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Sunday, 11th of August, 2019

Playlist 11.08.19 (9:05 pm)

Travelling around the world tonight for the finest in sound-art, deconstructed club music and mulched piano...

LISTEN AGAIN for that cool bit... Stream on demand from FBi, podcast here.

Yunzero - Theme [.jpeg Artefacts]
Yunzero - Fax 1 [.jpeg Artefacts]
Yunzero - Mute Dot [.jpeg Artefacts]
I previously played a couple of tracks from Yunzero that were a preview of his new album Ode to Mud, now released on .jpeg artefacts. It's the work of Melbourne artist Jim Sellars (previously Hyde and Electric Sea Spider) – bass and beats embedded in a psychedelic, ambient soundworld. Wonderfully done.

Lochie Earl - Wakkatatatta [Lochie Earl Bandcamp]
Lochie Earl - Jellyfish [Lochie Earl Bandcamp]
Sydney artist Lochie Earl finds himself all around town playing drums and singing in bands like Gypsys of Pangaea, and with artists like Joan Banoit, Lee Sullivan and others. His recently-released solo album I'm a Normal Person finds him on many instruments, notably including piano. It's a really interesting collection of catchy songs with progressive arrangements and structures, and it starts with a lovely instrumental combining piano with electronics, which fits rather nicely into the next batch of music.

Daniel W J Mackenzie & Richard A Ingram - Victoria Piano II (Distance) [Midira Records/Bandcamp]
Daniel W J Mackenzie & Richard A Ingram - Half Breath [Midira Records/Bandcamp]
I imagine if Richard A Ingram hadn't had at least one middle name he'd have felt quite inadequate. Ingram plays in indie/space rock band Oceansize as well as releasing music under his own name and as Gambler; Daniel W J Mackenzie releases lovely drone/postrock/post-classical under his own name and as Ekca Liena, and also has a heavy psych/drone rock band called Plurals. For this duo release Half Death they lean on the atmospheric side of their solo projects, creating a dark album of processed piano, mysterious organic sounds, field recordings and electronics for Midira Records. Absolutely absorbing, highly recommended.

Arovane & Mike Lazarev - Inerp, Blue [Eilean Records/Bandcamp]
Arovane & Mike Lazarev - Distant, In Time [Eilean Records/Bandcamp]
Uwe Zahn released a series of iconic idm 12"s and albums as Arovane in the early 2000s, but shifted into a more acoustic sound world after not too long. In the last 5 years or so he's resurfaced, releasing music of a much more ambient bent, including numerous collaborations, particularly with Iranian sound artists Porya Hatami. New album Aeon on French label Eilean Records finds him working with pianist Mike Lazarev, who's best known as the character behind the Headphone Commute website that's focused on ambient, electronic and post-classical music. It's a collection of very stark and beautiful piano reductions surrounded by fizzing, bubbling processing. Quite lovely.

Michael Cutting - Seeking Safe Harbour [Eilean Records/Bandcamp]
Also released by Eilean, UK artist Michael Cutting appropriately enough works with tape, emphasizing the degrading sounds and off-kilter cut-up tape loops, and combining them with wheezing, rough-hewn sounds of organ, e-bowed violin and other instruments. On this track he enlists Robbie Gardiner on clarinet and Vitalija Glovackyte (who's the other half with him in experimental pop duo Hyperdawn) on vocals.

Mats Eilertsen - Venus [Hubro/Bandcamp]
Mats Eilertsen - Appreciate [Hubro/Bandcamp]
Norwegian bassist Mats Eilertsen is a veteran of many bands in the Norwegian jazz/postrock circuit, including the original incarnation of the great Food, and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. This album finds him cutting up, pitch-shifting, looping and rearranging samples of himself on bass as well as various friends from the Norwegian scene – including Food drummer Thomas Strønen on the otherwise solo bass track we started with, and the amazing Arve Henriksen of Supersilent on trumpet for the beautiful closing piece, along with some very subtle snare drum from Per Oddvar Johansen.

Stefano Pilia - Et Consumimur Igni [Die Schachtel/Bandcamp]
Italian guitarist Stefano Pilia is a member of Italian postrock legends 3/4HadBeenEliminated, as well as various punk, postrock and experimental ensembles (including a couple of albums with David Grubbs (who features on piano on another track on this release) and Andrea Belfi (from whom we will hear next)). His solo work can be anything from experimental sound-art and field recordings to bluesy, folky guitar – but this new one, In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni, released by legendary Milan label Die Schachtel, focuses on minimalist guitar tones in the vein of early solo Oren Ambarchi – except where it doesn't, as with the fluttering, stuttering choral loops on this track.

Andrea Belfi - Outcrop [FLOAT/Bandcamp]
The aforementioned Italian drummer Andrea Belfi also has a new one out, continuing his aesthetic of pulsating electronics and propulsive drum kit and percussion.

CA2+ - Deleese (Intro) [Northern Electronics/Bandcamp]
CA2+ - Gait Cycle [Northern Electronics/Bandcamp]
Sweden's Andreas Lübeck is an accomplished photographer, and now has a few releases under his belt for Northern Electronics as CA2+. His earliest cuts were fairly dancefloor-ready techno, but somehow by 2019's Lonely Hearts Club he's we're finding exquisite modern electro-acoustic composition alongside the deconstructed bass and beats - see "Deleese (Intro)" for sliding tones and glitchy quasi-melodies. And then back to 2017's Gait Cycle EP which featured more experimental broken beats.

Evitceles - Rhythm In Trouble [Evitceles Bandcamp]
Evitceles - Cryogenic Nina [Evitceles Bandcamp]
Evitceles - Wrecked [Evitceles Bandcamp]
Evitceles - Bloody Thighs [Yerevan Tapes]
Evitceles - We Taste Like Salt [Evitceles Bandcamp]
It was only a few months ago that I featured the sounds of Sofia, Bulgaria-based artist Evitceles on his latest album on Opal Tapes (on the page for this album, We Taste Like Salt, he says he's been missing the days of releasing his own music). Since 2014 he's been quite prolific, perfecting his take on the flickering post-cyberpunk strains of eviscerated club music on labels like Italy's Yerevan Tapes and England's Seagrave, so I thought I'd have another look through some older releases as well tonight.
If you doubt the cyberpunk label, the Bulgarian quote on his Bandcamp and Facebook translates as "only thin shuddering skin on a dream-filled, super-real picture world".

Sue Zuki - didufindfher [Weaponise Your Sound]
Bonus track as Krishtie was experiencing difficult technical issues! So we got to hear this crazy awesome piece of glitched-up vocal samples and beats from the mysterious experimental electronic producer and poet/singer Sue Zuki, available on the all-female Weaponise Your Sound compilation through Optimo Music.

Listen again — ~190MB

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