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Sunday, 27th of September, 2009

Playlist 27.09.09 (11:24 pm)

Tonight on Utility Fog we heard some astounding pioneering electronic music from over 50 years ago, during an interview with Damien Ricketson, co-artistic director of Ensemble Offspring, talking about their performances of this iconic work on Thursday night (at the Sydney Opera House - quote "fbi" for a special deal when booking!) and Friday night (at Electrofringe - free!) - also featuring a collaboration with pimmon!
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We started with a thing of beauty from Heather Woods Broderick, sister of Peter Broderick, who worked with her on the arrangements for her debut album, on the fantastic Sydney label Preservation. Expect an interview with her in the next few weeks, as well as one with Aaron Martin, who gave us another track from his new album.
A couple of pimmon tracks bookended our interview with Damien - as one of Sydney's most important electronic musicians, it's only fitting that he's working with these musicians.
Tyondai Braxton has a background that spans classical composition, free jazz, math rock and electronica. A few tracks on his new album manage to cross just about all of those at once, although a few others are still testing my patience.
We had a couple of tracks from Mary Anne Hobbs’ latest compilation on Planet µ, Wild Angels, including another beauty from Sunken Foal, all acoustic guitars and lovely beats. The other track was Paul White’s astounding remix of Tranqill’s "Payroll", with a brilliantly scary intro (listen on headphones & you'll know what I mean) and brilliantly wonky beats with disturbing gaps...
LA & the Bay Area are a houthouse of fantastic dubstep & wonky sounds at the moment, and Mimosa is the latest offspring of that scene I've discovered, collaborating here with MC Souleye.
More hip-hop/Bass music next from Two Fingers, with a really dirty remix from The Bug, followed by the duo's original collaboration from 2003, and a track from their still-hard-to-find Instrumentals album.
Sydney's Danimals, mostly an electronic psych-pop (um, something like that) project for Jonti Danielwitz of Sherlock's Daughter. As well as hearing a track from Sherlock's Daughter’s lovely EP, we heard a couple of tracks from their singer Tanya Horo with producer Jono Ma, whose indietronic gems I used to play back around 2005.
Danimals are supporting Why? at the Annandale in December, and as the new Why? album has just hit the CD racks, I thought we'd better hear a few tracks from his/their history. Although recorded in the same sessions, Eskimo Snow isn't a patch on last year's brilliant Alopecia. Nevertheless, it has a few excellent tracks, and I admit it's growing on me.
Shadow Huntaz keep it hip-hop with their latest album produced by Funckarma, from whom we heard possibly their most drum'n'bass track ever. And Silkie’s "Quasar" is dubstep with a drum'n'bass influence.
We had two tracks from the latest pair of releases in Feral Media’s POWWOW series - Broken Chip’s ambient electronica and afxjim’s folky postrock.
One of the best releases in the last few months is Sparklehorse + Fennesz’s entry into Konkurrent’s In The Fishtank series, of which I'll be playing plenty more in coming weeks. It's all you could hope for and more from a collaboration like this.
And Sydney's Psychic Date keep the guitar effects going strong for our last track.

Heather Woods Broderick - For Misty [Preservation]
Aaron Martin - Lightning in Meadow Grass [Preservation]
pimmon - %macro.end [Fallt]
Stockhausen - excerpt 1 from Kontakte
...interviewing Damien Ricketson, co-artistic director of Ensemble Offspring...
pimmon - the sacred dance of Mimi Lush [Tigerbeat6]
Tyondai Braxton - Dead Strings [Warp]
Sunken Foal - Of Low Count and Light Pocket [Planet µ]
Tranqill - Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Dub) [Planet µ]
Mimosa - Delivery (feat. Souleye) [Muti Music]
Two Fingers feat. Ce'Cile and Sway - Bad Girl (The Bug remix) [Ninja Tune]
Doubleclick & Amon Tobin - 0wnage [Ninja Tune]
Two Fingers - Twelvses (Two Fingers remix) [Ninja Tune]
Danimals - Cyclic Love feat. Otayo Dubb [forthcoming]
Tanya Horo & Jono Ma - toadmobile [unreleased classic Sydney indietronica from 2005!]
Soma For Kinder - spooked [unreleased - this is the band they became]
Sherlock's Daughter - Sons and Daughters [via Inertia] {Tanya's band now, produced by Jono...}
Why? - This Blackest Purse [Anticon]
Why? - you'll know where your phone is... [Anticon] {produced by Odd Nosdam, and originally from their Split EP}
Why? - Act Five [Anticon]
Why? - These Few Presidents [Anticon]
Shadow Huntaz - Then Again [Porter Records]
Funckarma - Bion Glent [Sublight]
Silkie - Quasar [Deep Medi]
Broken Chip - Argo Buoys [Feral Media]
afxjim - Arequipa [Feral Media]
Sparklehorse + Fennesz - If My Heart [Konkurrent]
Psychic Date - Reflections [self-released]

New! Listen again — ~258MB.

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