitkatapult.

  2. Peter Says:

    *heh* Well, kidz, have your say: If I'm gonna play that breakcore shiznitz, where should it go in the show? I like to stick it in the later hours, so if I've put you to sleep you'll sleep through it... uh...
    Anyway, yeah Nonplace is a great label! Run by the ever-cool Berndt Friedmann, frequent visitor to our shores and co-conspirator with Atom Heart in the Flanger project.

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