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Monday, 2nd of February, 2004

Playlist 01.02.04 (1:28 pm)

Tonight we started with (and scattered through the whole show) a whole lot of what could loosely be termed "pop". Neil Gaiman, in his journal, mentioned a song by comics author/genius Alan Moore and his Sinister Ducks called "The March of the Sinister Ducks", which appeared on a flexi-disc with Fantagraphics' Critters #23 anothology, although it dates from even earlier than that. It was a collaboration with David J of Bauhaus, so we had to hear a brilliant classic by Bauhaus after that. Can made an appearance because Damo Suzuki is in town, and a bunch of new stuff got featured: A new CD from Trinkets, instrumental folky post-rock, featuring beautiful violin and occasional cello, from Brisbane - yay!
A new album by Dublin-based Herv, released on his Compactrisc label, showcasing an innovative electronic scene that seems to be springing up in the capital of Eyre what with Skkatter as well - and the Maersk track on the same label is really nice postfolkrock(tronica?) too!
And finally on the new tip, there's a new album by Fantômas, mastered as one 74-minute (or something) track. The press release says "Needless to say, this won't be played on the radio", so I had to take the bait, and played a 5(ish)-minute chunk that was pretty UFog-friendly!

Sinister Ducks - March of the Sinister Ducks [once released by Fantagraphics Books, and can be downloaded at this location]
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's dead [Small Wonder Records, which you can Google for if you like...]
Can - Mushroom [Spoon/Mute]
cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada remix) [Mush/Big Dada]
The Beta Band - Broke [Regal Recordings]
Cex - Stop Eating [Jade Tree Records]
El-P - Deadlight [Chocolate Industries (Discogs page here if link now working)]
Eight Frozen Modules - Lemon Chiffon [Tigerbeat 6]
65daysofstatic - everything we talked about yesterday [Dust Punk Records]
My Jazzy Child - Morfler [Clapping Music]
Schlammpeitziger - Beh�bige Alarmschwarmlage [Sonig]
LFO - Millionaire Dogs [Warp]
Brothomstates - Rktic [Arcola]
Craig Connor/Rockstar North - Manhunt (Remix #3 by Aleksi Perälä) [Rephlex]
Herv - Corrective Action [Compactrisc]
Craig Connor/Rockstar North - Manhunt (Remix by The Bug) [Rephlex]
0=0 - Plastic Zero [dross:tik]
? (Jacobean?) - tk 1 fm MASK500 12" [SKAM]
Finkelstein - tk 8 (Hebrew title) fm The Art of Escapism [AK Duck]
Coppe' - Ala Moana [Mango + Sweet Rice]
Trinkets - The Unbearable Lightness of Fleeing [Trinkets Music]
Mice Parade - Milton Road [Bubblecore/Fat Cat]
Maersk - Pirouette Unravel [Compactrisc]
Herv - Pianowire [Compactrisc]
Ninetynine vs qwertykeith - The Cleaner [from Keith's unreleased remixes of the entire Ninetynine album The Process, entitled The Processed, and downloadable from the link]
Telefon Tel Aviv feat Lindsay Anderson - Bubble and Spike [Hefty Records]
Fantômas - excerpt fm Delìrium Còrdia [Ipecac]
Telefon Tel Aviv - What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It [Hefty Records]
Opiate - Reyk [System F3]
désormais - to sing before going to sleep [intr_version]
Utabi - Yorange Peel [ADAADAT/19-t]
Mochipet - Yes vs. NoMeansNo [Violent Turd]
Aaron Spectre - she knows [Opiate; download]

One Response to “Playlist 01.02.04”

  1. chris Says:

    fine choices as ever mr h, i was not particularly impressed with the clouddead BoC remix, but i hope it will get better for me with repeated listens, for the bargain price, the manhunt CD is good value even if i only like a few tracks (maybe I should try listening to them in isolation rather than all at once!) I find bodgan's housey happy tune the most interesting, but then i'm becoming a big bogdan fan at the moment, how good is his contribution yo Rephlexions with the humungous title? damn good.

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