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Sunday, 26th of August, 2018

Playlist 26.08.18 (9:16 pm)

Mostly lots of evocative music tonight, whether folk, folktronica, electronica or psychedelic jazz...

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Ned Collette - June [It Records]
Ned Collette - Grant's Farm [It Records]
It's an absolute delight to have a new Ned Collette album, even if it's taken a little longer than he'd hoped to get it released. I've been following Ned since the days of City City City, the quirky indie/postrock group that also featured Joe Talia. He's an extremely talented songwriter with an experimental sensibility and a down-to-earth singing style. On this album a number of tracks feature the inimitable Chris Abrahams on piano, recorded when both were in Berlin - Chris's minimalist pianistic gestures are perfectly suited to the extended repetitiveness of "June", with its slow build dropping to a long quiet coda.

Tunng - Dream Out [Fulltime Hobby]
Tunng - Flatland [Fulltime Hobby]
Tunng - Tale From Black [Static Caravan]
Tunng - Sweet William [Fulltime Hobby]
Tunng - Little King (feat. Summit) [disco_r.dance]
LUMP - Shake Your Shelter / LUMP Is A Product [Dead Oceans]
Tunng - Evaporate [Fulltime Hobby]
Tunng - Like Water [Fulltime Hobby]
A band that have been with me since, if not the first year of this show then certainly the second. I was absolutely bowled over when I heard the first single from English duo (as they were at the time) Tunng, "Tale From Black" in 2004. It was the perfect combination of arcane English folk songwriting (as it sounded to me) and contemporary, glitchy electronic production - and not just electronic backing, but guitars and other acoustic instruments melded into the sound. Somewhere along the way, a few albums later, Tunng seemed to lose their way, with original songwriter Sam Genders leaving, and the songs became a kind of campfire folk festival folk. But this new album reunites produced Mike Lindsay with Sam Genders, along with the members of the original live band, and it's just lovely.
In celebration of this reunion of sorts, I'm going back to the archives, staring with that first stunner of a song, then with something from their equally excellent second album, and a bit of a rarity from an old compilation. Meanwhile, this year Mike Lindsay also put out a super quirky and super catchy release with another English folky songwriter, Laura Marling, as LUMP.

101BPM - Lonely Water [Countersunk]
Here's a new project convened by Irish producer Dunk Murphy of Sunken Foal, Ambulance and various other projects that I've played over the years on the 'Fog. This one sees a big collective of artists semi-anonymously releasing music weekly(!) under the banner of 101BPM, all tracks of course at that tempo. Not sure yet whether artists will be remixing each other or anything, but anything Murphy's involved with is usually lovely. You can see who else is involved (so far) at the release page.

New Optimism - Dr.My-Ho [Phantom Limb]
New Optimism - Jet Setters [Phantom Limb]
Miho Hatori is best known as the singer in Cibo Matto and also the voice of Noodle in Gorillaz. With these associations (Cibo Matto also collaborated with the Beastie Boys), it's no surprise the tracks on her solo EP as New Optimism have low-slung grooves and rock-meets-hip-hop arrangements accompanying her Japanese & English singing. Super fun stuff.

Hekla - Hatur [Phantom Limb]
Hekla - Muddle [Phantom Limb]
An Icelandic musician based in Berlin, Hekla Magnúsdóttir is a virtuoso on the theremin, and loops and occasionally processes her instrument (and voice) to create bass rumbles and extraordinary melodies as well as singing in her native language. Her album Á is evocative and unique and you should totally check it out.

Szun Waves - New Hymn To Freedom [The Leaf Label]
Szun Waves - Through Stars Into Voids [Szun Waves Bandcamp]
Szun Waves - Temple [The Leaf Label]
Earlier this year I had Sydney drummer Laurence Pike on the show to talk about his new solo album released on The Leaf Label. Pike is of course best known as drummer in PVT and once upon a time post-jazz explorers Triosk. Szun Waves is jazz of a somewhat different stripe - freeform, psychedelic jazz with the modular electronics of Luke Abbott and the expansive saxophone of Portico Quartet's Jack Wyllie. Their first album flew a little under the radar, so hopefully there's some more attention for this new one.

The Declining Winter - Belmont Slope [Home Assembly Music]
Still excited about the new album from Hood's Richard Adams. The Declining Winter is now (again) basically a solo project. It's out in a few weeks, slightly delayed, and like his last album brings in some lovely electronics alongside his love of jangly indiepop - if not entirely as full-on electronic as Hood could sometimes get.

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