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Monday, 9th of February, 2004

Playlist 08.02.04 (3:40 pm)

This week we had a few mini-specials: Started with a classical/folk/electronic crossover interpretation of The The, from an excellent 4-track EP of The The versions, and then a band with whom they shared a record label at the time, Nine Inch Nails, with two remixes courtesy of Telefon Tel Aviv, whose new album is finally out this week, and should be available in Oz any minute...
Iconoclastic UK label Ninja Tune is finally releasing some retrospective compilations, including a double-CD set of remixes released on the label. Tonight I decided to play a few of my fave Ninja remixes that didn't make it onto the (very cool!) compilation, including the only Amon Tobin remix I can think of that was actually released on Ninja Tune. I also played the slightly-longer original version of Four Tet's Bonobo remix...
Also just out is the long-awaited Shadow Huntaz album on Skam, which is a collaboration between three US MCs and the amazing Dutch brothers Funckarma. We heard some electronica-meets-hip-hop from Boards of Canada and cLOUDDEAD, and then a whole heap of Funckarma's extraordinary back-catalogue, as well as a couple of Shadow Huntaz tracks. More to come next week!

The The - ShrunkenMan (performed by Daau) [Nothing]
Nine Inch Nails - Where Is Everybody? (manipulated by Danny Lohner featuring Telefon Tel Aviv) [Nothing]
Nine Inch Nails - The Frail (manipulated by Benelli) [Nothing] {I know Benelli is actually Joshua Eustis with Turk Dietrich, but they've hardly done anything outside of this remix, and Dietrich is credited on a couple of trax on the new Telefon album as well...}
Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What is Effortless [Hefty Records]
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Grief (Amon Tobin remix) [Ninja Tune]
Can - Oh Yeah (Sunroof mix by Gareth Jones and Daniel Miller) [Mute]
DJ Vadim - Who The Hell Am I? (Animals on Wheels remix) [Ninja Tune]
Beam Up - tk 1 from recent CDR promo, no track titles included...
Bradbury - Never the Less [Dual Plover]
Pimmon - Give Me Your Cylinder [Staalplaat]
Montano - Shimmer [self-released promo CDR]
Bonobo - Pick Up (Four Tet mix) [Ninja Tune]
RJD2 - True Confessions [Chocolate Industries (Discogs page here if link now working)]
cLOUDDEAD - The Teen Keen Skip [Mush/Big Dada]
Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling [Warp Records]
cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (remix by Boards of Canada) [Mush/Big Dada]
Boards of Canada - june 9th [Skam]
Funckarma - Spatial Convolution [dub]
Shadow Huntaz - Trenches [Skam]
Funckarma - Here and Now (original song by Céline) [On Records (main page here)] {No link for "Céline" - I have the terrifying thought that this is the grotesque Ms Dion, granulated to all buggery...}
Gridlock - Estrella (Funckarma remix) [Hymen]
Math - Forces Combined (Funckarma remix) [Musik Aus Strom]
Shadow Huntaz - Figure of Speech [Skam]
Funckarma - Lignite [dub]
Cex - Eleven Million Dollars Worth of Bearer Bonds [Tigerbeat 6]
Cex - Drive off a Mountain [Jade Tree Records]
Hairy Butter & Cursor Miner - Fuck Da Strokes [White-label 7" with funny packaging, uncredited label but probably Lo Recordings]
Enduser - Broke As Fuck [Omeko
Squarepusher - Ultravisitor [Warp Records]

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