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Thursday, 7th of December, 2006

Playlist 03.12.06 (6:12 pm)

Thanks to Shannon & Adrian aka Wake Up And Listen for filling in on the show on Sunday. Here's their playlist, as usual featuring lots of great plunderphonics and other goodness.

Negativland - Introduction, Witness for the Documentation
Thai Elephant Orchestra - Thung Kwian Sunrise
twink - three wishes
DJ Pantshead - Supertramp vs Squarepusher vs We
DJ Pantshead - Jefferson Starship vs Alec Empire
tom verbank - baghdad mood
distance - traffic
des esseintes - due (shinjuku thief studio 54 remix)
Shinjuku Thief - Predation
Shinjuku Thief - Senescence
pimmon- dream clown
think of one - maracatu misterioso
think of one - tahina
electric masada - hath-arob
Chelate Compound - Bruised by Light
the residents - episode 1: the kid who collected crimes!
Al Duvall - Lantana
Al Duvall - Five Against One
Default's Greatest Hits - Tracks 1-14
The Evolution Control Committee - Nearly No Time for Yes
The Evolution Control Committee - No Time for Yes
Negativland - Downloading
Chris Watson - Vatnajokull
Pan Sonic - Maa
John Butcher - Swan Style
Gail Priest - Dreamwinch
Gail Priest - Body in Birmingham
Gail Priest - Slip Slide
Negativland - Off-Air Comments #1

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