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Sunday, 10th of April, 2011

Playlist 10.04.11 (11:09 pm)

Tonight featured another compilation to add to the mix from last week, plus little overviews of Low, John Chantler, dj BC and Various, and new music from Evelyn Morris aka Pikelet.
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We've got Low past and present, including one track from their most experimental and wonderful Drums and Guns album and one track going all the wack to 1996, with a beautiful bit of slowcore.

Hannah Peel is a new artist I know of from Static Caravan. Fantastic string arrangement for a 1 minute track! Later on we had a number more tracks from the Minute Papillon comp (see last week), including Jasper TX, whose forthcoming album sounds fantastic...

Evelyn Morris aka Pikelet has been putting a bunch of new tracks up on her Bandcamp each month this year, so you should go and grab them, from $0 to $5. Very interesting seeing her experiment in some new musical approaches, including drum machines (if not full-blown electronica) and almost noise/drone.

And in a drone vein, some transcendental synth sequences from Motion Sickness of Time Travel, with her trademark submerged vocals in the mix from a new cassette release that you can find on her Bandcamp.

Marina Rosenfeld's track is the first from ROOM40's 10th birthday compilation, a 40-track download release that you can get for free from their online store. It's a stunner of a track, piano and processing, and the later tracks I played are also notable (I await the Andrea Belfi album on ROOM40 with high expectations).

And from last week's other featured compilation, Benefit for the Recovery in Japan (even longer than the ROOM40 one at 64 tracks!), we had Oren Ambarchi seemingly sampling some orchestral recording, a lovely bit of indiefolk-almost-tronica from Bear In Heaven (checking more of them out now) and some kind of woozy funk-hop from Leb Laze.

Bringing us to Daedelus, whose new album is just out now on Ninja Tune. He's a highly eclectic artist and fits uncomfortably, perhaps, into the LA scene where holds something of a venerable position. He's used experimental electronica, drum'n'bass, hip-hop, electro and whatever else comes to hand to underpin his madcap sampleadelic collage style. And he's collaborated with Busdriver before, along with Radioinactive, on the brilliant album The Weather. Great to hear Busdriver singing on his track; lots of awesomeness on this album.

One track from Melbourne's Hugo Frederick showcases yet another brilliant Australian talent in the making. Reworking Mary J Blige's "Family Affair" into a chopped-up 2step affair a la James Blake, she's slowed-down but jittery. It's a production that bodes well for Australian electronic music in general.

Also awesome to have a new dj BC mashup album available (briefly, probably). As you can see from the below playlist, his prior efforts include two brilliant Beastie Boys/Beatles albums, Wu Tang Clan reimagined with New Orleans swing jazz backings, and Philip Glass used as beds for hip-hop remixes. This time it's Jay-Z vs Brian Eno, and I'm not familiar enough even with Eno's work to fully appreciate it. But musically it's spot-on.

Back to the dubstep styles, a couple of weeks ago there was a new download release from Various (previously Various Production), nice and dark as is their wont. Check out the latest series of releases at their website and join their mailing list to keep up. I played a couple of much-loved older tunes as well.

And finally I got around to playing one of the Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke collaborations from a month or so ago. I wasn't that sold on the new Burial, which just seems like more of the same but with a more 4/4 beat... much like the latest Four Tet to be honest - I hope he gets the four to the floor out of his system soon :) But these tracks are lovely, aided by Thom's vocal delivery.

Low - try to sleep [Sub Pop]
Low - Belarus [Sub Pop]
Low - Pissing [Sub Pop]
Low - Over The Ocean [Vernon Yard]
Low - try to sleep [Sub Pop]
Hannah Peel - But If I Glance [Second Language]
Evelyn Morris - Letter From The Past [Pikelet Bandcamp]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Everything Must Die [Sweat Lodge Guru] {also available from MSOTT Bandcamp}
Evelyn Morris - Respect and Moccasins [Pikelet Bandcamp]
Jasper TX - Requiem [Second Language]
Marina Rosenfeld - Sweetest Sensation [ROOM40] {free download comp from ROOM40 for their 10th birthday!}
John Chantler - Autu [ROOM40]
John Chantler - Sunburning [Piehead Records]
John Chantler - ...No Sad Songs Tonight [hellosQuarerecordings]
John Chantler - The Luminous Ground tk A3 [ROOM40]
Roll The Dice - Six-Ten [Second Language]
Andrea Belfi - Paoaofbp [ROOM40] {free download comp from ROOM40 for their 10th birthday!}
pimmon - Limited E Country [ROOM40] {free download comp from ROOM40 for their 10th birthday!}
Steinbrüchel - Same [ROOM40] {free download comp from ROOM40 for their 10th birthday!}
Pete Astor - Buddha Said [Second Language]
Oren Ambarchi - Merely A Portmanteau [fina] {from the highly worthy Benefit for the Recovery in Japan compilation}
Bear In Heaven - The Days We Have [fina] {from the highly worthy Benefit for the Recovery in Japan compilation}
Leb Laze - Da Plane Da Plane [fina] {from the highly worthy Benefit for the Recovery in Japan compilation}
Daedelus - Penny Loafers (feat. Inara George) [Ninja Tune]
Daedelus - What Can You Do? (feat. Busdriver) [Ninja Tune]
Hugo Frederick - Family Affair (Hugo Frederick remix) [Hugo Frederick Soundcloud]
dj BC - Worlds Of Success (Jay-Z vs Brian Eno) [self-released] {download free from dj BC}
dj BC as The Beastles - Watcha Want, Lady? [self-released] {The Beatles vs The Beastie Boys of course}
dj BC - Bogalusa Shimmy [self-released] {from Wu Orleans; this is Old Dirty Bastard vs Chris Burke and His New Orleans Music}
dj BC - How Many Whores? [self-released] {from Glassbreaks; this is The Fugees vs Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso}
dj BC - Fallin Into Green (Jay-Z vs Brian Eno) [self-released] {download free from dj BC}
Various feat. Mc Vex - Drink It [Various]
Mr Lager - Kailis [Various]
Various Production - Hater [XL Recordings/Various Production]
Various Production - The World Is Gone (feat. Chan Marshall) [Various Production]
Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke - Mirror [Text Records]
Evelyn Morris - Stuck There [Pikelet Bandcamp]

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