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Sunday, 17th of April, 2011

Playlist 17.04.11 (11:08 pm)

So much good musics for you tonight...
You can LISTEN AGAIN, just grab the link at the bottom of the playlist.

We start with the band with their own genre, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. Their new album was a slow grower but I'm now totally sold. This track is one of the most upbeat (don't read that emotionally, just in terms of tempo), and lacks vocals, but has wonderfully emotive string lines.

Next up, an uncharacteristic track from FaltyDL, taking its time to get going, combining some really classic IDM type sounds with (eventually) some very contemporary breaks, for the new 2CD set on Hotflush, Back And 4th. We heard a number of tracks from this compilation, which has one disc of new material and one of Hotflush classics.
From the second disc, a fantastic track from label boss Scuba, and then a remix of his of Fink from last year's amazing Ninja Tune XX compilation/box set.
Back to the first disc, we have a new breaks tune from Boxcutter, and then what's truly one of the greatest tunes of the last few years, James Blake’s remix of the iconoclastic Mount Kimbie tune "Maybes".

We also heard a couple of tunes from the very fine new Kryptic Minds album, the first of which is a very subtle number. In between, one last Hotflush classic, from Pangaea.

Paul Elam aka fieldhead recently sent me some new tunes, and his remix of Spokes somehow fits in nicely with the dubstep, with its grainy drone and squashed beat. And you can download it from Soundcloud right now!

And moving us out of dubstep into something a bit more hip-hop, albeit nice and heavy, is Sydney's Roleo on The Frequency Lab.
This leads us into the amazing sound of musSck. It's premier glitch-hop, highly influenced by Japanese culture, fast-moving and freaky. There was a fair bit of stuff like this about 10 years ago (or so), but musSck's updated it to a very contemporary post-dubstep/wonky sound. Check him out on Soundcloud too.

And then we're back to Australia, with the sci-fi sounds of "death by white lies", one of many standouts from the new Underlapper album Softly Harboured, finally out in Australia on CD from hellosQuare and vinyl from Feral Media. They're launching the album this Thursday, the 21st of April at the FBi Social and I expect you all to be there. I'll be playing cello on a few tracks too.

Next amazing album from a very strong week for amazing albums is epic45’s newie, Weathering. Based around the evocation of their home in pastoral Staffordshire, it's a real beauty, with moments of edginess and noise in there too. The first track I played is like a cross between Hood and Talk Talk, maybe.

Tied+Tickled Trio are one of the most venerable artists on the Morr Music label, a post-jazz ensemble featuring The Notwist. On their new album they team up with jazz/improv drummer Billy Hart for an excursion into exotic jazz and dub.

In between their two tracks, we had the amazing "Warda's Whorehouse" by Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso, which was sampled by dj BC in a track I played last week on the show. Suso is a famous Gambian musician, and he collaborated on a score for a stage play with Glass. It's incredible music.

After Tied+Tickled, we had a bit of a classic from Gary Clail & the On-U Sound System’s 1991 album The Emotional Hooligan. '91 was my HSC year, so needless to say, music from that era means a lot to me. Still, I think this track has enduring value, as does the album in general - digi-dub, sample-heavy and dub-heavy, with a real pop edge to it.

Daedelus also loves his weird and wonderful samples. He's one of the great musical collagists of our time, and also an inveterate collaborator. It's nice to hear fellow LA artist Baths on this track, singing in French, no less!

...and back to Underlapper, singing and howling in Australian English.

It should be no surprise that Guildhall-educated Mica Levi, aka Micachu, would team up with The London Sinfonietta. Fiercely talented, she's got a number of singles, an album, and a few mixtapes under her belt already, along with at least a couple of orchestral works. Here she combines the indie-crunk of her band The Shapes with those orchestral arrangements, for something woozy and really chunky.

Equally heavy and string-laden is the incredible music of Deaf Center. This is their first album in a number of years. Cavernous production yet close recording ensures we get immense cello drones and booming piano, which tinkles beautifully on other tracks. Pretty stunning, don't miss it.

Totally stunning, but you've probably already missed it, is the Mort Aux Vaches set from Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek. These sessions are recorded for the Dutch radio station VPRO, and gorgeously and uniquely packaged by Staalplaat. On the third and final track Broderick & Zuydervelt are joined by frequent collaborators Kleefstra/Bakker/Kleefstra and Nils Frahm for a 25-minute odyssey incorporating piano, strings, processed guitar, glitchy drones and Dutch spoken word.

I've been playing Motion Sickness of Time Travel quite a bit on the show, and tonight we have another recent release featuring analogue synths and disembodied vocals.

And finally I was able to slip one track in from Emanuele Errante’s new album: blissful pulsating ambient music; more next week.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Cotard Delusion [Denovali]
FaltyDL - Regret [Hotflush]
Scuba - Tense [Hotflush]
Fink - See It All (Scuba remix) [Ninja Tune]
Boxcutter - LOADtime [Hotflush]
Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake remix) [Hotflush]
Kryptic Minds - Fade To Nothing [Black Box]
Pangaea - Bear Witness [Hotflush]
Kryptic Minds - Can't Sleep (feat. Alys Be) [Black Box]
Spokes - Give It Up To The Night (fieldhead remix) [download from Soundcloud!]
Roleo - Future 3.9 [The Frequency Lab]
musSck - Happiness is the Best Facelift [Nihon Kizuna]
musSck - Death Note / Hidden In The World Equal [Car Crash Set]
musSck - I will protect my ninja ways [Global Vortex Records]
musSck - The Girl Who Fell From The Sky [Global Vortex Records]
Underlapper - death by white lies [hellosQuare/Feral Media]
epic45 - the village is asleep [Make Mine Music]
epic45 - the weather is not your friend [Make Mine Music]
Tied+Tickled Trio + Billy Hart - the three doors pt 3 [Morr Music]
Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso - Warda's Whorehouse [Point Music]
Tied+Tickled Trio + Billy Hart - lonely woman / exit la place demon / the electronic family [Morr Music]
Gary Clail & the On-U Sound System - Magic Penny [Perfecto]
Daedelus - French Cuffs (feat. Baths) [Ninja Tune]
Underlapper - pause box [hellosQuare/Feral Media]
Micachu & the Shapes / The London Sinfonietta - Low Dogg [Rough Trade]
Micachu & the Shapes / The London Sinfonietta - State Of NY [Rough Trade]
Deaf Center - Divided [Type]
Deaf Center - New Beginning (Tidal Darkness) [Type]
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek w/ Kleefstra/Bakker/Kleefstra and Nils Frahm - Mort Aux Vaches Session II [Staalplaat]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Moons Through A Telescope [self-released] {available from her Bandcamp}
Emanuele Errante - counterclockwise [Karaoke Kalk]

Listen again — ~ 166MB

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