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Sunday, 20th of September, 2009

Playlist 20.09.09 (11:09 pm)

Tonight featured an interview with the fabulous Caethua, whose 2CD release on Sydney's Preservation has received many a spin on this show already.
LISTEN AGAIN - see bottom of playlist! Or download the Caethua interview separately.

Started with a couple of tracks from the amazing Dominick Fernow aka Prurient, the first in collaboration with Chicago guitarist Kevin Drumm. Fernow runs the Hospital Productions label and is a centrepiece of the US noise scene. The Kevin Drumm collaboration covers quite a spectrum of sound, as does all of Prurient's recent stuff, but listen to too much in one go and your brain starts shutting down.
So next up we had Lawrence English from his beautiful new album, second in his set of seasons. This one (A Colour For Autumn) featured New Zealand guitarist/vocalist/genius Dean Roberts’ vocals stretched and slowly decontextualised.
NikaSaya is a new act on Lawrence's Brisbane-based Someone Good label, a spin-off from the lovely Tenniscoats, with charming folky songs.

Next, we talked with Clare Hubbard aka Caethua about her life and music - a fascinating conversation with an important new artist. I strongly recommend downloading the interview.

Label-mate and fellow American Aaron Martin followed, showing his immense multi-instrumental talent, and in particular his cello playing, which seems to have come a long way. The new album is out on Preservation soon.
We followed this with a remix by Melbourne's Part Timer of a recent track on the Under The Spire label, itself to be released on that label in the not-too-distant future.
More string playing multi-instrumentalists followed, with Peter Broderick’s 4-track tape recordings, and then Ian Hawgood’s slowly evolving drone.
Hawgood's alias Koen Park took us into electronic territory. Scuba’s album always struck me as highlighting the crossover between idm and dubstep, and led into a similarly head-nodding bassline from Silkie. Two of the best dubstep albums of the last two years.
On the Planet µ label, Burnkane’s debut 12" combines a dubstep lurch with r'n'b's obsession with auto-tune...
More hip-hop followed, with a cut from the new Shadow Huntaz album, once again produced by the formidable brothers Funcken aka Funckarma. We had a bit of nostalgia with some older Shadow Huntaz tracks which I do recall playing the arse off 5 or so years ago.
Courtesy of this month's Wire Tapper compilation from Wire Mag, we heard Italian postrock band Stearica collaborating with experimental noise-hop group Dälek (who are idolised in these quarters).
The noise connection gave us license for one final Prurient track, an immense text-sound piece on the Cold Spring label.
An epic track from England's Ecka Liena almost rounded out the show. 16+ minutes of drone, riffs, processing and marching beat, quite wonderful stuff.
Finally, two tracks from Sydney psych-prog-ambient group Psychic Date, whose very fine sounds will get an earlier showing next week.

Prurient & Kevin Drumm - On This Slab [Hospital Productions]
Prurient - Cocaine Death [Hospital Productions]
Lawrence English - Droplet [12k]
NikaSaya - Pandooman [Someone Good]
Caethua - Day Break [Preservation]
...interview with Caethua, feat
Caethua - Post mortem lines [Saxwand]
Caethua - Lament [Preservation]
Aaron Martin - New Madrid [Preservation]
Aaron Martin vs Part Timer - Climbing Into Water (Drowned) [forthcoming on Under The Spire]
Peter Broderick - a low end rumble [Type]
Ian Hawgood - Specks Then Flakes [Dragon's Eye Recordings]
Koen Park - Isle Of Sheppey [Acroplane] {free download!}
Scuba - Suck [Hotflush]
Silkie - Head Butt Da Deck [Deep Medi]
Burnkane - You Will Forget (feat. James J K Hughes) [Planet µ]
Shadow Huntaz - Lock, Stock & Barrel [Porter Records]
Shadow Huntaz - figure of speech [SKAM]
Shadow Huntaz - fasho [SKAM]
Stearica - Occhio (feat. Dälek) [Homeopathic Records]
Prurient - Rose Comet [Cold Spring]
Ecka Liena - Paralysis [Dead Pilot Records]
Psychic Date - Shaker [self-released]
Psychic Date - Monks [self-released]

New! Listen again — sticking with one big file, ~257MB.

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