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Tuesday, 2nd of June, 2009

Idea of South - multi-radio piece coming soon! (10:24 pm)

Hi folks,
This is a special announcement just to tell you to prepare yourselves for Sunday week - the 14th of June - for an amazing piece of experimental radio. At 10:30pm that night I'll be broadcasting FBi's part of a half-hour triple broadcast by UTS Masters student Roger Mills. You'll need two radios and a device for streaming audio (computer, iPhone, etc) to listen to 2SER 107.3FM, FBi 94.5FM and the netstream simultaneously! This has never been done before - makin' history!

Don't have more that one radio or a computer ?

Bring a radio down to Don't Look Gallery, 419 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill, for a multi radiophonic experience as people tune their radios into a truly immersive sound environment. The evening starts at 6pm and features DJs and a performance by Forenzics.

Full info at Roger's Idea of South page, and Roger will be in this Sunday to explain the piece in more detail.

Roger Mills is composer and sound artist who has just returned to his native Australia after living in the UK for twenty years. In that time he wrote and produced albums with Statik Sound System (Cup of Tea Records) and remixed tracks for British electro rockers Kosheen. Other credits include his collaboration with Grantby on Mo Wax's Headz 2 and Sydney's DJ Soup on Creative Vibes' Evolutionary Vibes III, featured as album of the week on Triple J.

His most recent work includes album projects for Turkish singer Mircan Kaya and British Jazz quintet Limbo featuring Jim Bar (Potishead).

6 Responses to “Idea of South - multi-radio piece coming soon!”

  1. john Says:

    terrifying new photo here!

  2. Peter Says:

    I might replace it again soon. Depends on whether I can find one less terrifying. Unlikely but hey.

  3. john Says:

    ha ha

  4. john Says:

    is that a haircut?

  5. Peter Says:

    You are a rude man and I don't know why I play you on my raddio shoe.

    And yes, the hair is shorter. If you were on Facebook you'd know.

  6. Peter Says:

    Here you are, Mr Part Timer:

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