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Sunday, 7th of April, 2019

Playlist 07.04.19 (9:07 pm)

Big range of sounds for you on tonight's 'Fog! Coming to you from the whole damn globe...

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Makeda - Me, First [Nice Music]
Makeda - Basstrap [Nice Music]
Originally from Brisbane, now based in Melbourne, Makeda has also released music (as label and artist I think) as All Day Breakfast, but this brilliant new EP is her debut release proper, now as Makeda. Whether remixing others (such as Perth artist Shoshana Rosenberg or Melbourne legends My Disco), or here out on her own, she creates fractured underground club music like no other.

Grup Ses w/ Ethnique Punch - Hayda (Vox) [Souk Records/Bandcamp]
Grup Ses w/ Ethnique Punch - Katastrof (Inst) [Souk Records/Bandcamp]
Grup Ses w/ Ethnique Punch - Ara (Vox) [Souk Records/Bandcamp]
Grup Ses w/ Ethnique Punch - Miskinatlar (Vox) [Souk Records/Bandcamp]
Two Turkish musicians join together for this fantastic, dark, twisted album on Souk Records. Istanbul's Grup Ses has been making sample-based hip-hop cut-ups for around 12 years now, while the Anatolian Ethnique Punch aka Ali Eksan has a number of instrumental and rap albums under his belt. On the A side, these punchy (yes) hip-hop tracks with "ethnic" samples are driven by the gravelly voice of Eksan, while on the B side they appear as instrumentals. It's great to hear these beats unadorned, and it works in a really different way - you can nod along and have it in the background easily - but I do prefer them with the guttural and super fun raps on the first side...

Ifriqiyya Electrique - danee danee [Glitterbeat/Bandcamp]
Ifriqiyya Electrique - mashee kooka [Glitterbeat/Bandcamp]
If you think of noisy music from the African continent, you may think of Konono No. 1 first of all, but the banga music from Southern Tunisia must compete - it literally means "huge volume". A few years ago two Europeans went into the desert in the sub-Saharan region to learn about this music, and along with a few banga musicians formed Ifriqiyya Electrique. These tracks are from their second album, which uses down-tuned guitar riffs and incredibly heavy percussion, fusing industrial music with banga. It's dark and joyful stuff.

Show Me The Body - Camp Orchestra [Loma Vista Records]
Show Me The Body - Death Sounds 2 [self-released/Loma Vista Records]
Show Me The Body - In A Grave (feat. Denzel Curry, Moor Mother & Eartheater) [self-released]
Show Me The Body - Spit (feat. Princess Nokia) [self-released]
Show Me The Body - Now I Know [Loma Vista Records]
NYC hardcore punk trio Show Me The Body recently released their second album "proper", Dog Whistle, which brings them back to the shouty noise and riffs of their first album Body War. In between they released the awesome & diverse mixtape Corpus I, which found them joined by an array of collaborators from the hip-hop, noise and experimental music scenes. To me it's totally successful, particularly with the raps of Moor Mother and the almost Massive Attack trip-hop vibes of the track with Princess Nokia. Still, on their own they pack a punch and bring a fair share of swampy noise and vocal variation into the tracks as well.

Wabi Experience - Never Mind [Mikroton/Bandcamp]
Wabi Experience - Pasar Por Todos Lados [Mikroton/Bandcamp]
Here's an album that's had a very long journey to its release. Originally in around 2001 Tomislav Federsel wanted to make an experimental remix tribute to the Czech country musician Wabi Daněk (for some reason!) - but various things got in the way, including a computer hard drive crash. So a while later he called up fellow Czech experimental artist Jara Tarnovski (of Gurun Gurun), and bring the project to fruition. It's still taken years for it to be released, but samplescapes and rhythmic glitch is the sort of thing that could come from anytime in the last 20+ years, and even if we can't hear anything much like a much-loved late Czech country musician in there, it's a really nice bit of folktronic experimentalism.

The Matthew Herbert United Kingdom And Gibraltar European Union Membership Referendum Big Band - An A-Z of Endangered Animals [Accidental Records]
The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Misprints (feat. Shingai Shoniwa) [Accidental Records]
The Matthew Herbert United Kingdom And Gibraltar European Union Membership Referendum Big Band - Feedback (feat. Patrick Clarke) [Accidental Records]
The new album from Matthew Herbert's big band was scheduled for release on Friday the 29th of March, aka Brexit day. In the end, the Conservatives managed to drive away every public servant and member of their own party with any negotiating skills at all, and most people have very little will to make the damn thing happen... So it still hasn't. It'd be funny if No Deal wasn't so terrifying. So Herbert for this occasion re-titled his group "The Matthew Herbert United Kingdom And Gibraltar European Union Membership Referendum Big Band", and the album features contributions from musicians all over Europe. The album is mostly elegiac - sorrowful, quiet stuff, with faraway horns and field recordings combine, tracks sometimes taking minutes to come into focus. Glitchy cut-ups break into the jazz arrangements at times, as is Herbert's wont, and on the vocal tracks sadness can give way to bitterness. The whole situation is a mess, and may well lead to a lot more sadness, disruption, violence and death. Herbert's take on it all at least brings some beauty to the proceedings.

Dina Maccabee - The Sharpening Machine [Geomancy Records/Bandcamp]
Dina Maccabee - Northern Lights [Dina Maccabee Bandcamp]
Dina Maccabee - Even When The Stars Align [Dina Maccabee Bandcamp]
Dina Maccabee - Little Bite [Geomancy Records/Bandcamp]
I discovered violin, viola & vocalist Dina Maccabee playing with Julia Holter a couple of years ago in Sydney. She appeared again with Holter at her Sydney Festival performances this January, and has made central contributions to the last couple of albums. Live she plays her instruments through a laptop on stage, flawlessly controlled by a USB foot controller, and after the first Holter gig I looked her up and discovered some lovely folky songwriting with looped violin - as well as a back catalogue playing with other ensembles. Not long after, the Americana-influenced Land So Sweet appeared, followed by the gorgeous songwriting and experimental live looping & processing of The World is in the Work. For her new album Maccabee is joined by many musicians from across the spectrum, including other members of Julia Holter's band, and Mark Orton of Tin Hat (who worked with her also on Land So Sweet). Maccabee is a consummate songwriter, but loves to undermine, inserting electronic weirdness, strange bitonal layering of arrangements and beautifully unexpected chord changes. Superb.

Jessica Pavone - And Maybe In The End [Below The Radar 30/Jessica Pavone Bandcamp]
And now to another American fiddle player - known as a violinist and also electric bassist, but here on viola, played through an amplifier, with stunning sonic shadows following the plucked and bowed tones. It's masterful work, brought to us here by The Wire on their latest download compilation with the May issue (they are now running a full month ahead), and I'll certainly be checking out more of Pavone's work as soon as I can.

Zoltan Fecso - Wave [The Slow Music Movement Label]
Melbourne musician Zoltan Fecso gives us another example of his musical pointilism on this new track - featuring his self-designed guitar which embeds a Novation Launchpad in it to sample tiny fragments of his guitar tones and create wonderful glistening minimalist epics.

Listen again — ~199MB

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