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Sunday, 7th of June, 2009

Playlist 07.06.09 (11:10 pm)

For the next month we're doing everything we can to Save FBi, with gigs galore. If you've enjoyed Utility Fog over the years, we'd love you to either come along to some of these gigs, or maybe consider donating or becoming a supporter of the station. More suggestions and supplications through the month. This is important stuff - the station's future is really on the line, which means this show's future along with it!

I started with the rare event of playing my own band - not so much because we have a new album coming out shortly (*ahem*) but because Sunday Night At The Movies was playing the wonderful Buttress O'Kneel, and I have a stash of 5 incredible remixes she did for us over a year ago, that we haven't managed to release yet. I think we'll get them out not toooo long after our fourth album proper, Fourthcoming, drops.
Followed this with a few tracks from the amazing Andrew Coleman aka Animals on Wheels, who's started releasing new music again. We had an old favourite from his drill'n'bass days (back in 1997), a track from his excellent new dubstep single, and a glorious bit of folktronica from a 2001 album under his own name.
Following this, I had an in-depth chat with Roger Mills, whose Idea of South we're taking part in next Sunday. It comprises three broadcasts - ours on FBi, simultaneously with 2SER and a netcast - intended to be listened to simultaneously. On-air at 10:30pm next week. Check the Idea of South page for full info.
Then we had a couple more tracks from Arbouse's Musique pour Statues-Menhirs comp, two different styles of ambient music from Austrian maestro Fennesz and English artist Orla Wren.
Telafonica are on a roll at the moment, and this track is from a promo for a gig they're doing on June 11th at Bar Me in Kings Cross. As always, excellent indietronica. Also Telafonica member Lessons in Time with an excellent track I've played before.
When I grabbed Animals on Wheels' new EP on La Madame Avec Le Chien, I also picked up a compilation called Tail Wagging Music, and tonight featured two tracks from there. Miami's Sindri contribute a lovely piece of piano-and-glitch, while Emergency Broadcast System's track is idm with chopped-up hip-hop vocals.
More chopped up vocals come courtesy of koen park/Ian Hawgood, whose 2CD set remixes, reworkings and reimaginings I got hold of this week. A very limited release (mine's #45/100!), one CD has remixes of Koen Park, and the other is remixes by him. Lots of great idm/folktronica there. Great to see entertainment for the braindead there, who I came across via Melbourne's part timer. Also had a couple of tracks from his releases on acroplane (all of which are free downloads!) and one from his part in a triple-3" CD set on the lovely Mobeer.
Penultimately, we had a wonderful 20 minute piece from Richard Skelton in his Heidika guise, one of a number of releases I picked up from his Sustain-Release Private Press - wonderful hand-made pieces of art/music. Heidika is probably his most electronic guise, although a lot of it could be hurdy-gurdy(?) - beautiful drone.
And finally, Lich is the new dubstep alias of idm/drill'n'bass/breakcore artist Wisp, who has a new album out on Rephlex. This, however, is from Terminal Dusk's new 4-track vinyl compilation Azure. I was hoping this would be a full compilation CD, like their previous (a breakcore comp called Crimson), but perhaps we'll have to wait for that. Four great tracks here anyway.

FourPlay String Quartet - 2+2=5 (ThoughtCrime Mix by Buttress O'Kneel) [unreleased!]
Animals on Wheels - Hate Me [iLL]
Animals on Wheels - Ball [La Madame Avec Le Chien]
Andrew Coleman - plot lost sixteen [Thrill Jockey]
...Chatting to Roger Mills, whose 3-way multicast Utility Fog will be participating in next week. It's called Idea of South - follow the link for more info!...
Roger Mills - Three Sisters [UCM Production]
Fennesz - Sundial [Arbouse]
Orla Wren - The climbing rope [Arbouse]
Telafonica - The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte [unreleased promo - I assume!]
Sindri - Impromptu [La Madame Avec Le Chien]
Lessons in Time - How very good this feeling is [4-4-2 music]
Emergency Broadcast System - Waiting For Dorsal [La Madame Avec Le Chien]
koen park - i fall into you (falling into you remix by das rote telefon) [i, absentee]
entertainment for the braindead - colors (washed with pastel remix by ian hawgood) [i, absentee]
koen park - Computers As Brains [acroplane] {free download label!}
koen park - Computers Are Not Our Friends [acroplane] {free download label!}
Ian Hawgood - Map Rusu [Mobeer]
ryu furusawa - A Starlit Night [Mobeer]
Heidika - Tide of Bells [Sustain-Release]
Lich - The Bahamut [Terminal Dusk]

New! Listen again: part 1; part 2; part 3.

4 Responses to “Playlist 07.06.09”

  1. neil Says:

    yes, it's working :)

  2. john Says:

    My attempts to view your new haircut made my internets crash....TWICE! A sign that something is surely awry. No longer can I giggle to myself that you ought to be playing AD&D.

  3. leigh Says:

    interesting moniker this koen park... koen means park in japanese! will hafta czech it out some..

  4. Tui ( Orla Wren ) Says:

    Thank you Peter for the chance to listen again and also for playing my track :)
    Top show !

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